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Kim Kardashian

'Seriously Considering'

Becoming Mayor of Glendale

4/18/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian to be the next Glendale mayor?
They laughed when Ronald Reagan ran for Governor of California. They scoffed when Arnold Schwarzenegger followed in Reagan's footsteps. So don't dismiss us when we tell you ... there's a serious move in Glendale, CA to make Kim Kardashian its mayor -- and we know Kim is on board.

Kim made a comment on Khloe and Lamar's show that she was mulling over the idea of running in the city that is a bastion for Armenians.

But now ... several prominent Armenians in Glendale are backing Kim. Former Mayor and current City Councilman Ara Najarian offered to make Kim his Chief of Staff to teach her local politics. What's more ... Artin Sarkissian -- a prominent Glendale realtor -- has offered to find Kim a home in Glendale.

So our Kim sources tell us KK can't believe the response she's getting and she's "seriously considering" buying a house in Glendale and taking Councilman Najarian up on his offer.

The only thing is -- Kim must run for City Council before she's eligible to become Mayor. Members of the City Council rotate into the position of Mayor -- and one thing Kim is good at ... rotating.



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Just more hot air from Kamp K! I doubt she could even find Glendale without GPS in her iPhone, much less has ever been there. She's a total embarrassment to the Armenians the world over. She's not about championing anybody but herself!

832 days ago

Keyser Söze    

Yet another proof that American politic is a complete joke nowadays.

But hey, if people from Glendale actually are willing to vote into office a certified and undisputed HUMAN TOILET... more power to them.

Just don't complain afterward when folks around the world keep calling you guys a bunch of retards, though...

832 days ago

R. Cortez    

This is really getting embarrassing. Please don't make me move to Canada.

832 days ago



832 days ago


Anyone in Glendale who votes for this blow job queen needs to drug tested!!!

832 days ago

Joyce Ann DePew    

She's looking for attention again. She is so not qualified, especially since she doesn't live there. Her Mom must have told her this was a way to get her reputation improved and Mom would probaly tell her how to do the job. I don't think the pay is very good thought-especially not to her standards.

832 days ago


Ive heard this job is appointed and you dont run. so if she makes it, its because she knows people of influence.

832 days ago


Only in America

832 days ago

Yep I said that    

In all of the photo's with this "article" she looks like a low rent whore.. oh wait

832 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

They can all sit around and watch her porn at city council meetings. Make her your Mayor, Armenian-town, so we can all laugh at you.

832 days ago


Kim honey, u are still married. U think that's gonna help ur vote? Suckin ugly Kayne doesn't get u
the job u know

832 days ago


Look at her life, it is an open book on TV/Internet. This family is all about money/fame. Many prominent people in the news world have also commented on what do they really do, NOTHING. If she had the skills on being strong, being responsible that is one thing. BUT PEOPLE she SCAMMED the world on her FAKE MARRIAGE for what ... MONEY ! She could not even give back the Wedding Gifts, oh granted she gave monies to a Charity ... really, or did she. She needs to get on the Dr. Phil show and deal with her issues first and foremost and prove herself on responsibility.

832 days ago


there's a serious move in Glendale, CA to make Kim Kardashian its mayor -- and we know Kim is on board.

Um, first she runs for mayor, gets votes and attempts to win.
Quit wetting yourself too much TMZ.

832 days ago


Her campaign theme : Vote for me and I will give you a *******!

832 days ago


No. Don't do it you stupid bitch. Politics is not a publicity stunt and a sextape isn't a stepping stone to a political career. F**k this idea.

832 days ago
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