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'Basketball Wives' -- Nia Crooks

Charged with Battery

for Insane Slap Attack

4/20/2012 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Nia Crooks has been charged with misdemeanor battery for pimp slappin' the taste out of Jennifer Williams' mouth back in January ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for the Broward County State's Attorney's Office tells us ... officials decided to file the charge on April 10 ... after Williams filed a criminal complaint.

If convicted, Nia faces up to a year in the slammer.

During the incident, which aired on last week's episode of "Basketball Wives" -- Nia can be heard threatening to slap Jennifer ... to which Jennifer replied, "I wish you would." Her wish was granted.


4:39 PM PST --
Nia's lawyer Marc David Seitles tells TMZ ...  "We will vigorously defend Nia against these charges. The women on the show executed contracts expressly accepting the risk that a physical altercation could occur."

The lawyer adds, "Given that Jennifer herself has previously instigated fights on the show, to cry foul now is absurd and a desperate attempt for publicity and money. We will fight until Nia is vindicated."


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Good. These birds need to realize that you can't put your hands on people because you feel like it. Shawnie is paying these chicks to act like animals while she takes the high road and is seen as the freaking peacemaker. Jen is the only one with an ounce of self-respect and decency out of the original cast. Evelyn's just as trashy as her assistant.

917 days ago


Those women give good black women a bad name. TRASHY. They have a platform to make a good name for themselves, and instead they are acting like kindergarteners.

917 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Can these people be anymore effing ghetto?

The good news is that these stupid ballers and their equally shiat-for-brains wives have zero money management skills. They will all be living out of their cars in five years.

917 days ago


These women don't have class. I presume they're from the ghetto and democrats.

917 days ago


Oh no she DI-INT! Finger *snap snap*! Glad this trashy ho's getting charged.

917 days ago


Unbelievable that women their age (in their 40's) act like this much less go on National TV to humiliate themselves and their families like this.

917 days ago


can we say hoochies with a capital h? that what happens when uneducated people suddenly get money. they think that they are entitled to do whatever they want. hope she sees prison. assault is assault is assault no matter what your husbands bank account or profession is. you and i would be facing charges, so why can't she?

917 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

There are millions upon millions of hard working, black women in our country. They have jobs, take care of their husbands and children, some of them are single mothers.
Yet Reality TV and TMZ insist on showing this human effluent day after day as if they are the norm and not a disgusting exception. Just.....disappointing to say the least.

917 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

what TNB! Big Chimpout!

917 days ago


Do these ladies.....I mean, pieces of trash have children??? They must be so proud of their mama's!! No wonder we have kids beating the crap out of each other and taping it. NO CLASS what so ever!!!

917 days ago


Thank goodness. Good for Jen. I have never seen grown women act like these chicks. Throwing things and putting your hands on people is a sign that you are NOT in control... ignorance. Stop it already!

917 days ago


Good I'm glad she has been charged. She won't do a day in jail. She won't even get probation but I hope more & more people on these stupid shows get charged. The shows themselves should be held responsible for condoning the behavior. Oh yeah they include that in the contract cuz they cover themselves. Violence is NEVER ok, EVER.

917 days ago


I was never a Jennifer fan but that girl needs to be charges and they also shuld go after Evelyn to. The restaurant should go after Evelyn to for stepping on a table with her bare feet That is just gross and very tacky and very unstable. They should have made that woman wash that table with her bare hands!!! All Evelyn does on that show is fight and do the she said you said thing. How old is she and she has NO class what so ever. I will never watch her show and her husband to be's show what ever name he is going by right now!!!!LOL

917 days ago

El Gato    

Freeze frame at 09 seconds, doesn't look like there is actual contact made, certainly not to the face, just weave... the sound effect is added which makes the entire video compromised so I'm not sure there is a great case here (attempted assault?). Also, where is the evidence of cuts, bruises or any actual physical damage? This is what Broward County tax dollars are paying for? Wow, I sure am bored today.

917 days ago


Viacom does not give damn what type of image it promotes as long as the ratings are UP.

917 days ago
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