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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Spicing Things Up

4/22/2012 2:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West enjoyed a dinner out
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West enjoyed a dinner out with Kim's family last night, hitting up the popular restaurant Spice Market in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan.

As TMZ first reported, Kanye's version of Meet the Parents went well ... with the Kardashian clan thinking the two made a great couple


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Kayne needs to hire somoene in charge of his hy- gine and kims so that they can stop going out pradeing for the cameras while they are visably dirty. Kayen with his neck dirt and Kim with her open psories sorores. Kris is going to spena kayne to come to court to find out how long he has been hooking up with his wife. How embarssing that ki mis pardeing around with most hated nastyest black guy Prs.obma himself called kayne a jack ass.
cant wiate to see ktrash ruin dirty neck kayne.
Lamar went to a nutt house to get his head striat from being ruiend by ktrash and the doctor siad he cant do anything for him until he gets away from k trash.'
Kayne you have to warsh all the way around your neck just not the front we see you tried. Just as kim well allwys be a dirty bird so well you. dirty *****s just wont come clean just like dirty whores never realy come clean!!

858 days ago


of course Kris jenner wants to meet him sheis seeing dollar signs
in Kyanes career. After how she toaly ripped off kris humpries all the money he made while she manged him and then how kris ruied lamar. I dought any other guys would be stupied enough to let Kris Rippoff Jenner manage them.Now Kris is even wanting lamr to cry about his troubles for the cameras enteast of careing about the cries he is going threw. wicht showed lamar
that K trash thinkd nothingof himother than the money he can make themby him being on the show. Ktrash is all programed not to care about peoles feelings and just focus on thier money.
Kayne even warshed the front of his neck but didnt warsh the back of his neck is still stained with black mans dirt and sweat. congragated dirt on kayne. Those two are just dirty toghter.Kayne doesnt love kim but he loves the camreas there and the pr. kim is delusional.. Take shower kayen your neck is still showing the dirt!

858 days ago


For the love of human existence, please stop giving this woman publicity. Can't you see 99% of the comments can't STAND or COMPLAIN about her?

858 days ago


They're not together. And how pathetic is she to pretend to have a boyfriend because no one wants to be with her.

858 days ago


Kim's just trying to hook up with Kanye so she can live & be like Beyonce.....

858 days ago


why make people relevent how they sign their life to the devil, everyone know kanye is with illuminati and you need to google so everyone will quit listen to his and jayz and other music and the kardashian

858 days ago


we need to start praying for their lost souls being signed his blood to illuminati contract

858 days ago


Can't stand either, its ok if she likes fellows of color because no other race wants her unless they put on a full-body condom and straps a 2x4 to their azz so they don't fall in.

858 days ago


I expect the Kardashian love affair with E-Online but now you too TMZ? Stop favoring this skank!!!!

858 days ago


Thats the problem with whores no matter how many showers they take ther v-jay still stinks from all the men they have been with the old rotton cuuuummm smell never warshs out its comming out her pours and smelling.
KIm realy thought she was going to be mayor of gelandale and kayne would be first negeer.
now kims team well come out and say we knew kim for mayor was a joke but realy they feel stupied cuz they were allready packing to move to glendale. hahah kims ego takes another hit.
Kayne says look at me Im a dirty broke black man and im eatting lunch with ktrash. K trash well ascoite themselfs with anyone they think well get their broke down whore kim a chance in the spot light. Kaynes fashion line is on Boycott,

858 days ago


If kaynes neck is this dirty think of how dirty his other parts are. Yikess,,,all his supoosed money and he is still just a dirty black man with no morals.
as long as he pisss on her and films it she is happy!

858 days ago

El Gato    


TMZ - Viewer overdoses on caustic Kardashian non-news, throws up in mouth and deletes TMZ account and bookmark!

858 days ago


It wouldn't be a stretch to like someone more than that BOOB she married last year. Up your game, Kim!! Haven't you learned anything?

858 days ago


World exclusive:

KIm and kayne west ate luch then protesters tossed black mans pee on kim and kayne. Kim was delighted and licked it off
both herself and kayne.

858 days ago


They went out to dinner?


858 days ago
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