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Fur Protestors

Gather at Kardashian Store

4/15/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There was a huge mob of people at the Kardashian family clothing store DASH yesterday ... but they weren't there to shop, they were there to protest.

Holding various un-clever signs, a group of people stood outside the store in Calabasas to protest the store's selling of fur ... despite the fact Kim Kardashian maintains the store does not even sell fur. 

Kim was recently and quite famously the target of a fur protestor who threw flour at her during an event last month.


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What a bunch of retards. If you don't like fur, don't wear it. And, don't force your views on other people. Our country's freedom, which allows you to protest, also allows me to wear fur.

887 days ago


Could be another publicity stunt- you will seldom see any of the owners at the stores,no longer of significant value to their enterprise.

887 days ago


They are so vapid, materialistic, shallow, people that is no surprise they have no problem wearing dead animals with no notice or care as to how the animals suffered for their profit and vaniity. What goes around comes around. Karma has a way of working things out. They are at 14.5 mintues and counting. Just an updated version of the Gabors and they are died alone with horrible illnesses. I'm not wishing that on the Lard-ass-ians. I'm just saying. It will all come around and bite them in the ass at one point in time.

887 days ago


Seriously TMZ another pro-kardashian story? This is one of the many reasons why I rarely come on here anymore, you guys manage to have so many pro-kardashian stories & few covering other negative facts about them that other unbiased sites post. Along with doing the same thing for a few other celebs. I'm starting to think they are either paying your or sleeping with someone who owns this, or both, if you catch my drift. Plus, if its about marketing anti-kardashian stories sell better these days. Even in a story about them wearing fur and people protesting it, you manage to call the protesters unclever & mention that the store sells no fur, when we all know they aren't protesting the store but the fur wearing famewhore & you don't need clever signs or slogans to make a point. Like many of my friends, I am finally done with this site, if I want biased info I'll call the Kardashians myself.

887 days ago


the check must be in the mail since they post another stupid ass thread obout the Klan.
KMZ is no better than the Klan, they will post any thing just so people will respond, and you know it is always showing a good light in to this ho's family.

887 days ago


ok i give - i am really seeing the bias in the kartrashian reports - they wanna say they are news but didn't even check dash to see if they sell fur, but just made fun of the protestor signs - or find out if they were protesting to get kim to stop wearing fur personally - bad

887 days ago


I thought the skank was going to press charges on this woman?

887 days ago


Maybe she sells "Sears" fur...

887 days ago


I stopped shopping at Sears and OVC because of the slave labor they use to make their cheap crap. The left wing in Hollywood supports these ho's, do as I say, blah---

887 days ago


I am boycotting anything that has to do with sears or those nasty hos.

887 days ago


Of course Dim Kim probably heard about the gathering outside the store and thought people were actually WAITING to get in! Has she tw@tted about it yet?

887 days ago


Instead of standing in front of a store with signs that no one is paying attention to anyhow maybe they could have better served the animal population by giving some animal shelters funds to keep them in food and cleaning supplies, etc. Maybe they could have helped out a food bank so little American children with crack whore parents can be guaranteed a decent meal. There is a lot they could have done instead of hanging out at Kim's place. I'd question all those boots too.

887 days ago


hello kimmie, this is buffalo bill calling. do you have any idea how bad i want to skin your super furry armenian wisker bisket and make myself a cap like ol' danial boone use to sport around town? well i do........

887 days ago


I don't care for (or against) the Kardashians, but I am appalled at the hate. Don't like 'em? Then don't patronize their business. Just reading and commenting on an article about them is supporting them. And man, lose that hate, it makes you ugly.

These protestors are just more of those people with no life trying to rule over yours. They have no problem making your decisions for you. These are the ones I'm sick and tired of. Kardashians can be avoided, these jerks can't, they're gonna shove right in your face over and over.

887 days ago


If I was Kim I'd walk right up to the ones wearing leather boots, shoes etc. and flour bomb them! Ridiculous to protest while wearing leather etc. from animals! Idiots!

887 days ago
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