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Mickey Rourke

Joe Eszterhas Is Just Bitter

Mel Gibson Didn't Like His Script

4/14/2012 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rourke continues to be Team Gibson all the way in the Joe Eszterhas/Mel Gibson feud -- telling our photog that Joe is just upset that Mel didn't want to make a movie with him.

Rourke -- who would only talk to us for a second straight day if our camera guy bought him ice cream -- said that Eszterhas is just bringing up "old s**t" because he has a personal beef with Mel.

Rourke supports Mel even though he knows it's not the popular thing, telling us, "I know my agent is going to yell at me tomorrow for sticking up for Mel, but ... somebody has to."


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Good on 'ya Mickey for sticking up for Mel. Eszterhas is not exactly the Lord's gift to moral living and everyone in Hollywood is gunning for Mel Gibson.

860 days ago


Mickey, never knew much about you, but love you now. You are a straight up dude who tells it like it is.

860 days ago


why does mel look so haggard?

860 days ago


Good for you Mick, your a good Mel

860 days ago


Mel's record speaks for itself.Asking Mickey Rourke is basically asking the village idiot what he thought.

860 days ago


Mickey has moxy and that's more than a lot of people have.

860 days ago


fuddyduddy: 5 minutes ago
Mickey has moxy and that's more than a lot of people have.
Where are his OTHER supporters? Whoopie, RDJ? CRICKETS

860 days ago


So where is Robert Downey Jr now? Where's Whoopie? Where are all those you've supported him when he was previously accused of anti-semetic rants? Maybe THEY have decided to stay clear. You can only defend someone for so long.
Mel allegedly screamed at a Rabbi AND a Priest....two "men of the cloth"...if the events didnt take place why have THEY (of all people) not come forward to defend him? Fr. F-cko and Rabbi Clueless, really? SORRY MEL, having your own church doesnt guarantee entry into Heaven.
But twice now Mickey (I need work) Rourke speaks out in defense of Mel for ICE CREAM!!!!

860 days ago



860 days ago


I like Mickey.
I'm sure those thousands of punches to the head (during his failed boxing career & dozens of bar fights) didn't effect him in any way!!

860 days ago


One can't help but admire the fact that Mickey Rourke is not afraid to speak the truth. Hollywood is full of hypocrites and fake, phony, frauds but Mel Gibson and Mickey Rourke are not cowards who will throw someone under the bus just to get headlines. Mickey and Mel are the real deal.

860 days ago


fuddyduddy: 3 minutes ago
I'm sure there are lots of them out there. Just because there isn't a rally at Staples Center doesn't mean that people don't support Mel. Not hard to figure out.
I expected a lame reply. A REAL FRIEND would jump up and DEFEND him immediately. Much like his kids (most of which are over 18 - who can make the own decision to defend or NOT) - where are they? If MY friend or MY father were being publicly crucified or humiliated (AGAIN) - I'd be the 1st one saying something in his defense. Yet we dont get that with Mr Mel.
What's sad is how the FLOCK fails to see the pattern and continues to forgive and excuse.

860 days ago


Hey I think Mickey looks cute with that hat!
Wha flava icecream u got there darlin 'n ah - jus how is the coffee at Caffe Primo? - Zechariah 7:9,10 - 8:23

860 days ago


Unlike Mel Gibson and Mickey Rourke who are actually talented, Joe Eszterhas is the author of one of the worst films ever made (Showgirls). Joe Eszterhas is just bitter because Mel figured out that Joe is a complete hack and not worth partnering with. Refreshing to see Mickey Rourke step forward to stick up for his friend despite the media hysteria and condemnation surrounding Mel Gibson.

860 days ago


fuddyduddy: 5 minutes ago
JE is nuts, and that just about sums it up. And by the way, I think you are rude
AAAAAAAHAHAH! JE is nuts? Did you not hear MR MEL on the OG TAPES? Oh that's right he sounded COMPLETELY SANE.
Rude? I'm not insulted. But I do hope you try to explain the lack of support from everyone in Hollywood who rallied around him last time......I'm sure your *cough cough* explanation will be nothing shy of priceless

860 days ago
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