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Police Investigating

Child Neglect Claims

4/25/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The La Habra Police Department and the Orange County Dept. of Family and Children's Services showed up at the home of Octomom Nadya Suleman Tuesday night, after receiving a complaint from her hairstylist that the mother of 14 allows her kids to live in horrendous conditions.

Octomom's hairstylist went to the PD today and she tells us ... she told cops she has been in the house and seen the following:

-- the plumbing is a disaster ... there is only one working toilet in the house
-- some of the kids are pooping on portable training toilets located in their bedrooms and in the backyard
-- the kids appear malnourished and unbathed
-- she observed Octomom locking her kids in a bedroom while she tended to personal matters
-- the house is filthy

The stylist made other allegations as well.

When the cop and 3 Children's Services workers arrived and walked inside, you can hear Octo say, "Excuse the graffiti." 

The authorities stayed an hour-and-a-half and left.  We're told they determined the kids were not in danger so they weren't removed from the home, but there will be a follow-up with Children's Services.

We're told the authorities will continue to investigate.


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someone needs to give those kids a box of matches to play with

912 days ago


I don't usually comment on too much here on TMZ but I feel the need to say a few things. Reguardless if you approve of her choice to have 14 kids or not, shame on those of you who want her children taken away. You only want them taken away so you don't have to spend the tax dollars on them. Well your tax dollars will just go to someone else who made poor choices that you have to pay for anyway. The children are here now and apparently the assistance is needed. I'm not to much on kids, don't like them but I'm going to at least have some compassion for this set of children. They didn't choose who to be born to and I think it would be horrible to take children away from a mother, imagine loosing your siblings, or mothers at a young age, how that must feel. Unless she is doing something wrong and apparently she wasn't because the kids are still in the home. Remember just because someone says something don't make it true....maybe she's just bitter like many of you are about having to pay for her choices. Have some compassion wonder the world is such a mean place anymore with attitudes like i've seen here!

912 days ago


I am going to pray for Nadia. I feel like she is under so much attack. The devil is definately at work. On her behalf, I say that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST HER SHALL PROSPER. Amen!

912 days ago


Geeze, is this woman EVER gonna sort her sh*t out? Isn't she about 40 years old by now? I'm thinking she's a lost cause.

912 days ago


Those poor kids. I know she's determined to do this, but she clearly can't do it alone. I don't imagine anyone could. Yes, the choice was hers to have them all, but I think the doctor was equally responsible for this mess.

Curious couldn't the state sue the doctor's insurance company and force them to pay for childcare workers to help out in the home. Even if they can't, I would think it be cheaper for the state to send in a childcare worker to assist than to pay for foster care.

912 days ago

buzz kill    

Time for a new stylist.

912 days ago


Pardon me, but how does a food stamp recipient manage to have a hairstylist, an attorney and a publicist on her payroll? Never mind a corporation, Harmony Enterprises. This broad astounds me. I half expect her to run for for President next and win by a landslide.

912 days ago


Clearly it wasn't bad enough as they were in no harm. Single mom all those kids? I'm sure its a mess but not as bad as the chick making the claim wants her 5 minutes of fame to show. I am a single mom of 2 and my house is clean but geez it's exhausting at times to do it. I couldn't imagine her life.Look at how many kids are potty training at once. I'm sure there are potties in different places. The only factor would be if she wasn't cleaning them. And if they are in the backyard well thats not cool.But still she can't afford a maid. They were not in immediate danger so clearly not too bad. I'm sure they have to follow up its protocol but it wont be perfect with that many in a family. i'm sure its messy but if it was filthy dirty they would have had a bigger issue.

912 days ago

Blue Lake    

I don't care if the kids are separated. They need to be separated from Nadya. She is harming their lives. Let them be adopted by responsible people who can care for them.

912 days ago


Anyone who has watched any of the videos available on the internet can see the children are malnourished and not cared for. They have never had proper nurturing and we've seen what that Notamama feeds them and is proud of it. Take them away before it's too late.

912 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

Since the cops and CPS found nothing, the hairstylist that reported her should be responsible for paying the wasted tax dollars back that it cost to pay the investigators. I'm no fan of Octomom but I'm even less of a fan of falsely reporting things and wasting government resources and tax dollars.

912 days ago


I have to say i am so happy for the tax payers of california. Octo-mom is what that state needs, A woman who clearly cannot afford to feed her kids, but can afford to go to a hairstylist. I dont know who is worse at this point republicans or democrates they are both equally bad at this point.

912 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    

It's April....take your Christmas lights off.

912 days ago


I agree, the babies should stay with her. She is their mother. Doing everything she can to support them like her Ustream video with her babies running around naked, and she charged money for the Ustream video. Just another mother trying to support her children. She knows they are naked because she says it "naked babies". But you people think she's a good mother? So do I. Sarcasm.

912 days ago


I truly feel bad for her, just imagine trying to go to sleep each night wondering how you're going to single hand provide for 14 children. That's stress I would never want.

Maybe all mother's who feel her pain should send her $20 for mother's day.

912 days ago
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