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'Goodfellas' Actor Sues L.A.

Stop Squandering Our Taxes!!!

4/16/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vincent Gallo
"Goodfellas" actor Vincent Gallo -- also known for his infamous oral sex scene with Chloe Sevigny in "The Brown Bunny" -- is tired of paying for useless government programs ... and now, he's actually suing the City of L.A. to put a stop to wasteful spending.

Gallo filed the lawsuit against L.A. -- taking issue with a City organization called the Arts District Business Improvement District, which purportedly uses taxpayer dollars to provide trash clean-up, security, and beautification of the Arts District in Downtown L.A..

Problem is ... the ADBID is a massive failure, providing "no benefit" -- at least according to Gallo -- and he's sick of footing the bill.

Worse, Gallo says the government program is run by a private company that is doing everything in its power to keep it running ... because it's profiting off ignorant taxpayers -- $860,000 in the last year, to be exact.

Now, Gallo is suing to shut down the program -- demanding ADBID return all the money it's raked in since its inception ... a total of $1.3 million. A judge has yet to rule in the case.


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Good for him for standing up to the crap. Too bad all the judges in California are corrupt.

922 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Exactly. Good work Vincent and good luck

922 days ago


"Goodfellas" actor is news to me and I've seen that movie countless times. TMZ twists truth on every occasion and Google presents a more subtle description of the role: extra in a timeline scene, sitting in a bar **** momentarily with young Henry's goons. Who knew?

Also, good luck with impossible lawsuit but good on him for bringing it to a wider audience.

For Gallo at his most entertaining, check out his website, awesome read! Talks about himself obviously but also offers memorabilia along with other unique services. 50K and he'll actually impregnate or donate sperm for some lucky lady or two or however many pay. That guy is giving back in a big way...

922 days ago

Carl Weston    

Vincent Gallo was not in GOODFELLAS!

922 days ago


I can't tell you how many times I have watched goodfellas, but never seen him.

922 days ago


I looked it up on IMDB he was in "Goodfellas" but in a group or something. Anyway, it's cool he is trying to make a point, especially if it's true the program isn't doing anything.

As a sidenote, it's not his fault or anything because the picture was obviously taken at a weird moment...but he's creeping me out...a lot.

922 days ago


Really, Goodfellas actor? TMZ your lazy and old. He's an award winning independent film maker how has had people like christina ricc, micky rouke in his movies. He has caused more than his fair share of controversy in the thirty mile zone, but because it's not tied to reality tv you're blind to it. So you're old, lazy AND BLIND!

922 days ago


Vincent Gallo has no speaking lines in Goodfellas. While I know you guys have to associate a popular movie with his name in order for readers to know exactly who he is, pick one where he actually says a word. C'mon TMZ

922 days ago

Fat Mike    

Gotta admit he's right. I live in DTLA and most of it is filthy. If they used some of that money to clean the gum off the sidewalk and the urine from the gutters, it probably wouldn't be so bad.

922 days ago


When I saw the pick I thought, isn't that the dude from "Buffalo '66"?

NOT, isn't that the dude third from the left in a scene in "Goodfellas", lol.

Poor TMZ person, if only you scrolled down a little further on the IMDB page...if only.

922 days ago


"Goodfellas" actor????? He's basically an extra, sitting on a stool for 10 seconds. Don't bloat his ego by associating him with a good movie like that.

922 days ago


I didn't think CA had anyone with common sense. Maybe this should be the new occupy...people that pay taxes start suing the corrupt idiots of our city governments and their waste of our tax dollars.

922 days ago


Gallo was part of Henry's 70s crew, says IMDB. That means he was in a flashback and had no lines.

922 days ago


Bravo. More citizens should take their local governments to task for shoddy services or mismanaging tax dollars. There is way too much waste.Government, doctors, etc will continue to get away with wasting your money until you step up and say something. Problem with most average citizens is that we don't have the time or resources to sue or local/city governments.

922 days ago


It's Los Angeles. As long as it's 90% illegal Mexican and their anchor babies mooching the system dry, Los Angeles will have money problems.

922 days ago
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