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'The Bachelor'

African Americans Will Sue --

We're Not Wanted

4/17/2012 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" are about to get a thorny rose -- in the form of a lawsuit.

We're told the 2 plaintiffs -- both African Americans -- went to a Nashville hotel to audition for the role of bachelor. Christopher Johnson -- an aspiring NFL player -- claims when he arrived a producer asked him what he was doing there.

Johnson and the other plaintiff, Nathaniel Claybrooks, both say they were taken to the side of the room and left out of the normal audition process. Neither was called back, and they believe it's because of their race.

They will be filing a class action lawsuit in federal court Wednesday AM. We're told ABC, Warner Horizon Television, Next Entertainment, NZK Productions and creator Mike Fleiss, will all be sued.



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Dr Hardwicke    

The sad part is blacks think they are cool dudes when they mate with white females but the fact of the matter is they are destroying their own race. Even Farakhan tells them this.
Plus how many decent black females are disrespected when their men push them aside to be with a woman of a different race?
Wake up you retarded fools there are a lot of fine females who would like a husband and a family right in your own back yard.

917 days ago

Dr Hardwicke    

I could be wrong BUT doesn't a normal person avoid places and people who don't want him around?

917 days ago


Fat people, ugly people, black people, little people, people with special needs etc should all sue for not being on reality shows like the bachelor.

917 days ago

Pudding Tang    

why do the blacks feel they need to go on this show to get a white girl when Kim K. is more than willing to spread her thunder thighs for them.

917 days ago


Where's AL SHARPTON when you need him? Is Obama going to call a press conference and announce the producers have "acted stupidly?" This is ridiculous. It's their show they can pick whomever they want to be on the show. Get over it.

917 days ago


Someone as useless as the Kardsaians have more money than me.
I'm suing.

917 days ago


Well it really is a show for idiots but come to think about it, seeing some handsome smooth talking black man might be a real step up from those Caucasian morons they've had on.

917 days ago

Real n the field    

haha..well the show has always been marketed "jewish-white" (and i am not being racist)
its okay.
everything is not so peachy rosy as we think.
america is really segregated, and not so intermix as one think.
yes, there are many cultures here, but thats because, america
didn't want blacks to be the dominate race back when it was only "Blacks and whites"
Noticed how most immigrants in america are more white than, african, or any other country where dark skinned people are.

same thing happened in south america (especially brazil)
they had to "whiten" up the pot.

God bless everyone. have a nice day.

917 days ago


So sick & tired of this "race card" bit. Maybe it's called ATTITUDE

917 days ago


African-Americans need their own "Bachelorette show" and this will never be a problem again. Done!

917 days ago

Jay W.     

What about the B.E.T ... ?

917 days ago

Peter Doolan    

Harvey love your show,been@it bout 2-3yrs now.Max;your a f*#@kin' Howl,Kelly an Siobhan R cuter then puppies in a basket. The 2 yahoo's against the back wall say the same goofy sh*t that comes outa a couple of my nephews. Keep up the great work.Still an all,feel the urge to shower after every episode,Is this common amongst the rest of your viewers?????-Doormanator1

917 days ago


I am surprised it took so long for someone to finally point it out. its been what 11 seasaons, and the lack of divirsity is very apparent.

But I agree please consider yourself very lucky ... the premise and show is horrible.

917 days ago


I once dated a non-white woman, it didnt work out. I think white women in general, are more calm, however only open to sex if its for making a baby.
I've more respect for women of other races - with that said, white women look the best... I think.

917 days ago


When in doubt pull out the race card...people in general will sue over anything these days. This is like suing Crayola because their crayons aren't bright enough...WTF people!

917 days ago
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