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'Basketball Wives' Star

Sues Over Slap Fight --

I'm Soooo Traumatized!!!

4/18/2012 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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"Basketball Wives" star Jennifer Williams is finally fighting back after being slapped in the face by her reality show nemesis Nia Crooks ... with a big, fat, stinging lawsuit. 

TMZ broke the story ... Williams filed a police report after the January 21 incident, in which she claims Crooks delivered an "open hand" slap to the left side of her face during a group outing to a race track in Florida.

The incident was caught on tape by the "Basketball Wives" crew and aired last week. During the melee, Crooks threatened Williams right before the attack ... saying, "Do I need to slap you in the face to wake you up?"

Williams replied, "I wish you would." She got her wish.

Williams has now followed up with a civil suit in NY ... going after Nia's ass for assault and battery. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jennifer claims she suffered serious injuries in the attack ... as well as "mental shock, mental anguish and psychological trauma”

Williams is demanding Nia fork over a massive check for all of her medical expenses and other damages.

Calls to Crooks have not been returned.


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margrett taylor    

I would sue too Jen. Even if a do***ent was signed that there would be blows and get physical Nia is not a part of the cast.Evelyn is just a phoney she won't fight just bluffs and talk trash.She didn,t fight Tammy.She ran in the other direction but talks plenty s**t. Ms O'Neal is messy too you see she never get's involved just talk s**t and move around.Gotta keep the ratings going huh? Sue her azz Jen and learn to fight

923 days ago

Ms M    

Evelyn acts like a sub-species or something and as though she is jealous of Jen. She needs to stop acting a fool and grow up.

922 days ago

dana swope    

TMZ you are should be ashamed of yourself for being mad at Jennifer you guys are the slave owners exploding these black women in front of the world to laugh at. TMZ all black people should file a law suit against you for what you are portraying of the black race.

921 days ago


good job jennifer sue evenyln to for everything she got

921 days ago


Tami!! what is the attraction with evelyn?? she's a thug bully & angry with her own life actually because her man ask her to sleep with other women & ev seemed all for it she have to realize that jen is right. besides jen has too much class for this show. shauntie WTH you know that fish mouth ev, & her sidekicks tammi & thug nia has issues galore!! nia get out of ev's behind u2 tammi yes u. ev is apparently jealous of barbie doll jennifer. HELLO!!!! & that's what time it is.

919 days ago


Jennifer Williams should sue Shaunie also for allowing such behavior get to this point. All she do is sit back and laugh at these girls pimp themselves out. Now she's pimping Jennifer and Chad'd fiance.

919 days ago


It is obvious that the networks only want to operate within the narrow framework of mainstream media’s stereotypical black woman. For those who believe that this issue is about changing the channel, please take heed to her words. The networks aren’t interested in a media image for African American women that is positive, intelligent or even dignified. They only want the image with which they are comfortable. African Americans should be offended by this philosophy. We are better, we deserve better. We must demand better.

918 days ago

Ann Hayes    

This is BULLYING .If someone threatens to kill me i would be traumatized too.

917 days ago


The produces of basketball wives want to take action on Jennifer Williams,because she fill a law suited against Nia who slap her in the face. But if the produces would had stop all of this non senses before it got out of hand. I truely think that Jen wouldn't be suing.,

909 days ago

Dianne McClain    

If this show is based on how bad the wives (oops not wives) great!!!! Decided to stop watching it after seeing one of the wives berated because she acts like a lady and looks at them like the fools they are!!! Violence is never the answer and to those ladies (ha ha) violence is the only way to resolve issues...Evelyn needs a good old fashion A whooping so that she can see she is not that bad!!! The show needs to be taken off the air...real women do act the way they do!!!!

907 days ago


Good and I hope she files a suit against the other bullies this women are sooo ghetto not matter who they married before they are turfs ,The other bully Evelyn has to be stopped she is too much a bully Ocho Cinco fiance ....she has a beautiful daughter a nice girl I wonder what she thinks about her bully mother! is too much violence and nastiness and disrespect form all of them but we have to remember" you can take the girl from the ghetto ,but you can't take the ghetto from the girl"

905 days ago


This ghetto women are portraying the black women as is bullyes,ghetto,vain,slefish ,wannabe's ! they are making the women looks pretty bad ,never Never compare Vanessa Williams,Halley Berry,Alicia Keys with this low class bullies! Thye are getting rich bullying ,insulting,hiting others is disgusting this show should be cancelled PERIOD!I hope another bully came and take care of businesssoon.they choose th esmall ones ,the ones who they know will not RETALIATE! a bunch of loosers ghetto!

905 days ago

Linda Johnson    

Evelyn and Tammi are two immature big mouthed
bitches ! They think showing off in front of each other and bullying others is what classy women do? Be
real !! Their little friend that is feeding them info. from the rest of the girls will get hers Can't wait!

903 days ago

it's just me    

Good for taking that fool to court. She will think twice next time!

901 days ago


I watch basketball wives only because jennifer williams is classy, best dress, and the way she carries herself. But we all know who the loud disrespecful loud mouths are on the show.

896 days ago
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