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Acura Super Bowl Commercial

Only Light-Skinned Blacks

Need Apply

4/18/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know that Acura commercial with Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno that aired during the Super Bowl -- well, we got hold of the casting call document, and they were very specific/exclusionary about their dream African American car dealer.

According to the casting doc, the role of African American car dealer would be played by a "Nice looking, friendly, Not too dark" African American car dealer.

Casting document for the Acura NSX Super Bowl Commercial
We just got hold of the document from an African American actor who didn't fit the profile, and who's pissed.

We made lots of calls, trying to find out why "dark" African Americans weren't right for the role.  Someone associated with casting the commercial tells us ... one of the reasons for the "not too dark" restriction was because lighting and special effects would get tricky. 

We made calls to Acura but no one got back to us.

Acura just apologized for the wording in the casting call document -- claiming, "We apologize to anyone offended by the language."


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just my opinion    

white people will find a way to justify this usual...lets be serious, how much more blatant can it be? studies have shown that people believe light skinned black people to be "safer", "friendlier" looking and its completely wrong and RACIST. there is no way around this. this is shown in real life and the media. being white should not negate empathy for what is out there. imagine if it was YOU and not the "other" group 98% of the time.

917 days ago

The Real JJ    

Why is it being brought up just now? The sad thing is casting directors do this all the time they just dont say it. They were basically saying if your a dark skinned black person dont even waste our time. And for all you racists fu**s posting sh*t on tmz but would never say that sh*t to someones face go jump in front of a train stupid ****s

917 days ago


This is nothing new, it's been going on for quite a while. Look at the "black" women (and men) who get the acting jobs, they're half-white, half-Japanese, biracial....etc. And lighting is a problem with dark skinned actors. The problem is that a lot of "dark skinned" athletes (Michael Jordan) make commercials ALL the time. So I guess the dark skinned athletes and actors are exempt.

917 days ago


this reminds me of when facial recognition wouldn't find a dark skinned face.

917 days ago

two cents    

Why you starting sh9t tmz?? Even blacks will tell you they don't want their kids to be born too black. And if they deny it, they're lying.

917 days ago


Come on ! all you black peps have sitcoms with only black people in , and were the white peps are the crazy ones , you also got movies all black people and so on , so stop pulling that racism card and live with it

917 days ago

The truth    

The guy they chose is a brown skinned obviously African American male. What's the problem again?

917 days ago


I'mjustme, I'M SOOOOO GLAD YOU SAID THAT. I have been trying to think of the person I saw on tv that said the wordrobe department wouldn't let them wear white...IT WAS OPRAH!!! Thank you, that was annoying me trying to remember.

Oprah standing next to a white person wouldn't cause this camera effect. There would need to be a base of light color.

Anyway, I would think this is a racial thing too normally but I looked it up on sites that had no reason to have a racist leaning.

It said and I quote "High-contrast clothing is another major problem. Video cameras cannot handle high contrasts between bright and dark objects and this includes skin tone and clothing. Dark-skinned people should avoid wearing white or very light colors. If they do, their shirts will glow when you set the camera to expose the face properly."

The commercial didn't want to chance having to spend more money paying to have the lighting reworked. AND IT PROBIBLY WOULDN'T JUST HAVE TO BE THE LIGHTING REWORKED, but a possible change of LOCATION. And by the change of location, a change of the SCRIPT AND THE ENTIRE STORY of the commercial. It was filmed in a bright care dealership. Have you seen the commercial, the entire background is bright.

It may not be fair people, but you gotta blame the camera and companys not wanting to spend money that they don't have to. And really, who wants to spend money that they don't have to?

I'm sorry, but to me it seems like stating the obvious. If the company has deep issues with skin color...why wouldn't they have just made the car dealer white? They did hire a black actor for the role.

917 days ago


Bridget just to let you know, I've worked on a number of talk show sets and NO ONE black or white is allowed to wear white because it reflects too much light from the cameras. Even the audience members are strictly instructed not to wear white. Try again.

917 days ago


What a crock of crap. But everyone is prejudice be it color, weight, income level, etc.

917 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Sorry, but if this were a call for a white model with blonde hair who looked like the girl next door (not like a stripper), no more than 128 lbs, nobody would care.

When you need models or actors for your project, specifying the "look" you want is par for the course...tmz knows that.

917 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Maybe Acura needs to be more esoteric. Take each application at a time, and whoever is qualified, you'll pick your favorite selection then. What'd you think this is the 60's w/ signs up saying "White Only"
If you wanted lighter skinned ppl. you'll determine whether the applicant is qualified at the time of his interview, or whenever they applied.
How many extra miles do we have walk in our shoes to make these ppl. realize that this is racism? You don't publicize an uncommon sense rule like that. If you have any personal discrepancies, you keep it to yourself. You don't let ppl. know that.

917 days ago


Look I looked this up on website that was informing people how to dress when they are on television. I origionally heard it from Oprah. There are plenty of examples in the entertainment industry of racism. I just don't see it here. Especailly when I went to sites not involved in this controversy to make sure what I remember hearing was correct.

And like you just said YOURSELF. Color and brightness effects the camera. Did it occure to you the reason they dont want people wearing white on the sets you were on is because they knew there would be bold colors and they didn't want the white to drowned it out?

917 days ago


tmz is becoming the most whiny and immature site...they post a copy of a casting call and then complain? that's why it's a casting call, guys! The casting agents are allowed to be specific in what they're looking for...get it?

917 days ago


Oh no, now the token black guy is too light. The complainers are the racists. Nice job fueling the fire TMZ...

917 days ago
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