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Kelsey Grammer

A Hip New Tattoo

4/15/2012 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer got a new right hip tattoo.
57-year-old Kelsey Grammer rolled into a tattoo parlor to get his first ink job done ... and chose to tattoo his wife's name on his right hip. Not the most manly spot, is it?

The "Boss" star hit up Insight Studios in Chicago yesterday with wife Kayte Grammer ... where, according to one local report, the girl behind the counter asked him for ID because she didn't recognize him. Do they not have "Frasier" re-runs in Chicago?

One of the shop's tattoo artists tweeted the pic of Kelsey in the chair as he was getting the work done. 

The ink reportedly cost only $60, the cheapest the store offers.

Perhaps next time he should shell out a little more ... and pick a less feminine location.

Kelsey Grammer Kayte Tattoo


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Does he not know that getting someone's name tattooed on you is the kiss of death? Majority of people who do that end up breaking up/divorcing. SMFH.

920 days ago


I'm SO over you after what you've done to your kids in the divorce. Disgusting person.

920 days ago


That's a girl spot! But then again, Camille *did* say he liked dressing in women's clothing...

920 days ago


Well, if anything is going to kill the tattoo craze, it will be this. YUCK!

920 days ago


I got "Skankho" on my left hip,,thats my xwifes name

920 days ago


He's an actor, so he probably doesn't want to have to cover up a tatoo everytime he does a show, or movie. I don't think their going to ask Kelsey to do any nude scenes:) So it was a good choice in spots for a tatoo.

920 days ago


I feel bad for the tattoo artist.

920 days ago


Well, he's actually not the most masculine guy.

920 days ago


Kelsey got his second wife's name tattooed on his hip so when they get divorced he won't have to get it removed since no one would be able to see it. Why the cameras if no knew who he was?

920 days ago


What a total ***, are you serious? Damn Camille, good thing you lost him, he's a train wreck waiting to happen...geeze, someone school him pronto

920 days ago


Maybe a little old for a tattoo and a little hairy to have one there.

920 days ago


Oh Kelsey aren't you the cool one? Most people will tell you that if you feel you absolutely must have someone's name permanently inked into your flesh it should be that of your child/children or maybe your favorite dog or something. You will regret getting wife number what... three?'s name permanently on your body. Laser tattoo removal hurts twice as bad as the tattoo needle and costs about three times as much. I tell you this from experience.

920 days ago


can you guys stfu! its gone 2 years now since he left that softcore porn/playboy hooker AKA Camille, finally he found himself a classy british woman who worked without selling her body for a living.
Kelsey, you did the right thing. Camille would have burned up more then half your money before you hit the grave, so the divorce was a smart move.

Also, getting a tattoo with your gf's name shows that you care - I wish the both of you (and the future twins) the best.

ps! try and get that girl, whats her name... Mason? out of your life, she will probably grow up to a future Camille, and I saw that you didnt want her in the legal do***ents after she refused to visit you and kaytes wedding - thats a sign of war. Keep the boy but leave that girl at Camille.

920 days ago


suck in that gut

920 days ago


If you lined all the people in the United States, with the smartest at one end and the dumbest at the other....which end would have the most tattoos? Just saying...

920 days ago
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