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Lindsay Lohan

Instigated Hotel Fight

... Says Witness

4/20/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was the instigator, aggressor and drink-tosser in the fight at The Standard Hotel Wednesday night ... this according to a witness who was with the other girl involved in the altercation.

The witness tells us ... the incident began after a major misunderstanding between the two sides while they were partying at the Smoke and Mirrors nightclub inside the hotel.

We're told the girl was hanging out at the booth next to Lindsay's ... when Lohan tapped her on the shoulder aggressively and asked, "Did you bump into me?"

The girl denied the bump ... and suggested the real culprit could have been one of the guys in Lindsay's group. She then pointed to one of the men.

Lindsay replied, "That's my dad ... why would he bump me?"

The girl shot back, "You go clubbing with your dad?"

That's when Lindsay snapped ... so says the witness ... who claims Lindsay began cussing at the girl and then threw a drink at her face.

We're told Lindsay's dad realized what was happening ... grabbed his daughter ... and bailed.

Michael Lohan appeared on "TMZ Live" yesterday and adamantly denied his daughter chucked any beverage that night (below) ... claiming it was Lindsay who was the real victim and the recipient of the liquid projectile.

Either way, the other girl is currently weighing her legal options.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us LiLo is adamant -- her dad is telling the true story.


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Rogue Warrior

LMAO, UCLA.............LMAO

854 days ago


That was so nice of you Lisa, I'm sure a simple 'Thank You' would have sufficed.

854 days ago


Everyone, have a great evening. RW, good luck with the Coachella thing. I think I am going to play my HOG and go to bed. Concert tomorrow night, so doubt I will be on to watch all the drama/conflama tomorrow night.

854 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Lilo OBVIOUSLY doesn't give a fk.........................Why should we???????????????

854 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Thanks for trying Upyours, I don't think they're live streaming this weekend......Sleep tight, I'll keep the H8turds away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

854 days ago


Looks like @help quite for the night ...time to go prowling....
Grandma Cracker...problem with some people they can't stand to see anyone succeed and over come and thrive makes the mirror they are looking at show them the truth and they can't handle that...What doesn't kill us makes us stronger...and I feel you are a real strong lady ......Strong women scare the hell out of people like Lindsay....because they are bullies and bullies are only bullies till someone stands up to them then the run like the cowards they are....scream nasty insults all the time they are running....I hate bullies no matter who they are are what they are . I am a rock hard coal-miners daughter who's first breath of life had coal dust floating in it...Coal is what a diamonds is made of and a diamond is the hardness rock that make me a Diamond ..... and make GC a diamond and and most of the gals on this board are diamonds or gems of their chose .and that would make Lindsay nothing but "Fools Gold" or Pyrite Flashy and bright and not worth a dime...

854 days ago


She needs to put on a leash and only go out for a walk in the park.

854 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

This is neat....Frank Sinatra and violins, two of my favorite things in the world.......

854 days ago


When is her next movie "One Flew Over the Fake Rockette" going to start filing?

854 days ago


A "Crackhead Orange".

854 days ago


Can't somebody help this poor girl? Why don't they commit her to an institution like they did with Brittany Spears? She is an absolutely stunning woman, I don't want to see her die. Instead of mocking and criticizing the girl, pray for her instead. Too many celebrity drug tragedies recently. Let's stop it.

854 days ago

Hot Farts    

I am a Lizaed for Lindsay but Rouge I am your leather lady!

854 days ago


I'm wondering if MiLo will get himself in trouble for trying to bribe any witnesses this time around. I don't think Dina, ML and LL were really ever totally on the outs as they've claimed. It was another con job to generate more drama.

854 days ago


Yeah yeah yeah Lindsay.

Latest Story Lindsay Lohan -- I'm BANNING Myself From That Stupid Hotel

854 days ago


Aw, well last week all her apologists were making excuses claiming it was a matter of mistaken identity. A week later, yet ANOTHER incident and we are supposed to believe Michael FLuffhand and making excuses for his girl while she hands him a check. The only reason why she's hated her dad all this time but called him up out of the blue.
This whole family is major flucked up and anything out of their mouth is BULLKAKA. What ever way you look at it, it's all KAKA....

854 days ago
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