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Lindsay Lohan

In Nightclub Fight Sequel!!!

4/19/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan returned to the scene of the (alleged) crime
Lindsay Lohan returned to the scene of the (alleged) crime!!! We've learned she showed up at The Standard Hotel on the Sunset Strip Wednesday night ... went to Smoke and Mirrors, the same nightclub where she allegedly pushed a woman 2 weeks ago, and got into it with ANOTHER woman ... and it ended with LiLo on the receiving end of a flying drink.

Here's how it went down.  Lindsay's friend drove her car to the hotel -- LiLo was in the passenger seat.  The driver pulled into the parking garage and hit another car.  Witnesses say Lindsay then called her dad, Michael, for help, and he dutifully showed up. 

So what did Michael do?  He took Lindsay inside the club and the two hung out for hours ... we're told without any alcohol.

Around closing time, a woman in the booth next to theirs made a snide comment about Lindsay showing up with her dad.  Lindsay then got up and screamed at the woman, "Shut the f**k up."  We're told that's when the drink drenched the actress.

We're told Michael then grabbed his daughter and made a beeline for the door.  


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The Truth    


A&E Television Networks Confirms Lindsay Lohan “NOT” signed to Lifetime Liz Taylor Biopic

A&E Network confirms that the independent production (which is not scheduled for production) for Lifetime TV about Liz & Dick does not have Lindsay Lohan under contract. A&E Network has not announced any such plans or signing.

Further A&E Network states “any comments or news releases that refer to Mrs Lohan as part of the independent project is false”

Plain words, Team Lohan made this all up again as they did with other TV and movie projects. Self promotion.

So Team Lohan is all BS Spin Spin Spin. So Team Lohan put up or shut up, SHOW US THE SIGNED CONTRACT you did that with Playboy.

The Truth Hurts

**Now Team Lohan go ahead and attack me here instead of providing proof that Lindsay “Crack Head” Lohan has a contract.

887 days ago


She could use a few glasses thrown toward her mouth, might improve her naturally tiny lips.

887 days ago


ROTFLMFAO! Once again Black Cloud opens his BIG mouth and starts tooting his horn, and again trouble for Lindsay...That is PRICELESS!

887 days ago


I think her life is being played out in the tabloids, and it's not going well. Common sense isn't working for her. There are no rational decisions being made. I don't see a future for her.

Someone, take control of Lindsay now before you lose your girl forever.

887 days ago


Maybe the Judge should've told Lindsay to stay home, not just avoid the clubs. Apparently she can't think for herself and know that she should stay away from these situations. Lindsay has a big $$$ sign target on her just like Mel Gibson. Sad but true.

887 days ago


How many times can a train wreck before they just scrap it?

887 days ago


Dina must be loving that's she's partying at the club with MiLo instead of her now. Lifetime must love another glowing Lohan story. Matt Lauer, "Lindsay how long have you been sober?" Lindsay, "uh uh...a really long time." What happened to the car they freaken ran into? She needs a 5150 stat. BTW, love the drink in her face. How's she like a flying ****tail towards HER puffed up face for a change?

887 days ago

The Truth    


Florida department of probation has confirmed it is investigating the violation of probation and bail for leaving the state of Florida without permission.

Michael Lohan stated that he has not left the state of Florida but as news reports who he is in the State of California and is going into bars (another violation of bail and probation) with his daughter Lindsay Lohan.

The Truth Hurts

887 days ago

LA Native    

OMG...when does this EVER end?
truly pathetic and hopeless.

887 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is allegedly $3 million in debt & she was ordered to stop Botoxing. Earlier this week, I was all set to write about Lindsay Lohan’s latest cracked-out shenan igans at the Coachella festival. I had already prepared myself for a standard-issue tale of Porta-potty sex, cocaine, a Botoxy, puffy crackface, liquor and maybe a fistfight involving someone in a wheelchair. Instead, I got these relatively pleasant photos of a not-puffy, sober-looking (sort of) Lindsay, with no stories of her Coachella shenan igans. Has The Cracken changed? Maybe. OK! Mag has an interesting theory about LL’s de-puffed face. Their source claims that Lifetime producers (of Liz & Dick) were aghast when they saw LL’s puffy Botox-face, and they ordered her to stop messing with it. And she might have complied! Because she’s broke as hell and she needs this gig like a crackhead needs her… oh.

Lindsay Lohan has a plum role waiting for in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick… but in her desperation to look the part of one of the 20th century’s great beauty icons, Lindsay submitted to cosmetic procedures that bloated and distorted her face – and nearly lost her the job.

An insider close to the Lohan camp reports that before flying from LA to NYC for several big meetings, including one with Lifetime executives, Lindsay “was overdone with fillers, Botox and God knows what else. Word is that she had so many shots she went way overboard. And when they took one look at her – they were repulsed and shocked.”

According to the insider, Team Lohan has explained to the execs that Lindsay had indeed undergone some aesthetic touching up – but that the actress “was not told by doctors that she wasn’t allowed to fly immediately afterward – and well, it was a catastrophe. In the course of Lindsay’s five-hour flight, the change in air pressure obviously did much damage and caused unexpected side effects.”

The Lifetime execs want to set conditions, says the insider. “I heard someone ask if Lindsay’s people would take a few photos of her with proof of date over the next few weeks, and that if her face was less swollen and back to normal, they’d use her,” the insider tells OK!

For Lindsay, there’s a lot more than her reputation riding on Liz & Dick: apparently, Lindsay is flat broke.

“She’s as poor as poor can be, doesn’t have two nickels to rub together and she owes more than $3 million in debt,” the insider tells OK!. “Lindsay’s recent Playboy magazine spread only paid a small pittance compared with what she owes,” adds the source, “and she’s desperately looking, pitching and offering to do absolutely anything to take her back to something like the lifestyle she had become accustomed to.”

[From OK! Magazine, print edition]

The obvious plotline failure is this: if LL is so fvcking broke (which I believe), how can she still afford to jack up her face and lips all the time? My answer: she can’t. So instead of going without, Lindsay and her mother go in for the cheapest, most budget procedures they can get. And they’re probably paying their bills – ALL of their bills – in “trade”. But seriously, how easy it to believe that LL has already blown through her $900K Playboy paycheck? Those aren’t all legal bills too – remember, she’s a cracked-out hoarder who loves to shop. And she’s got significant drug bills too. Plus, some of her debt could be years-old – in 2010, it was widely reported that LL had $500,000 in credit card debt.

Still, let’s enjoy the hint of her old, natural face once again (just don’t look at her lips).

887 days ago


Here we go again. This woman can't seem to keep out of the clubs and causing trouble. Once again Lilos car hit another one (sure she wasn't driving?) and instead of saying this is a bad sign she calls he idiot father and his advice is not lets go home and let this mess go away. No he decides its better for them to go into the club for a few hours. If you believe they went into a club to talk, and not slam back a few then i have abridge too sell you. i am sure her former judge is now shaking her head trying to figure out how Lilo got the better of her and was released from probation. Lilo had better pray she doesn't get into trouble again because the way she has made the court system look for letting her get away with all this crap will not be good for her in front of yet another judge. Just go do port already lilo its the only thing you seem to have a talent for, but I guess all your co stars would need to be married.

887 days ago


Why is this dumbass still in clubs anyway? Stay at home and relax. This stupid woman just loves the attention and has not changed at all if anyone believed her lies they are idiots. A recovering addict would be going to clubs, bars, and festivals if they are on the straight and narrow. She is beyond help now and I dont believe for a second that shes clean and sober. Just go away Lindsay.

887 days ago


Lindsay Lohan may be sober but she seems to have replaced her substance abuse with an ANGER problem. She crashed a Ciroc/Gen Art party at Coachella and immediately started a big fuss demanding to get photographers thrown out.

The Gen Art people WANTED the fotogs to cover the event and refused to evict them. They reminded her “It’s not YOUR party!” Lindsay got into such a nasty argument with paparazzi that SHE was asked to leave. Later she returned and apologized but she was still agitated. (Because she was sober?) When Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis came to the door (Remember “firecrotch?“) she told the organizers NOT to let them in. Of course they DID let them in, but Paris and Brandon were very relaxed and made no trouble while Lindsay fumed and fussed and made a big deal out of avoiding them.

(Even Lindsay’s companion (assistant?) looked embarrassed.)

887 days ago


So the train has wrecked and fallen off the rails, yet still barrels down the track on it's side.

887 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Judge Sautner's thoughts and most of the world including Saudi Arabia..... {Class Act Indeed}

887 days ago
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