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Lane Garrison

I Didn't Hurt My Ex-Girlfriend

4/23/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lane Garrison
says he did NOT hurt his ex-girlfriend Saturday afternoon ... but he's spending the night in jail because he's on a parole hold.

Garrison's lawyer, Harland Braun, just met with Garrison at the Beverly Hills jail. Braun says Garrison and GF Ashley Mattingly had broken up, but Garrison made a bad decision -- he went to her Beverly Hills apartment building to dog sit for his acting coach, who lives on the 3rd floor.

Garrison left the apartment unit and went downstairs to leave, but ran into Ashley in the lobby. Braun says Garrison told him ... the two began arguing about the failed relationship, and Ashley started screaming and threw Lane's cell phone against the wall. Braun says Lane then put his hands on Ashley's shoulders, put her in a chair, and then left. Lane says he did not harm Ashley.

Now get this. Lane -- who did prison time for crashing a car that killed a high school student -- is 6 days away from ending his parole. Braun says Ashley knew this and it could be her motivation for getting Lane arrested.

Braun says Ashley's injuries could have been self-inflicted.

The stakes are high for Lane. He was arrested for felony domestic violence and if the case sticks ... he could go back to prison in the manslaughter case as well as the domestic violence case.

Lane says he wants to stay in jail tonight so he can speak with detectives as soon as they come in Monday AM.


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Blue Lake    

He got a second chance which he didn't deserve. And he threw it away. Hanging out with tramps and keeping up this illusion of being a victim is not suitable rehabilitation for this low-life. Put him back in prison.

877 days ago


Regardless of the fact that he did or did not hurt her - he is a dumbass for going anywhere near that girl. She is bad news all around . . .

877 days ago


He probably can't make bail.

877 days ago


what a rotten person that girl is lane with just a few days to go and this no good idiot is doing this to him the pictures of her really loos she has been beat up. go suck you B----

877 days ago


The abuser always tries to blame the abused/victim. An abuser always tries to spin it and try to say that the one they victimized is the abusive one.

Why did he run and hide when she called police? (guilt?)

Why did he even confront or talk to her, he is responsible for him!

He chose to talk to her, he chose to put his hands on her, he CHOSE this.

If he lacks impulse control then he should get therapy for it but you never put your hands on anyone else and he has no right to "sit her down" or try to restrain or control her, PERIOD!

Abuse is abuse, and you just do not have a right to put your hands on another person.

Until he owns his behavior he will never get better, him and his lawyer are deflecting on to her, to try to take the heat off of him. Typical of an abuser.

877 days ago


I remember when the Chris Brown incident happened and Harvey stated that Lanes' situation was different because he did'nt mean to do it, even though he was high and killed someone. I wonder what he has to say now.

877 days ago


Lane obviously doesn't know that you can't turn a ho into a housewife. He's becoming the male version of Lindsay Lohan.

877 days ago


"Lane says he wants to stay in jail tonight so he can speak with detectives as soon as they come in Monday AM." ...beeeeecause if he doesn't spend the night in jail, he will NEVER get to talk to the detectives first thing as he will surely be too hung-over.

877 days ago


What a PRICK! Back to PRISON you go...CHUMP!

877 days ago


Well here is the good part. The Building she lives in has cameras everywhere. I'm hoping that the TRUTH COMES OUT!

TRUTH: If he wasn't guilty.... Why did he run to his silver merc and flee from the scene! I know because it was my friend who broke it up and chased him down.

I do think girls can be Drama, But physical abuse should never be tolerated.


877 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Yea sure, LIAR! The video tells the truth! And here's MORE truth: YOU SUCK!

877 days ago


Sure you guys at TMZ know all the laws here violated.
Laying in wait, kidnapping(refusing her a clear path to get away from him)felony assault, and probably some more, damage to her phone is probably 400 bucks. He is an idiot and he did do this, he stalked her, he hit hit......

877 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i wonder if that attorney makes monkey noises on command, too...

876 days ago
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