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Mel Gibson

May Sue Joe Eszterhas

For Releasing Audio of Epic Rant

4/19/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
is seriously considering suing Joe Eszterhas for secretly recording him at his home in Costa Rica last December, and then releasing the audio rant.

Sources connected with Mel tell TMZ ... the actor believes he has a "basic human right" NOT to be secretly recorded in his own home. 

We're told Mel's people are looking at the laws of Costa Rica to determine if recording laws were violated and, even if they weren't, if Mel's right of privacy was violated by the release of the audio.

Mel explodes in the recording about Eszterhas' lack of progress with "The Maccabees" script  -- "What the f**k have you been doing!!" He also unloads on Oksana Grigorieva, calling her a ""F**king c**t, c**ksucking whore."

We're told Mel believes anyone recorded "at their worst moment" would sound awful, and it's unfair to trap people in their refuge.

One Mel source notes with skepticism that Eszterhas has made other allegations against Mel ... that the actor also ranted against the Jews and expressed pleasure that John Lennon was shot and killed ... but none of that is on the tape.


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Spoken like someone with a lot to hide.

827 days ago

Oval Beach    

I'm NOT a big Mel Gibson fan...if fact...truth be told...I dispise him...but...EVERYONE has the right to blow off steam and yell and scream without worry of being recorded and to have him be recorded, unbeknownst to him, is a pretty ****ty thing and regardless of the content of his one should have been recording him without his knowledge and permission and I do believe (in this case and this case only) that Mel should be allowed some sort of legal compensatoin for this.

827 days ago


Kick is a## Mel. Go Team Mel!

827 days ago

There's a problem here    

I gotta hand it to Mel. He's one of the few people I know of that can get that many swear words into one sentence and not run out of breath before the end. This is no surprise. Everyone knows Mel goes off once in a while. So what?

827 days ago


Why was Eszterhas recording his conversations in the first place??? Who does that??? And as far as Mel goes, what he was saying he was saying in the context of a PRIVATE (or so he thought) conversation. How many of us would like our conversations recorded without our knowledge and released to the general public for friends and family to hear??? This is a non-story - I have no idea what Mr. Eszterhas is trying to accomplish here but if it's trying to make himself out to be the better man he's failing miserably.

827 days ago


how do you know that is mel...that could be anyone staging that. You can't tell it's him.

827 days ago


When will Mel learn these people are not his friends? I knew once Oksana got away with taping him it would set a new precedent. Unfortunately every actor/actress, famous person will now have to worry about being recorded in their own homes!
That being said, Mel should've known better, afterall it's not like this hasn't happened to him already! I honestly can't imagine working with someone like Mel. Instead of recording him, I'd probably be laughing too hard! Seriously Mel, this is ridiculous! Get it together!

827 days ago


Good! I think Mel is right. I'd like to see him sue the media outlets that JE also provided the audios to, as well.

827 days ago


And here's a thought for those who don't see the benefit here...Tom Cruise. It used to be that he was trashed in the media from time to time, but he has a powerhouse of attorneys behind him who watch for things that are in the media about him. Now, if there is a media outlet stupid enough to print something about him,he goes after them like a Pit Bull dog -- and I love it! How many times do you read things about Tom Cruise on TMZ or Radar Online, other than things about Suri and something she is wearing?

827 days ago


Mel is insane. He need to lock himself up so he doesn't spew his vile **** on other people. I was always a big fan but no more.

827 days ago


It's deja vu all over again!

827 days ago

Big D    

I'm with Mel this time, he has a right to say whatever he wants in the privacy of his own home. That ""F**king c**t, c**ksucking whore who recorded release the recording needs to pay up big.

827 days ago


You know though, if you really listen to his rant, he's peeved because he feels taken advantage of once again. He brings up Oksana as an example, not to just randomly belittle her. I think all of us, at some time or another, have called someone a nasty name that we feel has screwed us over. He even says how he was paying Eszterhas for that script, and it still wasn't it in his hands. It's interesting because Eszterhas released this audio to try to discredit Mel. But actually, I think it backfires and proves that Mel is in fact in the right. If you were paying someone for services and nothing wasn't coming of it, you would be frustrated too. I think Mel's only fault in this is that he clearly has anger issues and blows up, which in turn people take advantage of. Considering what I have heard in this audio, and what that Oksana did to him, I think he's justified in his feelings. But dang dude...don't give them ammo by getting so heated. Get mad, but don't go ballistic, lol. I will say he's a brilliant director and actor though. Usually really talented people (like Michael Jackson for example) are pretty weird in their private lives.

827 days ago


Who cares. Gibson has never been politically correct and calls it the way he sees it nothing new. Why was he being taped anyway?

What is Joe a big crybaby and Mel hurt his feelings. C'mon this is the guy who wrote Showgirls.

827 days ago


How the hell is this news? "Person says crazy **** in private". Look at yourself and tell me you havent said some crazy **** in private. Crazy **** you MEANT as well. But you just don't let on in public!

The dude is just a human being.


827 days ago
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