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Mel Gibson Audio

Costa Rican Explosion

'C**t, C**ksucker Whore!!!'

4/18/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Mel Gibson
is caught on tape exploding in a rage during a trip to Costa Rica last December, screaming at the top of his lungs ... and now the audio has been released. WARNING: EXPLICIT, FILTHY LANGUAGE.

The Wrap obtained the tape from Joe Eszterhas -- the man who wrote the screenplay for "The Maccabees" with Mel. Eszterhas has made shocking allegations that Mel ranted about killing Oksana Grigorieva, hating Jews, and praising the guy who killled John Lennon.

Eszterhas's son Nick recorded one of Mel's outbursts ... which starts with Mel blasting Joe, "Why don't I have a first draft of "The Maccabees?" What the f**k have you been doing?"

Mel goes on, turning his anger at Oksana: "I am earning money for a filthy little c**ksucker who takes advantage of me." 

Mel can then be heard slamming objects in the house, and then continues screaming, "Who wants to eat? Who the f**k wants to eat? Go have something to eat. Hurraaayyyyy!"

Mel continues to cuss, adding, "f**king c**t, c**ksucker whore."

4:59 PM PST -- Mel just arrived to a speaking engagement in Austin, TX to promote his new film, "Get the Gringo."  Wonder if anyone will ask him about Costa Rica ...



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OK - 2 thoughts here:
1-i'm not convinced that's Mel (on the OG tapes you could Tell it was Mel) - here not so much
2-if he doesnt show up for the Austin Premier of GRINGO (or cancels his appearance) - then I'll say it's him....
I'm just not convinced that's really him.

897 days ago


If anyone hasn't done it I recommend the following:

1) get ahold of some chronic weed

2) Place it in a bong and take a few big hits

3) Kickback and listen to the original Mel Gibson series of rants with his ex Oskana

It is truly awesome entertainment! Something about being stoned out of your mind and listening to Mel go off in a rage that just creates a chuckle. It was a grand old time. The new audio tapes suck as they lack the pristine clarity the original tapes had. Thanks Mel...keep the tapes coming!!

897 days ago


Whew. He's a nut... but it isn't really news, right? I mean, we've known this about Mel for years. Is it legal in CA to record someone w/o his knowledge? Just curious.

897 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Sounds just like my bitch-ass step-father after getting home from work in the Navy. Makes me think if the Navy was ass raping him all day to have an attitude like that.

897 days ago


No, this was a recording of pillow talk after his first sexual encounter with Oksana!

897 days ago

Joan K    

What a crazy bastard, this guy is a ticking time bomb and I sure hope that an innocent person is not around when he finally goes off. This A hole could kill someone with that much rage.

897 days ago


Who acts like this?? Seriously?? Oh my goodness, what a nut job. Yeah, everybody is out to get Mel. He just has a bad reputation. Whatever!! Crazy Crazy Crazy. This dude is certifiable. F***ing actors. Every single one of them have flaws. He was probably molested as a child....they all are sooner than later.

897 days ago


Also: I love how TMZ changed the picture of Mel from a normal one to a crazy one. LOL

897 days ago


What is wrong with the world today. If you are a celebrity, you can't throw tantrums in your own home? Brandy Norwood killed a mother of 2 during a road rage on her part and bought her way out with money and manslaughter charges dropped... there wasn't such hatred and media coverage... why? You speak your mind nowadays.. you get stoned... you kill someone... just buy your way out of the justice system. If you have EVER thrown a tantrum, you have no place in judging others. I agree Mel needs a break, but some of these comments are uncalled for, given that everything that he says, has some truth to it

897 days ago


The only thing I have learned from these tapes is, Mel didn't get the script, Joe Eszterhas is a world class douchebag, Mel swears.

897 days ago


These artsy fartsy type people like Mel do hav a temper. But, he is talented. I don't understand why you pick on Mel, and praise people like Kim Kardashion. I mean they even had a joke about Kim on three broke girls this week. Is TMZ the only ones on Earth that think Kim is talented? It's turned into KMZ.

897 days ago


Wow Joe, you are you are so concerned about your family why did you throw your son under the bus, why not say you recorded it. Also I find it very interesting that this tape was released the same day as Mel premiers Get The Gringo.

897 days ago


Nice story Eszterhaus, I only have one question

Where the f*ck is the first draft of the script?

897 days ago


# 11 is right. that could be ANYONE. Eszterhas's son Nick just "happened" to record this one paticular phone call? get real here, i'm not a big mickey rourke fan, but i think he is right this time "mel is a target", * i think eszterhas is taking a LOT of shots.

897 days ago


Maybe, I'm crazy, but I sound the same way when my dinner is not ready on time. MAC A RONIIII!!! why. isn't. it. READY!!!

897 days ago
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