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Mel Gibson

May Sue Joe Eszterhas

For Releasing Audio of Epic Rant

4/19/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
is seriously considering suing Joe Eszterhas for secretly recording him at his home in Costa Rica last December, and then releasing the audio rant.

Sources connected with Mel tell TMZ ... the actor believes he has a "basic human right" NOT to be secretly recorded in his own home. 

We're told Mel's people are looking at the laws of Costa Rica to determine if recording laws were violated and, even if they weren't, if Mel's right of privacy was violated by the release of the audio.

Mel explodes in the recording about Eszterhas' lack of progress with "The Maccabees" script  -- "What the f**k have you been doing!!" He also unloads on Oksana Grigorieva, calling her a ""F**king c**t, c**ksucking whore."

We're told Mel believes anyone recorded "at their worst moment" would sound awful, and it's unfair to trap people in their refuge.

One Mel source notes with skepticism that Eszterhas has made other allegations against Mel ... that the actor also ranted against the Jews and expressed pleasure that John Lennon was shot and killed ... but none of that is on the tape.


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I've lost most of the respect for Mel after all his recent antics, but, I think he has a point on this one. You should be able to say pretty much anything you want in your own home without having to worry about someone secretly taping you and publishing it for the world to hear. Things said in a public area are fair game, but inside your own home? I think that guy should be brought up on some kind of invasion of privacy charges then jailed and sued. At the very least, Mel should sue him for using his voice without permission and take everything the guy makes off selling the rant!!

884 days ago


So, ... let me get this straight.... He calls his ex a ""F**king c**t, c**ksucking whore." and he's the worst human being in the world??? Yeah none of you have ever done that before. That's all thats displayed here.

Where's the anti semitism?
Where the cause for fear in your son?
Where the praise for the death of Lennon?
(Seriously?? Lennon? That's what you decided to go with????)

Missing! Like Joe Eszterhas career.
Absent! Like Joe Eszterhas skill st script writing.

Big F'N deal to release this tape. Nothing to see here.

884 days ago


Tmz now on the level of Radar -- Gibson should have the expectation of privacy in his own home. For Joe and his son to use OG as a role model is sad.

884 days ago


Mr. Gibson is an easy topic for all the people out there wishing to do him harm. This man is a brilliant actor and director. He may have problems, that is noone's call but his own. To be shamelessly taped in your own home is a tragedy. If you cannot be yourself in your own home surrounded by so-called friends, where can one be himself. This man has been taken advantage of several times. I like Mr. Gibson's movies. I pray that he find the peace he needs in his life, his world as he sees it. I am a writer also. I wish I knew how to contact him, so he could read my script. I do wish him all the best in the world. "He who is without sin, let them cast the first stone."

884 days ago


I hope Mel can sue. Releasing the recording made in Mel's home was a sleazy thing to do. Maybe Mel can recover the money paid to Eszterhas for producing a crappy script as well as for the travel costs involved in bringing Eszterhas and his family to Mel's house only to find out the first draft of the script had not been written.

884 days ago


I think that Mel is a crazy tool and should just retire and go away BUT... being recorded without your permission in your own home IS a violation of your basic rights to privacy. So, unfortunately, he might actually have a leg to stand on. At the same time, you'd think he'd learn by now to keep that racist, insane rant prone attitude of his under control. Guess not.

884 days ago


Why can Charlie Sheen go crazy and get a pass, but Mel doesn't? Both need serious help.

884 days ago


Not going to bother listening to the tape. I think it's a gross invasion of privacy and shouldn't be put out by the press. As for Mel. We all have good days / bad days, if he's said a lot of things that are being reported, maybe it's time to sit down with a therapist. Learn to deal with all those underlying issues so you don't blow up every time someone looks at you funny.

884 days ago


They're iPhone WAVs. Everyone has an iPhone and many of those that don't have phones capable of recording. I realise he may get confused but it's the 21st Century.

884 days ago


Really! thats all you got. I guess you never heard my EXWife. Or better yet me when I can't find something. Its Mels House its his Cooll and as far as I can see its his right to say and do what ever he wants and that Pu$$y that recorded him should be Bltch@d slapped for shirking his duty and coffing up what he was paid for. Sick is a black woman walking up it a woman and pumping 7 bullets in her to steal her baby just because she needed to show a baby to her babydaddy, still waiting for jessie jackson champion her cause and make a poster child out of her and her opression. Hey Mel give me a call sometime and we can go hunt some helpless animals in the Montana wilderness, man you are my kind of guy.

884 days ago


I don't know what the laws about taping private conversations are in Costa Rica but I feel for Mel because as a person it seems like he is carrying a lot of pain. I hope he's still getting the help he needs.

884 days ago


Like I posted yesterday, Hollywood produces and releases movies with much more violence and language, along with Rap songs that degrade women and promote violence, but people get all up in arms over Mel getting mad? Talk about hypocrisy.

884 days ago


After years of smut and violence, Joe Eszterhas says he found God one hot summer
day in 2001 as he desperately battled to survive throat cancer and his
addictions to alcohol and cigarettes.

884 days ago


By most accounts, Eszterhas is a colossal prick. When a nun waved a Coca-Cola
bottle at him in high school, he punched her. When director Arthur Hiller had a
"heated exchange" over Eszterhas's re-cut of Hiller's An Alan Smithee Film,
Eszterhas said Hiller "should offer to kiss my ass in Times Square for saving
this film".

884 days ago



884 days ago
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