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Original Guns N' Roses Members

Screw Axl ...

We Got a NEW Singer

4/16/2012 9:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No Axl? No problem.

The other original members of Guns N' Roses -- Slash, Duff and Steven Adler -- didn't let Axl Rose's boycott of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame keep them from performing some of GNR's greatest hits this weekend ... they just used a different singer.

The band hit the stage with Myles Kennedy on lead vocals ... busting out hits like "Sweet Child O' Mine" and "Paradise City."

FYI -- Myles was the singer on Slash's solo album ... and also fronts the band Alter Bridge.

A judge already ruled that Axl owns the name Guns N' Roses ... and he still tours under the the GNR banner ... but who DESERVES the title? Axl and his band ... or Slash, Duff, Steven and the replacement?


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Blue Lake    

Axl's a doosh and a loser.

919 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

Guns 'NO Roses

Works for me.

918 days ago

Eightys Cloud    

Axle, what is your problem??? Its been 20 years or plus since we seen or heard from your mouth. These pppl you diss
helped make you "who you are". Oh but it has do with "you", ok i think your reason for not showing up"not going were i am wanted or respected" is BS. If they didnt want you there or respected you, GNR would not have inducted. But,your selfish & repulsive attitude has ruined you. oh well, do me a favor STFU.

918 days ago

BB not bb    

Who cares about a tacky awards event anyway? You know what music you like, you don't need to show up in appreciation for someone else saying something is good. I think without the five original members it is not the same, and with all of the added musicians, it just takes away from the rest of the band.

People get in fights and break up, that is life. But expecting people to come together over some marketing for a museum in a depressed city is like selling your soul for a cheap compliment.

GNR were popular when they were all together. That should tell you something. The rest is just a decent into vaudeville.

918 days ago


Axl has too many demons & wants to share them with all of us. FAIL.

918 days ago

Charlotte Local    

Praise Slash all you want. But he wasn't a song writer like Izzy and Axl. His talent and contributions were the riffs and solos he added to the work written by Izzy and/or Axl. Axl may be a narcissist but most likely Slash needed him more than the other way around.

918 days ago

BB not bb    

Didn't other members of the orignal band used to sing on some of the songs, like maybe Izzy? I think that would have sounded better than this guy. This guy may hit notes on key but it just sounds off to me. I couldn't even listen to the whole clip. He doesn't get Axel's style at all or the style of the songs. He sort of made it sound dead and depressing.

918 days ago


AXL is the best!!! I'm so proud of him for not attending the Hall Of SHAME

918 days ago


The name is Axl's He created it by combineing the names of two previouse bands he was in together. The L.A Guns and Hollywood Rose, before slash, Duff, or Adler were apart of the band.

918 days ago


Axl sucks and always did. To turn down an honor like that over ego and being afraid of embarrassment is childish. He'll kick himself when he's older, if he has any brain cells left.

917 days ago

A B     

They need to tour again !!!! I'd go see them in a heartbeat !
I agree they should call themselves some thing like Hired Guns or Guns Without Roses !! Anything !!! Just tour again !! Pleeeeeze !!!!!

917 days ago


Nobody can sing like me! You guys suck! Slash call me and let's go to the strip club and have drinks!

915 days ago



903 days ago


i cant ****ing belive he did not show up shame on you Axl

899 days ago


I've always enjoyed Axl with all his eccentricities. I even accepted his exccentricieis and stage antics. The price to pay to see Axl. Never said he was respedctful or professional or kind. But, I do still like Axl's voice. That being said, hearing Myles Kennedy sing, I say start a new bad in the GnR vein (or not) and let Myles do his thing. He's better than ever.Give him his own Group. Slash saw his talent. RUN with it.

884 days ago
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