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Offered Free Security

Following Death Threats

4/14/2012 11:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The death threats Octomom received after news broke she had gone on welfare were so bad ... that a few security companies have reached out to her offer up free protection services for her and her family ... TMZ has learned. 

As TMZ first reported, Octo had her car window smashed in with a handwritten note that said, "Leave California or you will die!" The threats started after TMZ reported Octo began receiving $2,000 a month from the State of California, which could only be used for food.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ that numerous security companies have stepped up to offer her free protection. We're told they have offered 24/7 security guards, multiple people for the kids -- all for free until she moved to a new home, the location of which will be secret for as long as possible.

According to our sources, the companies told Octomom they were making the offer because they felt people had gone too far with their threatening behavior.


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I'm going to laugh when this ignorant bitch dies ,which will hopefully be soon

920 days ago


I can understand the frustration of some people with the choices this woman has made but wish I could see that same level of frustration from the good people of Caifornia when it comes to illegals who breed frequently and also get food stamps.

920 days ago


You mean new location will be secret until TMZ uncovers and reports it.

920 days ago

al baby    

Id still boink her till the cows came home

920 days ago

Ginger Pail    

Hmm, since Natalie or Gina gives them all the info this may be crapola like all the other "news" about her. I would love to give her security if any one of those "thousands upon thousands of death thereats" were credible.If she were honest she would have called the cops,given them the "1000's upon 1000" death notes and let them give her some exra security( extra patrol drive bys) and have them or the FBI f/u on the death threats. I'd be more concerned about letting her broadcast her show with naked toddlers running around. Gina, reign her in before she hits the wall.

920 days ago


Why doesn"t TMZ pick up her security tab, or maybe her groceries. After all they continue to feature stories about this non celeb rabbit. I think Octomom has made enough money for TMZ maybe they should share some of the wealth. Much more positive than running a bunch of negative stories that unleash the crackpots that think nothing of harming her or her kids.

920 days ago


That is some funny sh*t.."Sources close to Octo tell TMZ that numerous security companies have stepped up to offer her free protection".... and TMZ not only believes it but writes a story about it???
A. This is all for more free P.R.... TMZ cannot be this stupid.
B. Shout Amen if you believe this really happened or shout out Bu$$sh*t if Octomom did the "death threat note"
the Bu$$sh*ters are right of course!
C. I love Evan with TMZ but, something wrong with the rest of ya...
D. Make the announcement already...we know Octoidiot & teamNudia are up to something, problem is, other than great irratation...nobody gives a flying fig.
I'm just amazed, flabbergasted at the level Octomom will sink too just to avoid getting a real J.O.B. Imagine the utter insanity those poor kids live with, too sad.

920 days ago


and how much more is this going to cost the tax payers? Seriously, this woman probably set up her own car to be damaged so she could get some more aid. Would not shock me. Take those kids away now.

920 days ago


GO AWAY! Isn't there an island far far away to put crazy people on? She's disgusting.

920 days ago


Wow, TeamNutjob has been busy! It's awesome that MsSarcia has a thing for welfare s*** (birds of a feather) but to use at least 6 different names so it looks like anyone but her & 1 other pathetic teen believes anything NataLIE says is pretty hilarious. I see she's stealing names again too..
IF a new man is seen around the Octocamp, it's cause she's making another "home movie". Otherwise, this story is part 2 of the scam she's pulling. Part of the scam is to justify how she can still afford private school while getting welfare...stayed tuned folks, it's gonna get uglier.

920 days ago


Did you ever stop to think maybe she smashed out her own window. After all nobody hardly pays attention to her anymore.Gotta feel sorry for those kids. Having a clueless mom, and attention seeker.

920 days ago


The constant press about this woman is getting the public angry. Octomom is playing the system. Most people feel that it was her choice to give birth to all these kids with no income or spouse to help support them. The taxpayers shouldn't be forced to foot the bill. How can one parent properly take care of all these kids? The state of California needs to step in and put these kids in a safer environment. I feel sorry for the older kids because they must know that they will be losing thier home any day now.

920 days ago


Off with her head I say.. To many cry babies in america now!

920 days ago


so you know the reason tmz has all the stories about octomom is because she is selling them to tmz - including sending a copy of her food stamp card to them, i'm sure she sent this story and will sell her new address too - the only one putting her in danger is herself - if tmz didn't pay it would be radar online or another gossip site - so no i don't feel sorry for her!

920 days ago


How about a free soldering iron to burn her tubes so she can't have any more brats.

920 days ago
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