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Mel Gibson

May Sue Joe Eszterhas

For Releasing Audio of Epic Rant

4/19/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
is seriously considering suing Joe Eszterhas for secretly recording him at his home in Costa Rica last December, and then releasing the audio rant.

Sources connected with Mel tell TMZ ... the actor believes he has a "basic human right" NOT to be secretly recorded in his own home. 

We're told Mel's people are looking at the laws of Costa Rica to determine if recording laws were violated and, even if they weren't, if Mel's right of privacy was violated by the release of the audio.

Mel explodes in the recording about Eszterhas' lack of progress with "The Maccabees" script  -- "What the f**k have you been doing!!" He also unloads on Oksana Grigorieva, calling her a ""F**king c**t, c**ksucking whore."

We're told Mel believes anyone recorded "at their worst moment" would sound awful, and it's unfair to trap people in their refuge.

One Mel source notes with skepticism that Eszterhas has made other allegations against Mel ... that the actor also ranted against the Jews and expressed pleasure that John Lennon was shot and killed ... but none of that is on the tape.


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My Big Salami    

I am on Mel Gibsons side. He really has done nothing wrong but befriend and marry bad people!...Dude is a stand up guy!

918 days ago


Why? It's his best performance in years.

918 days ago


OMG the tape has only been released for a few hours and he is already talking about sueing. I guess he can belong to one type/class of people. The kind of people that like to sue anyone for any reason.

918 days ago


When do we get the mash up with Christian Bale?

918 days ago


I can totally picture Mel staggering around, throwing things, and drooling while he yells obscenities. He's a modern day Oliver Reed.

918 days ago


"I think a screenplay is your creative baby and you have a responsibility to fight for it, as you would for your children........"


Eszterhas was born in Csákánydoroszló, a small village in Hungary, the son of Mária (née Bíró) and István Eszterhas.[2][3] The father was a Roman Catholic newspaper editor and author. He learned at age 45, his father had hidden his collaboration in the Hungarian Nazi government and "organized book burnings and had cranked out the vilest anti-Semitic propaganda imaginable"


"Writing the script was an attempt to somewhat ease my personal paternal burden..............................
and my own sense of guilt over my father's sins"


918 days ago


Mel has the right to express or say whatever he likes in private! Everyone has this right! The real evil are the people who record or exploit what he does in private to gain something from it!

918 days ago

A'Dreama Monet    

mel gibson should sue himself for being grade-a ******* already.

918 days ago


I'm backing Mel. If it isn't already, then it should be illegal to secretly record someone in the privacy of their own home. Eszterhas should be blackballed in Hollywood.

918 days ago


Harvey, and TMZ, seriously?
I'm glad I've been following the MEL posts since 2008 because I can positively say, YOU DON"T HAVE ANY SOURCE close to Mel willing to talk to you, or make a statement ANYTHING like you've just posted. "YOU" claim a source close to Mel. Un huh, this would be his agents, sister, girlfriend, high school sweatheart best friend that called you up and told you, PERSONALLY that Mel is going to do this.
BTW, TMZ, it's against the law in California to record phone calls but you had no problem posting all that info from his ex gold digging c*nt, c*cksucking whore and chasing after her for her "BULLshipstone" opinions, right?

918 days ago


Go Get em MEL... but good luck, if you were a African American your chances would be better...pull out the race card would ya, sees to work on some cases

918 days ago



Lose your temper, spew your venom, someone exposes you, then you sue.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Same old Mel Gibson mode of operation.

Get some serious therapy Mel.

918 days ago


He (Mel) creates his own cir***stances, when is he going to wise up to that wisdom?

918 days ago

The Real JJ    

He seems to have a lot of worst moments.

918 days ago


Did Anyone Notice on the last story about MG that many of the TMZ responders mentioned a script draft as an excuse for his terrible behavior? Like what the nut-job, ego freak Mel G would say for his misguided self if he could?

Hmmmmm....seems Mel seeks to tweak the current perception of himself. That sounds impossible at first glance, but after you read so's just ( bad script, etc.) not the language of the usual TMZ posters. Something is fishy. Smells like the wrath of a lil' bully.

918 days ago
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