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'Basketball Wives' Producers

Jennifer Williams' Suit Is a

HUGE Slap in Our Face

4/22/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Williams
' "face-slap" lawsuit is the giant shovel digging her reality TV grave ... TMZ has learned ... 'cause we're told "Basketball Wives" producers are PISSED!

Sources close to production tell TMZ ... Williams was already on thin ice with the show -- even before her slaptastic showdown with Nia Crooks -- but now that she has filed a lawsuit ... that ice is breaking FAST.

We're told producers think the suit is BS ... claiming Jennifer never had a problem with fighting before and insist this is a desperate publicity stunt to keep her storyline interesting -- securing her a place in season 5.

But a source tells us the stunt is not working, adding, "Filing broad lawsuits when you are as much to blame for the drama, is not the way to get your contract extended."

Ouch ... now that's gotta sting.


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Vally Val    

That is some BS!!! That skanky ho had no right to put her hands on Jennifer. I'd have a lawsuit and press charges. she doesn't have to accept that ****. So, they want to fire her?! because she stood her ground? No class., producers.

902 days ago


Jennifer had a right to file a suit; this is not the type of behavior that grown women should exert. The show is almost a second version of "Bad Girls", and it should be a little more conservative. The ladies should tone it down. At forty-one I was not behaving this way, they are a little ghetto in my opinion. Especially Evelyn she is marrying a basketball star. What kind of example is the ladies behavior for teenage girls. They should take pointers from La La.

900 days ago


Tammi on your show is a disgrace to women. Take her off your show and it might be good. Just lost a watcher. This show is trash.

900 days ago


Good for you Jen. I am so glad you are suing. These crazies need to be held accountable for what they do. You want slap pay for for the abuse. Don't get mad now. I just wish you could sue Evelyn also with her high mouth. Chad is going to give her a run for her money. Hit them where it hurts, in the pockets. I feel sorry for their girls knowing their mothers are always acting a fool.

900 days ago


Jennifer did not ruin Basket Ball wives, I am glad she filed a lawsuit. I have stopped watching the show because I am tired of these old women jumping over table like animals, weave pulling, after getting full of alcohol. And I am not gonna watch the spin off with Evelyn and Chad because he talks to her very disrespectful. If he did not have big money, she would not put up with it either. Jennifer has never been in a physical fight on this show, so how can the producers say she has alway been okay with the fights. Come on producers and Mrs. O'Neil, there has got to be a better way to hold an audience than what is going on now. I am a grandmother in my 60's and
with this type of behavior from mature women with their own money, I understand why today's youth think it is okay to act this way. Shame on all of you. All money ain't good money.

899 days ago


Jennifer is whack!! Why act like your big and bad and ask to be smack but you can't handle it?? Now she's trying to portray her self as being a non violent person with so much class....NOT!!! I truly wish the producers take her phony ass off the show. She's tired and her storyline with Kenya is tired too. PS. Jennifer lipstick line is AWFUL!!

898 days ago


jenn is the best shaunie is i dont know 2 faced and evelyn is retarded tammi gives grown women a bad name grow up bully you to grown to act like that what real woman act like that??? the 3 muskrats what a shame and it makes shaunie look stupid to have a show so dumb come on shaunie ur to pretty get some real women to hang with.

891 days ago


What show are the producers watching? Nia slapped the taste out of Jenn's mouth! I cant remember Jenn geting physically violent with anyone, inany season. Im with Team Jenn!!!!!!

883 days ago

Ann Lewis    

It is so sad that BBW had to turn out this way.It was my enjoyment on a Monday night.After a day of work to watch the show until all the fights and bad name calling started.May God help you all and please stop.Be Bless!

881 days ago


Suing someone for assault is what civilized people do. They do not engage in puglistic retaliation. Jennifer may have been a witness to other assaults, but that does NOT mean as a victim she should sit around and take it. Executive producer Shaunie sat with her little henchmen Evelyn and Tami and they together decided that Jennifer should have engaged in a fight and that she was wrong for suing...SUCH nonsense. Let's see what she would do if she were to be assaulted. Note that she keeps this side of the crap but she instigates the production of it like mad.

879 days ago


It was Jennifer's face, and the producers are a joke! they do things for ratings and could care less whether someone gets physically, mentally, or emotionally hurt! Let's go back to Evelyn sleeping w/ Tammie's ex-husband! That could have been taken care of in private and weeks before, but it helped ratings to hold out and anbush Tammi's dumb butt w/that...not to mention all the other under-handed junk that goes on! IT JUST ISN'T OK for anyone to put their hands on another living soul...and if that chick knew she was that broke then she shoulda used her words and just come out and asked Jen for her keys rather than trying to grand stand for all these other women who are not trying to shield her from the fall-0ut!

872 days ago


Jennifer your a class act. You should sue the producers shaunie and all them crazy bitches. Tammie you and evelyn need to dig a ditch and cover yourselfs with dirt. Why put nice classes women with ghetto sluts and bullies. They wouldnt pull that **** with women that will fight back. Shaunie casts ghetto to ghetto. Tammie and Evelyn ain't ****...they need a beat down. Shaunie, your pathetic and have set black people back. Jennifer, stay classey

871 days ago

b. washington    

How in the hell are the producers going to let Jennifer go and not the other trashy ass women ( Tami, Suzie, EVELYN and SHAUNIE). Jennifer at least has some class about herself, but EVELYN is an sports player hooker, Tami is an alcoholic with mental problems, Suzie is Non Factor hooker and Shaunie is an instigator that exploits her friends for a dollar. Royce and Jennifer were the classy women with brains on the show.

871 days ago


Shawnie….why in the world do you support Evelyn and Tammie who are straight up “BULLIES” and the worst examples on TV for kids, African American women, Women, Men or anyone who thinks black women are “heathens” (Yes, Tammie and Evelyn look up the word or use a dictionary for once in your life) !!!!!! Yes, I saw part 1 of the reunion and Evelyn and Tammie’s SORRY excuse apologies. Tammie is a straight up BULLY and always communicates like her errors are correct as long as she apologizes for her stupid bulling errors. Tammie can “say anything” about anyone including you Shawnie but you continue to kiss her backside. The front door should be shut on Tammie and Evelyn then the key put the garbage disposal. Tammie thinks ALL PERSONS should kiss her backside, so I wonder if there was someone as big or bigger than her what would be her response? I bet she would not be aggressive with Joan Rivers, Mom Wives or anyone who is bigger than her!!!!! SHE IS A BULLY who needs to experience being bullied!!!!!
Evelyn SHOULD BE SUED!!!!! I would sue the HECK OUT OF EVELYN IF SHE PUT HER HANDS ON ME!!!. This is not HIGH SCHOOL! Stop trying to make Evelyn and Tammie’s WRONGS a right Shawnie!!! If you don’t get this under control, you will be dealing with this same issue with your own family! Tammie and Evelyn need the cash so she will say and do anything to stay on the show including, as usual as always, making herself right in her own eyes with Shawnie’s support!!!! Evelyn along with Tammie are UNEDUCATED FOOLS with a behind that men like until it goes south!
Shawnie, I think you know better but you just don’t know how to make better friends. Royce is the person and the new girls are the examples you want to display on TV. But the light has nothing to do with the dark, so Tammie and Evelyn cannot understand the good or responsibility they have to the fans on the show or “THE RESPONSIBILITES OF THEIR ACTIONS ON THE SHOW“!
Tammie could not take honest constructive criticism, even though she says she can, if it were from the man upstairs. And that comment that as long as someone has not died then there is no need to sue! If that is the case, you all would still be married! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

871 days ago


i stopped watching this showing when they starting acting disgraceful!!! its awful how these grown women act. BUT THE ONLY REAL WAY TO STOP THIS IS EVERYBODY NEEDS TO STOP WATCHING!!
and yes Jennifer and whomever else should sue when you put your hands on another grown person!!!

870 days ago
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