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Whitney Houston

No Foul Play in Death

Accidental Drowning

4/11/2012 9:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston
died from an accidental drowning, and there was no foul play involved, according to the Beverly Hills Police Dept. which just closed the case.

The BHPD has been investigating Whitney's death since Feb 11 -- 2 months ago to the day.

As we reported, the BHPD never believed anyone took cocaine from her hotel room because they found the cocaine residue and powder inside Whitney's room at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills.

Cocaine was a contributing factor in the singer's death ... so says the L.A. County Coroner.

TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments after Whitney Houston was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel -- click here for the audio.



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Loretta Love    

snap out of it! a coke addict going to an event & finishing the cocaine BeFoRe the event....? N E V E R
blow was removed from the room...period

894 days ago


Whitneys former assistant said that Whitney would never take a bath in a hotel, Why was the water temperature still hot many hours later? I agree with Dr. Drew that another independent investigation needs to be done. At first they said she didn't die of drowning because there wasn't enough water in the lungs. Now the story changes, I think she was with someone when she od'd and that person panicked and placed her in the tub,

894 days ago


How can you say there is no foul play? Who gave her the drugs? Who sold the drugs? Who knew she was taking the drugs?

894 days ago

C.J. Hines    

I still find it kinda strange that Whitney ate a hamburger, fries, ect, and not only that, the took a turkey sanwich into the batheroom to eat (according to various media outlets) What kinda got me, is that IF she had snorted coke (and it's my guess she had the good stuff, that had not been stepped on a hundred times) food would have been the last thing on her mind! Another thing is, how did she end up FACE DOWN in the tub? Unless the tub was ten feet long, if she suffered the envent while sitting, she would not have been able to fall face forward! Anyway, the fact is Whitney is gone. How or why doesn't really matter!

894 days ago


No foul play? Whomever sold her the cocaine is a murderer and charges should be brought.

894 days ago


Now, perhaps the Media outlets will leave this somewhat "tragic" woman and her family alone!!! Nobody's interested in pointing any fingers because of where it will lead!!! She died in a very "upscale" hotel and they don't want to be involved in an ongoing investigation. Sure, there's plenty of "BLAME" to go around but, ultimately, Whitney Houston "CHOSE" TO ABUSE HER HEALTH AND KEPT DOING SO -- THAT'S WHAT KILLED HER, PERIOD!!!

894 days ago


I guess now Pat can now cash in on her insurance policy. Remember Pat GOD SEES all. What's done in the dark, will one day come to the light.

894 days ago

the TRUTH    

christ how many times do we need to hear THERE WAS NO FOUL PLAY WE FN GET IT SHE KILLED HERSELF CUZ SHE IS A DRUGGY THAT FLUSHED HER CAREER DOWN THE TIOLET ( ALONG WITH SOEM OF THE OTHER DRUGS) and no one else was the cause of her death we get the damn hint

894 days ago


Who is this about?

894 days ago


I will never understand, why does she was find whith her face down?. Maybe somebody was waiting to find her alone and push her in a hot water. Who was her famous "drugs dealer?". I would like to see completely all the bathroom. Everything: The bathtub, the floors, the walls (does the bathtub walls has some handle to help her?). I am not convince yet. Does she owe some money to the "drugs dealer?", because some people said that she had not money. I am not convinced yet.

894 days ago


Why is there nothing for me to click on the audio???? Can't get the 911 call

893 days ago


accidental drowning, we knew they would pay the coroner off again.

893 days ago

Irene Nicole    

I don't care about what anyone says, her death was a murder....set up! The personal assistnat didn't call 911, and give information about Whitney Houston revealing her identity because they knew by not identifying her it would take more time for the paramedics to come. This was set up. Everyone's aliby is that they were so busy doing other things that they didn't check up on her. Her bathtub water was scortching hot, she was found faced down, no one was in a rush to call paramedics, a party was still taken place a few floors below her body, once toxicology reports come forth, they claim a "white powdery substance" was found in the bathroom....come on now! That is FOUL PLAY!!!! The problem is that the media (which is controlled by the government) doesn't give Whitney Houston the same respect that they gave Michael Jackson, so someone is running around scott free right now after taking away our beloved Whitney Houston's life, but I believe justice will be served in due time, and karma will have the final say! I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston!!! Rest In Peace.

890 days ago
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