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Deion Sanders

My Wife Jumped Me ...

'Now 'I'm Pressing Charges!'

4/23/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Deion Sanders' nuclear divorce has gone to DEFCON 2 because he just called police after his estranged wife allegedly jumped him ... and now he wants her locked up.

TMZ has learned there is a police car and a fire truck outside Deion's home in suburban Dallas. We spoke with Deion ... who told us Pilar Sanders was transported to the hospital after claiming she needed medical attention.

Deion tells us he was in his bedroom when Pilar busted in with a friend and began "kicking, biting, and scratching" him in front of his sons. He says he merely defended himself until he was able to call police.

Moments after the alleged attack ... Deion tweeted, "Pray for me and my kids now! They just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room. She's going to jail n I'm pressing charges!"

He continued ... "I'm sad my boys witnessed this mess but I warned the police department here that she was gone try n harm me and my boys."

Deion also tweeted a photo of himself and his boys as he filled out a police report.

Pilar was arrested after the incident -- and we got her mug shot.

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Smart move. Called the cops. It's tempting to hit an abusive woman back. But we live in a very anti-male society.
Men are held accountable beyond anything reasonable, while women are excused to such extremes they can murder their children, then go home free.
If you as a man hit a woman back, you will be arrested, go to jail, be written up in newspapers, internet sites, judged by society.
Lose your savings to alimony, lose your home, and worse, risk losing custody of your kids.
By Deion not hitting back, then calling police, and going public etc, he's just freed himself completely of any negative legal repercussions.

891 days ago


She couldn't have been that out of control if he could take a break to tweet. They are both handling this and badly as possible. Poor (clearly being exploited) kids.

891 days ago


I have several issues here:

- Firstly, now since this guy is always petitioning prayers for folks, shouldn't he exercise his Christianity [I'm assuming] and FORGIVE HIS enemies and your ex's
- Secondly, he acts like a bitch---going on the www and berating a person, that's not Christianity like.
- Yes, I think the bitch is pissed to high heaven that she's not going to get that lotto jackpot she was hoping to pry from his cheap ass, and now she's gone haywire... but I also know that there was in all likelihood some drama that preceded her attack. So if you're going to tweet and be religious, then confess your sins too.
- Thirdly, if I recall, the pathetic TMZ junkie that I am, that Dion guy is considering opening up a school [AND REALITY SHOW] to MENTOR young men. Now, really, do you really think you're a role model. PLUS, you can't write---I realize he's tweeting, but I honestly believe he thinks, "was gone try n harm me" is "was going [or gonna] [n] to harm me". Another college sports scholarship graduate.

891 days ago


Deion Sanders what an ass he turned out to be. Pretending for years to be Christian husband and family man but acting like the douche he is. Having the kids mother arrested is really showing your sons an example of your manhood. A REAL man would have handled it differently and the ones agreeing with Deion behavior shows they are boys masquerading as men also.If she was wrong so was he.

891 days ago


Stay off Twiiter! Take care of your kids and handle your business D. The Tweet bots can't save you from crazy heaux.

891 days ago

Mason H    

I'm glad he stood up for himself. I'm tired of reverse sexism. Physical abuse is physical abuse and should be punished appropriate regardless of the persons sex. Many times when the woman is the aggressor she's actually more aggressive, uses more force and weapons simply because she knows she's attacking someone that is by nature stronger than her, yet 9 out of 10 times when the police are involved the man is arrested. Even TMZ is guilty of reverse sexism, when they have footage of a woman hitting a man everyone's like "oh, ouch, hahahaha, next story" but when a man hits a woman they suddenly get super pc and talk about how terrible it is. Violence is violence, instead of being so PC, how about everyone tries to be fair for a change?

891 days ago


Can't turn a ex stripper whore into a Christian house wife. Be careful of the stripper you make it RAIN on!

891 days ago


Those poor kids... forced to grow up and become angry drama queens with short tempers (just like their parents)... How about teaching your children to be mature, upstanding adults by settling this divorce and moving on with your lives with a little DIGNITY left!

891 days ago


Lock that bitch up and throw away the key!!!!!!!!

891 days ago


Deion, you need to grow up. Your wife's heart is obviously broken and she is acting out. You two need Godly counsel and all of this mess can be resolved. But you won't get it sitting under that gold-digging pastor of yours.

891 days ago


It is sad Deion your a Black Man Scorned. You've been CHEATING on Pilar and got BUSTED. I hope she takes you for everything. Thanks for calling TMZ again. You gonna call K104 tomorrow? Such a LOSER!

891 days ago


He needs to do***ent as much as possible. We all know that the judges lean towards the mothers in custody cases and in divorce judgements even if and when they don't deserve one cent. This woman is plain out of her mind and very manipulative, so Deion has every right to tweet about this. Especially when she goes all ape crazy on him in front of the kids. Just cause she is pretty doesn't mean that she isn't crazy! She needs to go to jail for sure. Good luck Deion and power to you and all the responsible loving Dads out there!

891 days ago

miss lady    

Like the other people said... why he is so mad that the boys witness all of this but then he take a pictures with them?

891 days ago


Really?? You're going to tweet this of all things?? Moron, why bring your boys more into this then they already are?? snap a pic and air your dirty laundry like a kardashian. Leave the world out of it and handle it like a real man...."famous" people are so stupid and desperate.

891 days ago


What a narcissist he is, this is just a nuclear divorce and he just does not want to pony up his money. I am not saying, if she did this that it is right. But I believe there is some major manipulation going on in this situation. For him to tweet this photo, says it all and just proves that the children DO NOT COME FIRST. They should both be ashamed of themselves!!

891 days ago
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