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'Basketball Wives' Producers

Jennifer Williams' Suit Is a

HUGE Slap in Our Face

4/22/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Williams
' "face-slap" lawsuit is the giant shovel digging her reality TV grave ... TMZ has learned ... 'cause we're told "Basketball Wives" producers are PISSED!

Sources close to production tell TMZ ... Williams was already on thin ice with the show -- even before her slaptastic showdown with Nia Crooks -- but now that she has filed a lawsuit ... that ice is breaking FAST.

We're told producers think the suit is BS ... claiming Jennifer never had a problem with fighting before and insist this is a desperate publicity stunt to keep her storyline interesting -- securing her a place in season 5.

But a source tells us the stunt is not working, adding, "Filing broad lawsuits when you are as much to blame for the drama, is not the way to get your contract extended."

Ouch ... now that's gotta sting.


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I am so glad Jennifer filed the law suit, just disappointed she didn't file assault charges. This show sets a very bad example for young teen girls. Children are already bullies and this show for some justify this bad behavior. I started watching the show the first season, but had to give it up. Cannot take the ignorance, really gives black women a bad name. Go Jennifer, at least you can leave with dignity.

892 days ago


She'll end up suing them for some contract dispute...they will settle.

892 days ago


a desperate publicity stunt? someone comes over and smacks her hard in the face?

892 days ago


She is a jerk as anybody who watches the show. I am happy to say I have never watch....

892 days ago


I am totally on Jennifer side with this lawsuit. I think alot of ladies behave like animals. All the fighting and bickering is so old. Truly, I am totally disappointing in the direction of the show now. There is nothing positive about this show and it only teaches kids that bullying is okay. I do want to say there are a few ladies on the how that act classy, and Jennifer is one of them. Everybody should be able to defend themselves. I dont think BBW Producers would have anything to say if Jennifer had gotten hurt, or Nia. Go Jennifer sue Nia ghetto ass. We all know Evelyn was behind it all anyway. And if you ask me, Kenya should have sued Evelyn for throwing that bottle at her.

891 days ago


What VH1 needs to realize is that they can not dictate the law. It is against the law - regardless of a contract - to batter and hurt someone. VH1 should be ashamed of themselves for encouraging this conduct . . .

891 days ago


If one of their ex-basketball husbands or ex-basketball boyfriends would have hit them on National TV on that show, you can guarantee that all of these opportunistic rabid animals on this show would sue if a guy hit them, yet they think it is okay to batter another woman, another cast-mate just because she will not conform to their rabid animal behaviors?

Shaunee is sick for promoting any of this or encouraging it and any of the cast and VH1 is sick for participating.

This is not how ladies act, it is bullying and some of these women have teenagers and children yet act like this? What kind of message does that send their children or other teens watching this show?

Not okay behavior and assaulting, hitting, abusing, battering someone is against the law. That Nia person was someone set up by Evelyn and Tami and Shaunee, they have all been targetting Jen for awhile now and since Jen's lawyer sent them all a legal warning, they lined up someone who was not a cast member and who did not receive the legal warning to target Jen.

Mentally ill woman behaving very badly.

891 days ago


wasn't she in the HBO show " pimps up , ho's down " ?

891 days ago


Hopefully, that lawsuit will ruin that trashy show. Notice how NONE of those skanks are still married to b'ball players????

891 days ago


what were they expecting...get gold digging money grubbers on a is bound to sue because they are gold diggers

891 days ago


Shaunee should be ashamed condoning those girls to go after Jennifer. Not a good example for her children. I think she is afraid of Evelyn that is why she is taking their side. Evelyn is making your show look like trash!!!

891 days ago


If Basketball Wives kick Jennifer off I will no longer watch the show.... Eve is horrible the bitch is crazy and need to get her **** together stop being fake cuz that front u put on anybody can put on, ur nothing really nothing ur wack as hell. I already want to stop watching the show bcuz its too much unneccessary drama but the only reason I stay watching it is becuz jennifer is still on there... That show better think again... Shaunie and tami yall are soooooooo behind fake its not even funny. all both are two sad case of a woman a mother and a friend just fake smh. Shaunie ur wrong as hell and u know u are.... But guess what Ladies since yall seem to have forgot... KARMA IS A BITCH!!!!!

891 days ago


time to take out da gaaaarrrrrbaaaage

891 days ago


I agree with Shanee. No way on GOD Green Earth will you let someone slap you and get away with it. I beleive that chick slapped Jen for Evelyn. They all need to be a shame of themselves. Acting like little girls in the 4th grade. SHAME, SHAME, DARN SHAME LADIES. GROW UP !

891 days ago


Sue her a**, who is Nia or Nai????

891 days ago
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