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Kim Kardashian

You Can't Sue ME ...

I'm a Hairy Armenian!

4/11/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is seeking refuge in her hairy Armenian heritage -- asking a court to excuse her from a nasty beauty product lawsuit ... because she never lied about her fur-removal practices.

Kim just filed new docs in her ongoing legal battle with a beauty company called Radiant -- which sued her last November, claiming she's endorsing a competitor's hair removal product ... by making false claims.

According to Radiant's lawsuit, Kim falsely claimed TRIA -- a home laser hair-removal system -- works all over your body ... and yields permanent results. (Radiant says it does neither.)

Radiant is pissed, claiming Kim's misleading TRIA endorsement has put their hair-removal product -- called no!no! hair -- at an unfair disadvantage.

But Kim insists ... everything she ever said about TRIA -- including how she uses it all over her body -- reflected her honest opinions and experiences.

As Kim said under oath, "Being Armenian and hairy, I thought [TRIA] was the perfect product."

Kim is now asking to be dismissed from the lawsuit.



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So, she can't be sued because she's supposed to sue everyone else on the planet? Besides, all of the reviews I've read say that no!no! doesn't work at all. I think both should just call it a day.

893 days ago


On one of your shows you went to a professional laser hair-removal

893 days ago


She's a stupid skank.

893 days ago


With a big fat ass.

893 days ago


SO NOW, SHE'S A "HAIRY ARMENIAN?" The only Armenian about her is the last name her father gave her. Tragically, he cannot re-claim it. The term, "hairy Armenian" was started by someone, on TMZ, who knows nothing about Armenians and their history. KK is "Armenian" ONLY when it serves her convenience. She is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE to every Armenian, dead or alive. Every time she appears in the news, it becomes more and more apparent her elevator doesn't go to the top. Thanks to her mother, she has become a PERMANENT STAIN on the human race. If she were not so self absorbed, she would recognize herself as she, actually, is. What a pity, Mama. Take a good look at your contribution to the world, and, WEEP!!!

893 days ago


She goes on to state that the hair on her brown eye is especially thick and wiry and that is makes great dental floss.

893 days ago


Kim will turn it around on the company that is sueing her and say she tried their product and it turned her and her sisters into hairy beastly animals. She then needed the other product to remove the extra unwanted hair. They always have a backup plan in case they are sued. It's just the nature of the beast.

893 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

She needs to use a more powerful laser.

The kind that would vaporize her and her entire family of hirsute apes.

893 days ago


Kim, you are an embarassment to all ARMENIANS.

893 days ago

the real diva    

I see TMZ seems to get their daily fix of the Kardashians. noone cares what Kim claims tobe. she is nothing but a tramp, a bimbo, She comes up with anything to get her 15 mins of fame. Since Harvey and TMZ are such big fans. they need to give the Kardashians 15 mins of fame everyday.either the Kardashians are selling their stories to TMZ or TMZ probaly opened a office in Kardashians home. just so they can be with Kim every moment of the day. noone cares .. time for Kim and her family to move far away. no forwarding address. so we do not have to read about them again.

893 days ago


I am interested in knowing more about TRIA (reviews) from people who are not getting paid to review it. I have considered this option, as it is drastically cheaper than going to a clinic. Screw what Kim says. She's a liar all the way around...I want REAL, HONEST PEOPLE reviews.

893 days ago


The family is incorrigible.They don't care what anyone says about them,as long as the money keeps rolling in! She is seen routinely ,getting professional hair removal at a salon.They will say or do anything for money.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

893 days ago


When will this hairy pig go away?!?!?!?! Hey TMZ, can you NOT post anything on this toilet bug for one week???

893 days ago


Everyday there is something about the Kardashians or just Kim in the TOO FAB section. And almost everyday we get to see Kim admiring herself in a mirror wearing little more than what plastic surgery gave her. How many bikini in the bathroom mirrors are we going to be subjected to? Each picture has her pursing her mouth like a fish. Does she think this makes her look sexy? This person is so in love with herself and her looks that it will be her undoing and for that it will be a very long fall to the bottom. She will fight the aging process with everything she's got. And in the end she will end up looking like her stepfather Bruce Jenner. HaHaHaHaHa

893 days ago


im really beginning to think that tmz is obsessed with the klan :(

893 days ago
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