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Deion Sanders

Cited for Assault

in Fight with Wife

4/24/2012 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Deion Sanders
shares some of the blame for the fight with his estranged wife Pilar Sanders ... according to police who have cited the NFL Hall of Famer for assault.

Cops in Prosper, Texas investigated the altercation that went down Monday at Deion's home ... and decided to give him a ticket for misdemeanor simple assault.

As TMZ first reported, Pilar was arrested a few hours after the incident ... in which Deion claims she and a friend jumped him. Pilar didn't get off as easy as Deion -- she was arrested and posed for a mug shot ... albeit a pretty glamorous one.

Pilar was booked for a misdemeanor ... "assault family violence."

A police spokesman said Deion's ticket carries a fine of up to $500.

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910 days ago


This POS had the nerve to have his CHILDREN file complaints against Pilar and then tweeted the photos of them. He's as low-life as they come. I guess he thought if he got the first strike, he'd be off the hook. Ha, ha Peeon.

910 days ago


I am a female, so I'm not sexist, but this is what I have to say about this.... Females are always talking about equal rights and being treated the same as males... well, if you want to punch and throw fists at a man, he should be able to defend himself. If a female punches a guy in the face... why can't he defend himself. If he even lifts his arm to block her hand, she can say that he hit her and HE gets arrested. I say this cause it's happened to a friend a mine. He was a great guy who got involved with the wrong broad. She called herself "beating him up" one day so he PUSHED her ass off of him and called the cops... HE GOT ARRESTED for assault because he pushed her. She got NOTHING even though he was bloody from her punching him in the face. WTF is that about. Ladies, you want equality? Don't swing unless you can take it too.

910 days ago


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910 days ago


Keep your personal bullsh** off my tv. I could care less about you 2 IDIOTS!!!

909 days ago


Seriously, one of them has to leave, it is getting to the point where one of them is going to get hurt really bad. Domestic violence has the most potential to be dangerous!!

909 days ago


hey deion i here dez no longer wants to associate with you

909 days ago


This POS had the nerve to have his CHILDREN file complaints against Pilar and then tweeted the photos of them. He's as low-life as they come. I guess he thought if he got the first strike, he'd be off the hook. Ha, ha Peeon.

909 days ago



909 days ago


women don't put your hands on the man if you don't want to be hit back.

909 days ago

as I was sayin    

Pilar is simply beautiful and he is well...what about dem Lakers...oh back to my story it's like she is so beautiful she could get a better man and the kids well where is child abuse agencies,has anyone at all called them to intervene in this situation, having the kids demean their mom is mental abuse,kids should not have to go through this. Anytime there is a fight and kids are around is a child abuse case.

909 days ago


Sounds like he got favoritism......sounds wrong to me...I bet heis more to blame than she is......he is so arrogant.........

909 days ago


Wow. Each claims to have their kids best interest at heart, yet they refuse to live apart & are constantly in front of cameras & social media with insane accusations. Rich people problems.

909 days ago


why is everyone calling pilar physco,the only one crazy in their family is deion,must we forget he tried to run his car off a canyon and kill himselve,when did they say pilar tried to kill herself so get you facts straight on whos crazy

909 days ago

Samuel Pratt    

Deion!!!! What a shame on you. That goes also for any of you pin heads who beat, argue, slap, and quarrel with a woman. Do you know how many years the Devil and his advocates have tried to publicly humiliate me, trigger me, bait me, due to controversies from my wife? So I can do something STUPID and then they draw their CONCLUSION. See I told you so. It is 30 years now. I have NOT given in to that crap. But I found out that a LOT Brothers fall for this scheme. It does not matter what she says, does, splits, throws, jumps me, NOTHING!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING she does will arouse me to anger. You just DON'T. Simply because you get ALWAYS get the black eye in the END.

909 days ago
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