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Jennifer Hudson Testimony

Power Move in Murder Trial

4/23/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jennifer Hudson's emotional testimony could be the prosecution's trump card -- so why play it on day one of the murder trial? We explain how the surprise move could sway the jury ... for good ... against the man accused of killing Jennifer's family.

Plus, former Playmate Ashley Mattingly joined us to talk about her ex-bf, Lane Garrison's arrest for domestic violence -- and to break down the surveillance video that could land him back in prison.

Also, photo proof George Clooney's totally settling down with Stacy Keibler ... for now. TMZLive-Download-Podcast-Graphic

(0:00) Lane Garrison is in big trouble -- security cameras caught him roughing up his ex-girlfriend.
(5:02) Lane's ex is on the phone -- she tells us what the cameras didn't catch ... and shocks everyone by saying Lane STILL drinks and drives.
(10:15) Jennifer Hudson took the stand today against the guy who alleged killed her family members.
(15:18) Kanye and Kim -- adorkable or adouchey?
(18:55) Katy Perry -- caught smooching a new man.
(21:30) George Clooney went grocery shopping with Stacey ... sort of. Has he finally been domesticated?
(24:51) Great news -- Giuliana Rancic is having a kid!
(27:43) Cesar Millan's divorce taught us one major thing ... dog whispering is where the money's at.
(32:30) Dick Clark's cause of death.
(35:10) Jen Aniston's wedding mystery.
(37:29) The real estate age divide in Hollywood.


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boycott tmz / toofab oh also Kim
So tired of Harvey kissing the ass to get a pay check from this BIG ASS HO PORN STAR/

875 days ago


Regarding Kim K KW earrings:

We are all dummies.

That earring is not for Kanye West...


Kim Wins...

All in our faces...

She got us all typing and looking...

Probably made those earrings long before Kanye West...

Or she thought of it when seeing his KW earrings...

Clever on her part or clever on my part?

That is how I am seeing it...

875 days ago


Harvey :

How come TMZ have not addressed the fact that the LA County Sheriffs Dept. has
received the video from the Standard, clearly showing that Lindsay Lohan was indeed
there the night of the attack, even though the liar said she was "home".

You should expose her for the lying woman she is. The public wants to know

875 days ago


"Plus, is Jennifer Aniston getting ready to walk down the aisle ... in the Greek Isles? We've got details straight from our spies at the luxury resort that could be hosting the event."

Well, whoever they are, they just lost their potential client for blabbing and leaking the info! Right?!

875 days ago


Lane Garrison is headed to F*** me in the A** prison, again.

875 days ago

Jay W.     

Ashley is his ex-girlfriend, key prefix "EX." The fact the guy waited on the steps and then ran through the security gate to the parking garage is creepy enough. Guys a douche bag.

875 days ago


I think I saw her strike him first...try watching the very start of the slapping on slow motion TMZ

875 days ago


when will a real news person do a story about how TMZ take money for stories. There should be an investigated like the game show and radio had in the old days. Something in wrong when they keep pushing the porn family Ktrash on us everyday

875 days ago


Ok, so if you only have 5 or 6 more days of parole left and you violate that parole, nothing happens to you? Why? He is still on parole. The last 5 or 6 more days doesn't count?

875 days ago

who dat    

Lane Garrison and his gf are both looozers. It's no wonder they found each other.

875 days ago

go home!    

We can certainly tell that she "drinks her wine"...sounds like it was right before this interview actually.

875 days ago


Stop reporting on Kim Kardashian.

875 days ago


Mike Walters: The Kim K a$$ ki$$er

875 days ago


Isn't she now DisIllusion?

875 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

On May 21, 2007, Garrison, age 27, pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter and drunken driving for a December 2, 2006 crash that killed 17-year-old Beverly Hills High School student Vahagn Setian, a passenger in his car. Two 15-year-old girls were also injured in the crash.
Garrison was allegedly at a party given and attended by high schoolers and was going out to buy more alcohol when his 2001 Land Rover jumped a curb at about 50 mph and hit a tree, according to authorities. He initially stated that he was just giving the minors a ride home from the high school party he was attending, but other people at the party claim he left because they ran out of alcohol. Police said Garrison had a blood-alcohol level of .20 percent, as well as cocaine in his system, although his charges only indicate that his blood-alcohol level was above .15 percent.
He was charged with felony vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, felony driving under the influence causing injury to multiple victims, felony driving with a blood-alcohol level above the .08 percent legal limit causing injury, and a misdemeanor count of furnishing alcohol to a minor. Defense attorneys also looked into whether a possible brake defect may have contributed to the accident.[2]
Garrison pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter, drunken driving, and providing alcohol to a minor, and faced up to six years, eight months in prison.[3] He underwent a mandatory 90-day "diagnostic" evaluation by parole officers and psychologists in a prison before returning for an appearance before a Superior Court Judge for sentencing.[4] During the initial psychological evaluation, Garrison made many remarks about not being at fault, but since then, Garrison has made several statements allegedly accepting responsibility for the accident.

This guy didn't even serve two years for killing a minor while he was drunk driving. Now he beats up a woman and people are afraid he's going back to jail? I SAY GOOD!

875 days ago
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