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Lindsay Lohan

Parties at Coachella

4/15/2012 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Parties at Coachella
Lindsay Lohan has clearly discounted/ignored the advice of Judge Stephanie Sautner who urged her to stay away from the club scene, because she was front and center at hard-partying Coachella this weekend.

She was there with a dude, didn't drink as far as we can tell, but nonetheless the temptations at the music festival are endless.

On the upside, she looked good.


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And another one.:

14 minutes ago

889 days ago


"Nicole" is Lindsay Lohan herself what sad, loser would go on all the celebrity sites and spend most of there time defending a waste of flesh like her? Unless someone is mentally disturbed or being paid by Lohan herself (which I doubt as shes broke as a joke) nobody would be defending her like this "Nicole" does not even a hardcore fan (which she does not have). Lindsay darling sitting on TMZ all day aint going to change what people think of you if you want respect you need to earn it not going around acting like your someone important and expecting people to just do it because you are oops I mean was a celebrity.

889 days ago


Linday Lohan is an unemployed, shoplifters, conk-snorting, alcoholic, lying, fur coat stealing late to work (back when she had work) piece of garbage.

That being said, there is no issue with her attending a concert or even chigging a brewski or two. Cochaella is great and I wish I had the time to attend.

889 days ago


Ok.....we back to "leave her alone"....trolls or running out of denials......
Lets see what we get from last nights partying....since she partied till she and her john passed out Friday night she might have been a little more cautious last night LOL.....but with Lohan you never know ...maybe she sat home and was watching Cops and the Nascar Race last night.. ??????/ Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa never happened...she was partying her ass off as usual....
I for the life of me can't figure out even at 25 how she does'ed think she would need a break or a day or two between but she like the EverReady Energizer Bunny ..she just keeps going and going and going.....thats why when they crash (crackheads like her) they crash hard and badly.....and believe me she WILL crash sooner I would say then later.....
So Enablers and loonie fans keep egging her own....You accuse h8ters of killing her with our dislike and disdain but YOU are the real killers slowly helping her kill herself.......

889 days ago


*** Typos Corrected (I think)

Lindsay Lohan is an unemployed, shoplifting, coke-snorting, alcoholic, lying, fur coat stealing, late to work (back when she had work), piece of garbage.

That being said, there is no issue with her attending a concert or even chugging a brewski or two. Cochaella is great and I wish I had the time to attend.

889 days ago


You know what the best part of all of this is? Even though Linds will end up skeezing out of this month's felony, it'll drag on for months, and Linds will remain under a.... well, Black Cloud of grief and champagne glass smashery. This is so much better than cable TV ever was. It's like interactive Tivo w/ a dash of cocaine. And it's free! Linds likes free. DUIna, too.

889 days ago


Red Cloud
6 min. ago
Drunk Post
she is going to be on the merve griffen show "Burp" you would have to be insane to think that she would get a Ocsar for "untitled" BURP.
Your just mad because you dont have all these addictions to fall back on.MAXIMUM BURP!!!!!!!!!
and another thing she looks better then any girl at the truck stop

889 days ago


this is a public event, not a club!

889 days ago


Well my Pot Roast and all the Veggie are done so I'm off to eat my dinner and enjoy the afternoon sun shine if my pain will let me....Dam side effect of so much traveling is I have to pay for it in Pain the next day....Can't even take a deep breathe makes you sympathetic to people with breathing problems....and now RA.......
Lindsay will still be on TMZ when I decide to check back in ...cause Harvey is no fool and its the only pony earning money on this site...Evern his Mel Gibson rampage fell flat so he needs this one bad......Mis calculate on that one didn't you over played the Gibson thing and he's proof you to be pure vindictive in your stories on him and nobody believes a word you write time to find another pony to ride or actual do some honest journalistic word and write a few read articles instead of fluff thats bought and payed for......Oh well it's better then the Soaps that are gone now anyway....Later

889 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

From the Red Cloud archives:

Lindsay Lohan Calls BS on Boozing Story -- Threatens to Sue
66 days ago
If she does not get anything soon, I will change my moniker to Mister Stupid permanently. She will sign for Gotti either this month or next, and something else.

889 days ago


Oh DarkMange? DarkMange?

889 days ago


the bubblemobile was seen making a pitstop in in TJ for some party favors to last the week while being a Homebody..
It was hard to load that donkey up in that porsche

889 days ago


First off, Lindsay does not have a drinking problem, she has a cocaine problem so I don't see why everyone is checking to see if she is drinking.

889 days ago


The nude guy's picture from the party last night has been erased. Apparently, Rye Rye or whoever, took it down.

889 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

More lies from Red Cloud:

Lindsay Lohan Sued -- No Free Ride for Her
188 days ago
BTW ilg, I will change my moniker to Mr. Stupid on 01/01/12 if L does not have two movie contracts and I will endure the humiliation for a few days and then disappear. I never said Mister Stupid would stick around for long. A brand new poster will join. Ever heard of Crazy Horse?

889 days ago
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