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Lindsay Lohan

The Judge Said No Clubs

and Coachella Ain't a Club!

4/16/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan parties at CoachellaLindsay Lohan is telling friends she doesn't feel she did anything wrong by going to Coachella this weekend -- because the judge in her probation case told her to avoid clubs ... and Coachella doesn't qualify.

Our sources tell us, Lindsay feels she didn't thumb her nose at Judge Stephanie Sautner, because Coachella is really just a gigantic concert and she was just there for the music. 

We're told Lindsay went to a few different events during the weekend and was very conscious lots of people were whispering about her -- specifically, that she was in the danger zone by even showing up. The way she feels ... she's gone to Coachella for the last 4 or 5 years so she didn't think this year was a big deal.

Lindsay insists she didn't have a drop of alcohol during the weekend -- she feels she can control herself, even in a situation filled with temptation. 

Lindsay is currently under investigation for allegedly assaulting a woman at a hotel bar, but Lindsay claims she wasn't even out that night.  



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She's so delusional... it used to be sad. Now it's just pathetic. Watch for pictures later this week with coke bloat.

920 days ago


Ok, so coachella is a concert. What about all the other nights she was seen at clubs? What does she call that?

920 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

"Lindsay insists she didn't have a drop of alcohol during the weekend"

Not a drop, eh? The fact that she went out of her way to mention that, coupled with the obviously staged photographs of her holding an Evian bottle with the label plainly visible, tells me that she had plenty to drink.

I mean really, she hasn't been restricted from drinking, so it's perfectly legal for her to do so. Why then would she even mention alcohol, if she had none?

Just more lies from this skank. I believe she's totally incapable of actually telling the truth.

920 days ago

Good riddance!    

Of course she's too dumb to get what the intentions of the judge were. That and going out to a club the same day the judge advised that shows just how stupid she is.

920 days ago


she doesn't owe anyone an explanation and i wish she would stop justifying herself. going to coachella isn't against the law and what sautner said was not a rule but a suggestion.

920 days ago


Will wind up very dead from terminal stupidity!

920 days ago


t_krish SPOTTED Fergie, Lindsay and Paris, Lindsay's the only sober one. The other two are TOTALLY rolling #Coachella

TMZ stop stalking Lindsay, ther's nothing going on here. We all know your 1.00am stories about her are for hits. Lindsay should'nt have to explain her EVERY movement to you or anyone else. LEAVE LINDSAY ALONE!

920 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

But the dumb ass has been to several clubs since her last court appearance too.. even if she is denying some of them or making excuses about why she was at them.
She never does anything wrong in her mind. She's a moron and an addict. This is why her face makes her look in her 40's now... well, drugs and bad plastic surgery. She won't make it to 30 years old. She'll OD before then and then her Mom will be on the Today Show promoting a book about how everybody was against Lindsay. She's WAY too dumb and in denial to ever actually do anything to straighten up her life and legitimately accept responsibility for her idiocy and bad judgement.

920 days ago


As someone else said, Lindsay is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. Keep up the good work Lindsay, you're looking great.

920 days ago


Watch out! Here come the hateful trolls who will insist she's high as a kite and drunk 24 hours a day, thanks to their hater ESP. Yeah, she sucks. Yeah, she has no talent. No different than 75% of the planet. Leave her alone already. PS: almost a week later and STILL no proof she attacked that bar skank. But don't tell the trolls here that....they'll just insist it's a giant cover up for a mediocre actress.

920 days ago


This is coming from 'sources' people. I'm sure she didn't say any of this. For one, she doesn't care what anyone says or thinks. She does what she wants when she wants. Why would she be justifying this as not a club, when the hit and run happened outside a club. She admitted she went to that club to see a 'friend', so why justify this?

920 days ago

Fat Mike    

Wow, yet another 1am story on Lindsay Lohan.
So did the judge say no clubs, or to avoid clubs? Nice way to contradict yourself

920 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Lindsay is to stupid to understand that, going to Coachella and AFTER PARTYS is the same as going to a club.

920 days ago


She needs new friends.
Instead of dragging around water bottles that can be filled with any transparent liquid or Red Bull containers that can be spiced up with vodka - if she really wants to prove she's cold sober to concerned prospective emplayers, she should wear a SCRAM and get tested every couple of days. Just flashing water bottle labels and claiming she's a changed woman isn't convincing, considering her history. She can legally pickle her liver, but she needs to prove she's unpickled all the time now to get work.
On the plus side, she did have several Lindsay sitters with her. Maybe they worked in shifts.

920 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I keep seeing those makeup ads with Emma Stone, and it's so weird how Emma now looks more like Lindsay Lohan than Lindsay does.

920 days ago
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