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Kim Kardashian

You Can't Sue ME ...

I'm a Hairy Armenian!

4/11/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is seeking refuge in her hairy Armenian heritage -- asking a court to excuse her from a nasty beauty product lawsuit ... because she never lied about her fur-removal practices.

Kim just filed new docs in her ongoing legal battle with a beauty company called Radiant -- which sued her last November, claiming she's endorsing a competitor's hair removal product ... by making false claims.

According to Radiant's lawsuit, Kim falsely claimed TRIA -- a home laser hair-removal system -- works all over your body ... and yields permanent results. (Radiant says it does neither.)

Radiant is pissed, claiming Kim's misleading TRIA endorsement has put their hair-removal product -- called no!no! hair -- at an unfair disadvantage.

But Kim insists ... everything she ever said about TRIA -- including how she uses it all over her body -- reflected her honest opinions and experiences.

As Kim said under oath, "Being Armenian and hairy, I thought [TRIA] was the perfect product."

Kim is now asking to be dismissed from the lawsuit.



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Is it just me or is anybody else confused about this story.??? Harvey REALLY needs to get some interns or employees that know how to put a sentence together that makes some kind of sense and that knows how to spell. All they do is butcher the English language. It's pathetically sad that they have to have a Kardtrashian story on here even if it makes no sense. Must be Mama K's idea again.
I understand that someone is suing KK because of some hair removal system that she endorsed. That is all that makes sense to me. Where did the hairy Armenian crap come from??

891 days ago


A family of succubi.

891 days ago


Every time Harvey & side kick does a story on the Kartrashian clan you can see harvey little crooked smile and Charles looks down they must read there own post or pay someone too and they must know know one give a f about this fake family but has long as we click on them they willn't go away. boycott everything Kartrashian. And Harvey gets some stories about real stars........

891 days ago


Is this chick for real? I'm Armenian and I find it a disgrace that people got to know our small culture through Kim Kardashian. She just uses being Armenian to sound exotic but nothing about her is Armenian except her last name. Not even her ass which she claims comes from being Armenian. I'm 100% Armenian and i don't have a big ass nor am I hairy. Leave Armenians alone and take your nasty attitude up with your Scottish heritage.

891 days ago


Shes just trash!!! As an Armenian I can say without ANY doubt, that the VAST majority of Armenians DESPISE her, do NOT look up or case for her in ANY way and wish she would STOP identifying herself as Armenian. She is NO ARMENIAN. Armenian's arent perfect we have good and bad like everyone else black latino white asian whatever we are all the same but the kardashians are just PURE trash!!

891 days ago

Clarence Beaks    

The entire family are liers....Even Lamar Odom. He screwed the Mavs big time. I just read the newest blub on . Funny posting and true in my opinion.

891 days ago


dear KK.. i just wanted to let you know that you are the most un talented biotch know good money hungry Porno slut douche bag whore and also the lowest form of human life there will ever be on this planet.. and honey trust me your pretty face wont last.. trust me... somewhere someone will throw acid on your face for being this way with everyone.. miss no class whore..........

891 days ago


If it wasn't for TMZ and the Daily Mail, this family would be finished.

891 days ago


Harvey likes em hairy.

891 days ago


WOW...this broad is a fricken LIAR!!! She has had more work done on her then Joan Rivers. Check out this link before TMZ removes it. GO AWAY YOU PLASTIC TROLL.

891 days ago

H Calahan    

How come TMZ never reported on Kim's bald spot, the one that photog's captured in Paris earlier this month? Just do a image search under "bald spot kim" so you can see. Bet you the whole family is patchy and scratchy.

891 days ago


Hooray! TMZ is back to normal. Posting stories about the most awesome, talented good for everything Kim Kardashian and her ilk. She is the most important thing on the planet and TMZ should post about her every hour. I love it!!! She's the bestest of them all!!!!

891 days ago


She sues everyone and their mother for the most mundane reasons...and now she expects her case to be dismissed? I hope she gets the hair sued off her dingleberry ass.

891 days ago


Anyone remember a short old clip of the KarTRASHashians when they were young that showed Kim's nose being crookedly big? It was due to air on one episode where I think Kloe was talking about how must she misses her father, blah blah blah, I think it was his anniversary of his death in 2009, they had showed a quick clip of them as kids, and I swear I did a double take and couldn't wait to see that episode because of what I saw but when that episode aired, that little clip was deleted out. I thought it was odd then I realized this is the norm for a fake narcissist that want us to believe that she's all natural from head to toes. Anywho, there are some pics that can't be deleted once they hit the internet, like this one

891 days ago

Trooper Tom    

NASTY B!TCH! she will always be the trashy ho in that sex tape getting every hole on her filled up

891 days ago
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