Pregnant Man Separates from Wife -- She Hasn't Seen My Man Parts

4/19/2012 3:00 PM PDT

Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie Separates from Wife

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Thomas Beatie
-- famously known as the Pregnant Man -- has separated from his wife of 9 years ... and according to Beatie, she still hasn't seen his new man parts yet.

38-year-old Beatie made the break-up announcement during a recent taping for the show "The Doctors" -- admitting he and his wife Nancy were going through a rough patch ... "At the moment, we're separated."

Beatie -- who's given birth to three children -- also said he recently underwent a final female-to-male gender reassignment surgery, but claims he hasn't had a chance to show Nancy his new equipment.

Beatie said, "Nancy hasn't seen the new me yet."