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Dennis Rodman

A Wanted Man ...

No Kiddin'

4/24/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops are on the hunt for Dennis Rodman ... we've learned he's about to be arrested for failing to pay child support.

Rodman owes $179,000 in back child support. An even bigger problem for the worm is that he owes the dough in Florida, which jails deadbeat dads.

After police hook Rodman up, he can bail out for $4,949.95 -- or he can stay in jail and buy a flat screen.

By the way, Rodman is also a wanted man because he failed to show up for his last child support hearing.

Rodman's longtime lawyers, Bradford Cohen and Vanessa Prieto, tell TMZ ... they'll walk Dennis into court this AM to "clear it all up." The lawyers say Dennis was never properly served with legal papers, so he had no idea there was a hearing. As for not paying his child support ... we'll see what the lawyers say about that.

One final thing. There's another pesky child support matter hanging over Dennis' head. He owes more than $800,000 in back child support to his ex-wife, Michelle Rodman. Dennis says he can't afford to pay the tab.

9:30 AM PT: Dennis Rodman is no longer a wanted man in Florida -- his arrest warrant has just been REVOKED.

Rodman and his lawyer showed up to court this morning in Broward County -- and we're told Rodman explained he's currently in the process of fighting the $179,000 child support order that triggered the warrant, so the judge agreed to dismiss it.


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No Avatar

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

All that partying you could've hired one of those LuLz fellas or maybe even an Anonymous to clear that isht right up for less of what you owe.

920 days ago


OMG!! Say it ain't so!! You mean there was a woman desperate enough to lay with Rodman, too stupid to use birth control,(Rodman probably has disease that would dry up bleach) and now there is an extension of Rodman's cosmetically challenged DNA?? I am now in the prayer position begging the cosmos that the kid looks like its desperate mother!!!

Jail means nothing to Rodman, he would party and find more of his own there to hang out with. The state should just garnish his accounts and be done with it.

920 days ago

ranell shea    

I just saw him yesterday...they must not be looking very hard.

920 days ago

Bwoy dem    


920 days ago


He doesn't care, he thumbs his nose up at the law. He eats at all the most expensive restaurants and struts about living life like he owns the planet and he cant pay? Maybe he should be living in a bachelor pad in a rough neighborhood, eat KD and pay his damn support. It's not rocket science to see that the guy is full of it. This is a slam dunk. Judge should make him work at Mc D's and make his sorry a$$ pay. I agree with other poster, can't be looking to hard for him. His nickname is WORM and we always know he is in a hole somewhere... he has a couple of kids after all. Shout out to Dennis Rodman... ummm your wanted in jail. Next person to see him... make a citizens arrest will ya!

920 days ago


Jails dead beat dad's? My baby momma hasn't paid me crap in 4 years but the cops ain't knocking on her door. trash a$$ laws

920 days ago


Rodman has serious issues, needs help and must be willing to accept it.

920 days ago

john wayne gacy    

so typical of a black athlete;

disgrace rotman made less than $30 million dollars in his basketball
career & possibly another $10 million being a celebrity guinea pig.

after LAM, lawyers, agents, managers and taxes, he made about 40
cents on the dollar, less than $20 million, over a span of 20 years.

living large way beyond their means, with multiple children to
support, no wonder these dregs become an embarrassment.

there is no way he could possibly pay for his
mistakes/children or even try to get a real job ....

920 days ago

Throwback kid    

He doesn't have time to pay child support, this 50 year old man is too busy dressing like a teenager from 1997 with all that out of style Ed Hardy garbage and hanging out at bars making a fool of himself so he can get the attention he is addicted to

920 days ago

Tigers Wood    

This knee grow cracks me up, they should lock him up real good and cut off his peaness (worm).

920 days ago


Well I surely wouldn't beleive everything about Florida arresting deadbeat dads!! My daughter lives here in Fl. and so does the deadbeat dad that hasn't pd a dime in Child Support to her for 4 years!!! They have been to court so many tmes and they never do a thing to him, he won't work, doesn't have a DL, no car, lives off his girlfriend and always is wearing new clothes!!! Good thing she depends on herself to raise her daughter whom is now 5!! So I think Rodman is pretty safe!

920 days ago

Calvin Miller    

It appears that women were hunting Dennis especially when thwy were in their peak period for getting pregnant.He didn't let his big head control his wants and desires of his little head.They are laughing all the way to the banks.The wife needs $ 20.000.00 per month.Never bonk again.

920 days ago


Why is he Dennis Rodman? Because when he has a post on TMZ, he gets an update, ASAP.

920 days ago


He needs to be a better father, I didn'like what I say him on VH1 a few ago...

By the way, I heard this company's looking for people if you need work...


919 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Can you believe that moron Madonna wanted to have a baby with this clown?

919 days ago
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