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Lane Garrison

No Domestic Violence Charges ...

At Least for Now

4/24/2012 11:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lane Garrison
's lawyer says his client will not be charged with felony domestic violence for allegedly brutalizing his former girlfriend Saturday night ... at least not immediately.

Harland Braun tells TMZ, he spoke with the D.A. this morning and was told prosecutors don't have sufficient information right now to file a case, but that could change as the investigation continues.

A D.A. official tells us the case is under review and it still could be filed ... and that could happen as early as today.

Braun also tells TMZ ... he is getting in touch with the parole board -- Lane is on parole for a 2007 manslaughter conviction -- to see if the board will take action against the actor. Lane is currently being held on a parole hold in Beverly Hills jail.

Lane's former GF, Ashley Mattingly, claims he brutalized her Saturday night and says the surveillance video -- obtained by TMZ -- proves it. Braun says the video does NOT show Lane striking Ashley ... he was merely reaching for the cell phone she grabbed from him.

Braun says he believes his client was convincing when he spoke with Bev Hills detectives, and that's why no immediate charges have been filed.

The D.A. has requested additional time to investigate the incident before deciding whether or not to file a felony domestic violence charge against Garrison. Garrison is still in custody.


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*I thought the video was pretty clear. The guy is a thug and need to be charged. Typical trash making a living in Hollywood.

876 days ago


The video is clear from the very beginning she was pushing him, pulling on him - at one when they're coming out of the elevator she swings her arm and hits his face..and keeps grabbing at him...then she keeps pushing him in the lobby...

I do believe him and think she should be charged. I think he was grabbing for his phone - that's what it looks like to me... And I think it is possible when she bopped him on the side of the head when they were in between the elevator door---that's when she grabbed his cellphone and she kept pushing him..

Then he deflected her arm , so she'd stop pushing him and grabbed for the phone.

He had his hands in the arm gesturing in the elevator... yet she was pushing and pulling.. To me that proves he was NOT wanting to things to get physical at all.

Verdict: Do NOT prosecute Lane. Turn your attention to the person who is shown all over that video - pushing and pulling the victim here, Lane.

Don't get me wrong, folks. I think he's a s*** for drunk driving and killing a kid, but this is a separate incident and he clearly was NOT the aggressor in this incident.

876 days ago


Hard to tell with that video not having audio. Cant hear if what she said deserved a beating.

876 days ago


I said it yesterday and I'll say it again, he didn't slap her. If you watched the video and can actually see you would know this. That being said, brutalized is a pretty strong word to use in this case.

876 days ago


What was he charged with in order to take him to jail?

876 days ago


The infamous LAPD celebrity "investigation" continues. I hope nobody was surprised. THAT STATE BLOWS MY MIND. They must lace the water with a malaise drug.

876 days ago


It clearly shows him NOT assaulting her. The rest could be construed either way.

Not enough for Charges, but if he was under the influence he needs to go to ReHab right away or he will end up back in Prison for sure.

All Of Hef's Playmates are a little Crazy and that is why that are such good sex partners

876 days ago

mike c    

does the Z in tmZ stand for Z list actors the rest of the world hasnt heard of?

876 days ago


I saw nothing that would a knott on her head like she claims...

876 days ago


PS [notwithstanding the DA's bu11$hit] the cops saw evidence of abuse that resulted in Lane going to jail. His paid liar [aka attorney] then tried to go on the offensive by throwing out that bogus story of Lane's supposed dog-sitting. THEN THE VIDEO, suddenly slapping a person is being interpreted as attempting to grab a phone. Sorry Charlie, you and the DA can play stupid, but we have eyes and can connect the dots. But I guess if the DA isn't going to vigorously do his job then why waste the time prosecuting when you can harass and jail the poor/minorities who don't have real attorneys. This crap does not fair well for California tourism.

876 days ago


Here are the reasons for the delay:

1) The video clearly shows that she willingly let him in the building. So for those who claim he's stalking her, please note this, in addition to the fact that he was not arrested for trespassing. That's because he wasn't...she let him in.

2) The video also clearly shows that she pushed and shoved him multiple times before he did what he did.

3) It's also pretty clear in the video that when he hits/reaches for her (whatever it was) she was holding two cell phones, one in each hand. This tends to support his story that he wasn't hitting her but trying to get his phone. Given that she'd been hitting and shoving him just prior to this, it's easy to see how him reaching for his phone could turn in to what looks like an inadvertent slap on the head. Personally, I'm not buying that... it looks like a deliberate attempt to slap her or slap the phone away from her. He shouldn't have done that...especially so close to getting off probation. Real genius there.

4) She stated in an interview with TMZ yesterday that she didn't want him prosecuted, and only came forward because she'd heard there was a video. She also seemed reluctant to say that she'd testify against him. In Domestic violence situations, when the "victim" is reluctant to testify (whatever the reason) they usually have a tough time prosecuting. I have some experience with this having sat on a jury for a rather long DV trial. The guy had a long history, and the times he got off were the times the women didn't want to cooperate.

Both of them are clearly idiots, but I guarantee you that the reason there's a delay in filing charges is because there's simply not enough evidence for the DA at this point. That could change quickly... but they had to let him out after a certain period of time since charges had not yet been filed.

876 days ago


Domestic violence is serious... Let's hope this doesn't happen again!!

By the way, I heard this company's looking for people if you need work...

875 days ago


Anyone else have the feeling this guy's gonna be found dead sometime soon?

875 days ago


She needs to rot in jail for some time and made to work at a shelter so she can see the real reality of woman who are abused.

875 days ago


I really hope this isn't happening because the girl won't cooperate. If she won't then she deserves to get the crap beat out of her the next time he stalks her.

875 days ago
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