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'Basketball Wives' Producers

Jennifer Williams' Suit Is a

HUGE Slap in Our Face

4/22/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Williams
' "face-slap" lawsuit is the giant shovel digging her reality TV grave ... TMZ has learned ... 'cause we're told "Basketball Wives" producers are PISSED!

Sources close to production tell TMZ ... Williams was already on thin ice with the show -- even before her slaptastic showdown with Nia Crooks -- but now that she has filed a lawsuit ... that ice is breaking FAST.

We're told producers think the suit is BS ... claiming Jennifer never had a problem with fighting before and insist this is a desperate publicity stunt to keep her storyline interesting -- securing her a place in season 5.

But a source tells us the stunt is not working, adding, "Filing broad lawsuits when you are as much to blame for the drama, is not the way to get your contract extended."

Ouch ... now that's gotta sting.


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Of course the producer Shaunie, ahem producers….would be pissed at Jennifer. NIa, nor Evelyn sure as hell don't have the money for a lawsuit, so yes it will be coming out of the one who pays them both…..SHAUNIE!!! She and the other producers want to keep this immature cat fighting between these supposed grown women for their financial gain….BUT THE VIEWERS are starting to wise up and get tired of it. You can best believe MANY are on Jennifer's side and if she's axed because of this….IT'S BYE BYE BASKETBALL WIVES, many of us will thank Jennifer for ending this trifling excuse for a reality show. PLEASE not another season of this f***ery!!

911 days ago


I dont think its a publicity stunt...i think evelyn and Nia are jealous..evelyn needs to ask her self what sh is really mad about and stop all the hype because she didnt to any of that with tammy and Nia is just trying to fit it...Jen has too much class to fight but someone needs to whoop evelyns ass so everyone can see she is not so tough.

911 days ago


I think she should have slapped her. Jennifer is commended for being a lady. I hope she is sucessful w/suit. It is too bad Shaunie and Tamie cannot see Evelyn and her gutter rat family and friends are ruining the show. Women this age street fighting is damn getto.

911 days ago


Am I to understand that the Producers of this show as pissed that a person would do the right thing? Are you kidding me? Where's the "reality" in that? If you're assaulted, if you're on a Reality Show you're not supposed to take any action when you're bullied or smacked around? So who's writing the script ... If Jenn's axed, BBW should be cancelled? Why because if it was a real reality show, Jennifer's actions would be REALITY.

911 days ago

lillie hicks    

I don't care how bougie Jennifer is, nobody has the rite to put their hands on another person, especially a slap in the face & over a damn key? Come on, that don't even sound rite. If Jenny is trying to secure her role in season 5 she's not doing no more than that ghetto Louboutin wearing Evelyn & the rest of backstabbers. Jennifer would be a fool if she drop the charges. Shaunie & the rest of the producers don't give a damn if blood is drawn, all they see is $$$$ signs. Evelyn miserable as hell, Tami got some serious issues she need to address (dint know how on the hell she's giving advice in the S2S magazine), Susie a damn drunk & a sex freak (lawd, I be glad when she find a man to shut that damn mouth) oh, Evelyn need to stop talking sh*t knowing damn well her old ass cant kill a bug, always pretending like someone holding her back, Chile please if she really want tap somebody cldnt nobody hold her (fake ass). Jennifer press charges, forget that show. Evelyn sit your skinny ass down & continue to take STD test cus your stank ass been in every sports player bed except golf.. WATCH OUT TIGER WOODS, UR NEXT ON HER HIT LIST....LOLOL!!!!!!!!

911 days ago


I think Jennifer Williams of basketball wives is a just a wanna be high class from the ghetto. Eric gooown girl you will be back in the ghetto soon. who will you live with then. You burned your bridge with Nia. I am sure there are homeless shelters that will take you in they kick you ass off the show.

911 days ago


I think Jennifer should have filed charges, you don't want to get hit back don't pass licks. I think Jenn have been very professional during this season and no one knows what she maybe going through. Evelyn (woof) she starts alot of mess, I see she's a drama queen and may have some psychological problems included with alcohol. Shawnee, if she's the producer, she need to tell Evelyn to grow up. If this man is watching that Evelyn claim she's marrying, I hope he see what he's getting. (NOTHING)

911 days ago



911 days ago


Evelyn only does that with people that dont fight back.. She didnt try it with Royce.. when she got all up n royce face and royce barked back she bowed down and she def didnt try it with tammi... And this otha lil hooker is only a Evelyn wanna b...... Im like jen she hungry and she thinks this is a way to secure her a spot on the show..

911 days ago


Good for Jennifer, bullies come in all ages, sizes, colors. America is on a campaign to speak out against bullying and this Nia person needs to be held accountable for her actions. She is low class. Shaunie, Evelyn and Tammi I have no respect for any of them, all three instigate and perpetuate bullying. For all those against bullying, stand up and voice your thoughts and opinions to VH1.

911 days ago


Are u kidding me? Where they do that at, get assaulted and about to be fired for seeking justice, REALLY. Well if she loses her spot on the show because of pleading for justice, that should be another lawsuit against the show. I guess they just want the animals to run wild and nothing to be done about it. GETYOURLIVES BBW'S

911 days ago


If what you wrote is true, it does not say much for the show. Who the hell wants to get slapped and why would Jennifer be partly responsible. I can talk as much as I'd like, as with any other person, but its a another story when you physical attack. I think Jennifer is correct is filing a law suit.

911 days ago


kick the non fighters off the show that will make it interesting :) jus sayn.

911 days ago


Thats BS!!! These women are grown. Everytime a few of theses women are highly upset they resort to violence. However this comment about Jennifer had no problem fighting. Please show me the footage. I have never seen her start a physical altercation. Hell she should just have her on damn show. "The Classy Wives".

911 days ago


I agree jen has the right to sue .. but she was a main shiz starter n bout to fight n egged eve on to fight now that she not big n bold bc she lost her muscle aka eve she punkin up .. So yes it is two faced but still her legal right !! .. but jen doesnt get her money from her her divorce is gonna give her a nice piece of change plus she comes from a family with money n she OWNS flirty girl fitness ...

911 days ago
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