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Suge Knight


2Pac is Really Dead

4/20/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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There is a VERY good chance Tupac Shakur is alive and well ... and hiding ... this according to the man who was with him during the supposedly fatal shooting in Vegas, Suge Knight.

Knight just appeared on 93.5 KDay in L.A. with Tattoo and Cee Cee ... and pumped some major fuel into the biggest urban legend in hip hop ... that Tupac FAKED his own death.

Knight says his theory explains why cops never found his murderer -- because there was no murder.

"Maybe the question is ... Pac's not really dead ... pac's somewhere else," Knight says.

When asked if he ever saw Tupac's body following the 1996 shooting, he adds, "Nobody seen Tupac dead. "

Knight explains, "The person who supposedly cremated Tupac ... this guy got about 3 million dollars .. personally from me ... cash ... and next thing I know I never heard from the guy or seen him again ... he retired and left."


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They need a third choice,
Yes?, No?, who cares?

894 days ago


then what about the pics of 2pac on the autopsy table? as far as i know, photoshop wasn't around back then. suge needs to stfu. for good

894 days ago


lol you guys are WEIRD! You run this story yet in almost three years the biggest hoax gossip as been going on all around you. You ARE essentially a "gossip" site and yet absolutely nothing about Michael Jackson...odder than odd. Please pleaseee do not tell me running hoax stories would be in poor taste... you invented it.

894 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Wait a minute Suge, I could have sworn that after you had Tupac murdered, you cut off his testicles and ate them in some weird VooDoo ritual to gain his manhood.
Obviously it didn't work since you're the same dopey simpleton mouthing gibberish in a pathetic hope to stay relevant to the rap fans who have grown up in the 15 years since you lost every shred of relevance.

894 days ago


LAWRD! As soon as I saw that hollogram performance - I know this was coming....I am only surprised it took this long.,,,he's dead people, it's been 15 years...move on!

894 days ago


SERIOUSLY...What drugs are you n ? Who gives 3 million for a creamation? The price of a top line creamation is rifgt ubder 10,ooo.

Not buying a word you said.

894 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Lets admit it, Tupac is dead, I think I would rather just prefer to remember him degrading a woman as he makes her perform oral sex on him while he drinks and laughs with his friends.

894 days ago


Of course Tupac, or Onepac as he was called before his alledged murder isn't dead Suge! We all know he went to the same plastic surgeon Michael Jackson used, and after extensive surgery is alive any well. Didn't you notice Suge, the Justin Beber appeared shortly after his "staged death". Justin Bieber IS OnePAC

894 days ago


I guess we'll never know are will we uuummmm!!!!!!

894 days ago


Tupac is on an Island where it is legal to fake your own death.

894 days ago


Guess he missed being in limelight being and jail and stuff, and had to say something to get the attention back on himself. Well you did it Suge. We see go back to jail or something with this crap.

894 days ago


Dude, really?

894 days ago


And so it begins ..... *rolls eyes*

So, why would a successful rapper / musician fake his own death, when he was as successful and popular as he was ?

Why would a successfull rapper / musician go on, and choose to give up his successfull career as such, and choose not to continue to rake in the millions he was making ?

Suge Knight is only looking to be bombarded with interviews now so he can start charging for said interviews, regarding a Tupak conspiracy, and make hundreds of thousands of dollars off these interviews.

Dude is a crock. And so is his conspiracy theory.


894 days ago


I love how Suge is somehow "mainstream". They guy is a nothing more than a street thug. If it wasn't for rap he would be a drug dealer, pimp or thief and would probably be in jail.

894 days ago


Oh, and lets not forget that Suge said he was the only one who was with Tupac when he was shot dead, YET..... Suge never saw his dead body ...

You guys do the math.

Come on TMZ ! Who the hell put this story up ! Suge was with Tupac when he died, yet he never saw his dead body ?!

Seriously, what is wrong with you guys over there ! LMAO


894 days ago
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