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Lindsay Lohan

Instigated Hotel Fight

... Says Witness

4/20/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was the instigator, aggressor and drink-tosser in the fight at The Standard Hotel Wednesday night ... this according to a witness who was with the other girl involved in the altercation.

The witness tells us ... the incident began after a major misunderstanding between the two sides while they were partying at the Smoke and Mirrors nightclub inside the hotel.

We're told the girl was hanging out at the booth next to Lindsay's ... when Lohan tapped her on the shoulder aggressively and asked, "Did you bump into me?"

The girl denied the bump ... and suggested the real culprit could have been one of the guys in Lindsay's group. She then pointed to one of the men.

Lindsay replied, "That's my dad ... why would he bump me?"

The girl shot back, "You go clubbing with your dad?"

That's when Lindsay snapped ... so says the witness ... who claims Lindsay began cussing at the girl and then threw a drink at her face.

We're told Lindsay's dad realized what was happening ... grabbed his daughter ... and bailed.

Michael Lohan appeared on "TMZ Live" yesterday and adamantly denied his daughter chucked any beverage that night (below) ... claiming it was Lindsay who was the real victim and the recipient of the liquid projectile.

Either way, the other girl is currently weighing her legal options.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us LiLo is adamant -- her dad is telling the true story.


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“Ali is definitely showing signs of malnutrition,” Alicia Hunter, author of The Accidental Diet: From Fugly to Fox tells us. “Her hair looks damaged and dull and her skin looks way too pale! Poor nutrition and health issues can show themselves in bad skin and hair.

She could also add almonds or walnuts to her diet,"

923 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I am not sure exactly what Julia is trying to say to me, but I know it is self serving and I really don't care to try and figure her out. When it comes to rudeness Julia takes the cake, and for today she cannot say that I was rude to HELL(p) in any way, in fact I thanked him repeatedly for making me feel special today. Perhaps it would be a good idea for Julia not to address me or impose herself on my happy day.

923 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Thank you Zeph and Ellie G and Sez, I think you guys a pretty great too!

923 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

A word about alcoholism: There's no such thing as an EX-alcoholic, or former alcoholic. There are only alcoholics, and recovering alcoholics. Every recovering alcoholic I've ever met is extremely proud of themselves and their sobriety. They know exactly how long they've been sober, and can tell you the exact date of their last drink (as opposed to Lohan's "really really long time"). Calling them an alcoholic doesn't upset them one bit, as it just reminds them of the inner strength they've proven to themselves to quit.

What a recovering alcoholic knows they can't do is to ever take another drink. A recovering alcoholic can't just have one drink tonight, just because it's Friday night. They cannot drink ever, for the rest of their lives. They know this, and with each passing day without taking a drink, they become more and more proud of themselves, and rightfully so.

So keep throwing out the "alcoholic" tag all you want, trolls. It'll have the exact opposite effect of what you want, trust me.

923 days ago


You know, I used to get upset with Help and Julia throwing the word Alcoholic around at Grandma...mistakenly so. Now I know that it's not a bad thing, and it's a badge of honor to be a recovering alcoholic. Too bad everyone can't fight their demons like that. We all have them...some more than others!

923 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

yur daddy told yur momma to quit hanging out in the tool shed, her box is already full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

923 days ago


It is a badge of honor to be a recovering alcoholic. I've known three people who have died from the disease, one which I loved. I'm proud of you GC and your continuing sobriety. Wear your Badge of Honor well!

923 days ago


Lindsay Lohan and her sister, model Aliana Lohan, grab lunch together at La Conversation Cafe on Friday afternoon (April 20) in West Hollywood, Calif.
Ali recently shot with photographer Dana Boulos, who shared with, “I wanted to create an Italian-like editorial with a Lolita twist."
these pap photo ops are getting more and more hilarious. Neither of them seem to have anything to do and Blo looks increasingly pissed.

'night all

923 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

21 days until I'm gone douchebags. That's right, my book is complete. Then I will sit back and enjoy all the royalties, the royalties of fvking with da h8turds heads that is.

See, da problem with da h8turds is, they believe everything they read..................... Too bad they can't remember the sh*t too, they'd all have their GED's by now!!!!!

923 days ago

Hot Farts    

I like how wasted, drunken off the wall moronic Rouge is. He is just what we call a zero threat and amusing

923 days ago

Hot Farts    

This is a straight and serious comment:

The pics I saw of Coachella everywhere - Michael Lohan - I swear it is Ali with a small goatee. Pretty sad for them because they only care about money and being seen.

923 days ago

Hot Farts    

Instead of Rouhe let's call him "Lonely - he's Mr. Lonely" sad.

923 days ago

Hot Farts    

Mr. Lonely:

Did Leather Lady die and now the pool party is over?

923 days ago

Hot Farts    

In celebration of Mr. Lonely's departure...

923 days ago


Honestly, does this trick even go to the loo without Ali tethered to her side? Can this idiot BREATH by herself? Thats the problem with poor Ali. This girl is her sisters babysitter, not her sibling. She doesn't have a life of her own, she comes and goes only on Blohans say so. No friends of her own, you never see her catching a movie or doing things with people her own age. EVER. Gawd, I feel bad for this very lonley child.

923 days ago
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