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Offered Free Security

Following Death Threats

4/14/2012 11:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The death threats Octomom received after news broke she had gone on welfare were so bad ... that a few security companies have reached out to her offer up free protection services for her and her family ... TMZ has learned. 

As TMZ first reported, Octo had her car window smashed in with a handwritten note that said, "Leave California or you will die!" The threats started after TMZ reported Octo began receiving $2,000 a month from the State of California, which could only be used for food.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ that numerous security companies have stepped up to offer her free protection. We're told they have offered 24/7 security guards, multiple people for the kids -- all for free until she moved to a new home, the location of which will be secret for as long as possible.

According to our sources, the companies told Octomom they were making the offer because they felt people had gone too far with their threatening behavior.


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Hmm and TMZ how are you helping her security problem again? So when TMZ first reported her situation she started to get threats so if she something happens to her, is TMZ willing to take take of her family? The media is so twisted.

887 days ago


Part of the problem is the media spin on it. The media keeps saying that she's getting $2,000 a month in welfare, when she is NOT. She is NOT on cash aid, she is on Food STamps. She is eligible for $2,000 worth of food stamps like thousands of others of us who can't afford to feed ourselves in this sucky economy. I ain't mad at her for trying to feed her family, I'm mad that she was stupid enough to have so many that she thought life would be a free ride. Wrong! Now she has to feed the children like the rest of us. Hopefully she will get a job one day and contribute to their care. I don't know how she is doing what she does now with no job.

887 days ago


this woman needs to be put in an insane asylum. do her kids a favor and take them away from her.

887 days ago


She already knows publicity stunts will get her free stuff, if not money. Way to placate her mental disorders. The security companies should have offered her a job instead! I hope these security companies go bankrupt!

887 days ago


I think this woman is very selfish and its the poor children I feel sorry for. Before she had those 8 babies she already had 6 children which she was struggling to look after and care for then she she has another 8. This was simply a scam for her to make money and get some kind of celebrity status because she knew people would be interested as its unusual and now its backfired and shes in a worst situation then she was before. She has made quite a bit of money doing all those interviews, having that reality show and doing photo shoots so where is all that money? She has obviously spent it on herself buying designer clothes and having plastic surgery disgusting. These children will not live normal life's and its just impossible to give all of them the same attention as they are all around the same age. I think she should get welfare as the children and her have to eat but she needs to go away. Why is living in California? California is an expensive place to live at go somewhere that is cheaper and easier to rise her children if she cared abut her children she would of done this long time ago instead of still trying to seek fame she is disgusting.

887 days ago

BB not bb    

All of the mean cheapskates here don't even have any common sense, as in, mother's buying their kids food are not bankrupting the economy. It is the big corporations who are doing it, the banks, the failed businesses being bailed out, the farmers getting subisidies to not grow more food or good food, the tax breaks for the megarich.

It is like people blaming the environmental pollution on someone spraying a can of Lysol or letting a faucet drip or not riding a bike to work. Those are petty issues in comparison to all the pollutiont that the big companies are making every day without and repurcussions.

People need to live, bottom line. If you deny a person and her family a meanst to live, just call yourself what you are, eugenicist murderers. She is trying to save her kids lives and you mock and threaten her. What happens one day when you ask for help? Will you be expecting the same treatment you gave to her?

People love to point fingers as if they are perfect. Well if you know that Nadya could have a job somewhere, then are you the one offering it to her? If not, how can you judge. Also I think she has a job already watching her kids. If she was doing something else, someone would be needed to do the job.

The way people treat Nadya is an insult to all mothers and motherhood and the family and victims of doctors. Doesn't the Bible say to provide for the widows and orphans? Thatis like her family, no father and no husband.

I am proud that this country can provide food for the poor and does. So people who mock her are not all of the people

887 days ago


Ewww. Vomitus maximus. Go away. Please.

887 days ago


You should feel responsible TMZ for the safety of those kids being terrorized for publishing that article. Shame on you. She's only trying to feed and care for her children, and you guys just have to publish a story for a rise out of everybody forgetting the consequeses of your actions. Shame on TMZ!

887 days ago


i live in oklahoma and i know people that dont have as many kids as she does and they get better assistance than she does. leave this poor woman alone she is trying to feed her kids just like the rest of us and she needs help.

887 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Oh Harvey... did you and she break her car window and write that note to generate a story?

887 days ago


I don't agree with what people are doing to her, taking it a bit to far don't ya think. But the state should turn her down and take the kids away till she can support them. Anyone that stupid to try and bring that many kids into the world should be ashamed of themselves. Plus she been offered money to do porn, it's a job she said no to, she's refusing work.

887 days ago

John it out!

887 days ago


Calonzap: 13 hours ago

"[S]he's just a moron who hasn't a clue. She hasn't broken a law. She hasn't really done anything wrong. "


I'll say, calling her a moron is a bit too kind for the likes of her. She did break the law by fraudulently claiming and subsequently accepting Worker's Compensation for nearly 9 or 10 years to a tune of over $165k.

DURING the span of that decade, what was she up to?

Going to see the wonderfully (now bankrupt) doctor for numerous of rounds of IVF procedures that resulted in 6 pregnancies (mayhaps 7 but one resulted in a miscarriage...I could be wrong on that one).

How does a woman, whom alleged to have a debilitating back pain (that was allegedly sustain during a riot on her shift as a psych aide) for years afterwards, end up being pregnant... BACK TO BACK? There are numerous of photographic evidence showing her lugging around her first set of children and jumping around on a trampoline, giving them piggy back rides, etc. Even ROL has video evidence from 2009 (she was still collecting WC payments then) showing her having no problems lifting and carrying her older kids. Yeah... injured back all right.

And now, all of a sudden she claims her back problems miraculously was cured from throwing up the "F.U." fingers to everyone at the gym whilst mastering the stairmaster. Uh...huh...

Having children when she cannot even afford to take care of her own self and expects ALL tax payers to foot her medical bills and feed and clothe herself, first (before the kids). And you don't see anything wrong with ANY of this?

If you're so inclined to do so, why don't you and all of the gullible Octotools send Natalie your hard earned doshes. Let's see where exactly those funds go. (

**HINT: It certainly will not go to the welfare of the children.

887 days ago


Part of me doubts these offers of free security. I don`t fully trust the "TMZ has learned" line. Learned where? They`ve learned a few things from her camp that are complete bull**** so pardon my disbelief. She gets a window knocked out of an old van she doesn`t even drive and some company is willing to provide round the clock security (not cheap) in the event it becomes a daily occurrence? She`s not provided any proof of the thousands of death threats. If some security company is dumb enough to believe her crap, I sure wouldn`t want them protecting ME!

887 days ago


ALLEGED Death Threat(s).

It's all hearsay!

IF the death threat story was true.... why isn't TMZ (and every media outlet) investigating this incident? Why no follow up?

Is it because this story was FABRICATED to induce public sympathy all on the guise of this latest begfest of "losing" the home? The same home she refused to pay rent since last May? She claims she's so terrified to go out in public due to those "thousands and thousands" of so-called death threats and alleges to have "panic attacks" whilst out in public (contrary to what many people have said about her public antics) but then goes on to say (and this is a direct quote from Natalie)...

"I grew up being a people person." But then contradicts herself in the same interview by claiming to be "shy and introverted, she has been forced to translate her public persona into money-making opportunities in order to get by" How can a shy and introverted individual be a people-person?

And oh, the lies keep on coming with this next gem... "I never wanted this ... to be in the public eye." Riiiight because now we have "[w]ith guidance from her manager, Gina Rodriguez, Suleman has more photo shoots lined up and says she is "open-minded" to starring in more reality shows.

"Give me 100 billion dollars and I still wouldn't do it," she said. "Everything a parent chooses to do in their life, will forever haunt their kids ... so I have to be very, very cognizant of all my choices and the repercussions of my choices, this goes back full circle to the choice I made to have even one more after six." After saying she will never exploit her children for money.

"I'm so against it," she said. "It is abusive." And then she had them parading around full monty in her Ustream show last Sunday calling out to them, "come her naked babies" for all of the 99% "perpetuating pedophile" male population to have a gander at.

All this from a lazy attention whom is fraught with "thousands" of death threats and public "panic attacks"

887 days ago
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