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Police Investigating

Child Neglect Claims

4/25/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The La Habra Police Department and the Orange County Dept. of Family and Children's Services showed up at the home of Octomom Nadya Suleman Tuesday night, after receiving a complaint from her hairstylist that the mother of 14 allows her kids to live in horrendous conditions.

Octomom's hairstylist went to the PD today and she tells us ... she told cops she has been in the house and seen the following:

-- the plumbing is a disaster ... there is only one working toilet in the house
-- some of the kids are pooping on portable training toilets located in their bedrooms and in the backyard
-- the kids appear malnourished and unbathed
-- she observed Octomom locking her kids in a bedroom while she tended to personal matters
-- the house is filthy

The stylist made other allegations as well.

When the cop and 3 Children's Services workers arrived and walked inside, you can hear Octo say, "Excuse the graffiti." 

The authorities stayed an hour-and-a-half and left.  We're told they determined the kids were not in danger so they weren't removed from the home, but there will be a follow-up with Children's Services.

We're told the authorities will continue to investigate.


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83 percent of the husbands in Nadya's neighborhood?

Have also hit on Nadya.

But Nadya's like yuck.

So I say good for Nadya -

Staying away from all the riff-raff.

Besides -

Hairstylists will do anyone - anyone - no morals.

881 days ago


Hairstylists are notoriously-sleazy people.

Underworld critters - usually from a suspect background.

A degree that takes, what, six weeks?

Most of them are infected.

So this, again, is a case of good judgment on Nadya's part.

881 days ago


When you're a celebrity like Nadya/me everyone wants:

To pick a fight with you.


Cuz you have your hands tied behind your back -

Can't fight back.

If you do it's Sean-Penn-Syndrome -

And they Sue you.

Nadya's my baby -

And I'll protect her until the end of our dayz.

881 days ago


It's being reported at two other sites?

-That this hairstylist made a pass at Nadya.

-Wanted to make-out and after a trimming.

-Can't say I blame her - as Nadya's hot.

-But do you then go down to the P.D. and report someone?

Cuz they didn't/don't want your tongue in their mouth?

Nadya's picky - choosy - it's not Nadya's fault.

881 days ago


Why does she have a private hair stylist? That is a luxury for someone who's barely able to scrape by.

881 days ago


I am so glad all of you who talk so much crap know her personally and know she's a horrible mother from your own observations. Obviously her kids are not in danger if they were left in her care!

881 days ago


I don't know what the state can do but 14 children is too much for one person. What she did was incredibly selfish and immature, but the children are here now and need to be taken care of. Most people would not dream of letting one child live like that, much less 14. She's not Octomom. She had six children when she became pregnant with the other eight.

881 days ago


She has clearly been in way over her head from the beginning, even when she had "only" six kids. I'm glad the hairdresser did the right thing and turned her in.

881 days ago


ok this crazy bitch gets over 100,000 a year in SSI it's nice to know that my tax dollars are paying for this psycho and her poor children, they need to be taken away

881 days ago


So what? They are the age to be potty trained so portable toilets are completely normal. I don't know how single moms of one child do it, let alone 14. Yes, she did this to herself but that doesn't make it any easier and it sounds like she is doing everything she can to handle the situation. Not sure how she is supposed to keep a clean house all the time when she is doing it all by herself. Also, lots of moms don't have the time or energy to bathe their kids every night and occasionally skip a bath, I am sure she has to do that sometimes. The most important thing is that they are loved. Although, not gonna lie..they will probably have issues. But would it be better if they were taken away? Probably not.

881 days ago

BB not bb    

Octomom is smart if she can get rid of these harpies known as child protective services, DYFS, etc. They are usually out for blood any way they can get it. God must be with Octomom also. It is too bad that she can trust nearly no one around her. Yet she still manages to get by. That is really great.

Instead of people trying to help her they try to condemn her. What a twisted world this is. How can you be a perfect parent when you are in such an imperfect situation. She is trying her best but they don't give her a break.

A mother alone with the world against her, that is a truly pathetic situation that these self righteous buybodies only make worse with their constant attacks.

881 days ago


I feel sorry for those poor innocent children. They didn't ask for this to happen. With that said, anyone who begrudges this woman food stamps or help in anyways has no heart. Any assistance that she will get will go to help those children lead a better life like actually not going to bed hungry!

Yes, she is 100% responsible for what she has done! Shame on her! But what is done is done. Those children are here and she needs any help that she can get for them. Yes, us tax payers will have to pay for it but you know what? I'd rather my money go to help put food in their tummies and help give them shelter then putting my money in some rich politician's pocket so he can use that money to go and screw some hookers, pay for a mistress or go on a vacation that costs us a fortune!!!!!

881 days ago


With so many very small children running around and some with do***ented "SPECIAL NEEDS", Nadya Suleman would be somewhat overwhelmed to care for them in a "mini mansion" let alone a typical suburban dwelling. It's not surprising that her current home probably resembles a "WAR ZONE". Don't be surprised, if she actually loses custody of ALL OF THEM!!! The county and state child care authorities will only go so far with her and if she doesn't make any "substantial" progress, she will lose her kids. There's no question, she really needs a much larger home ASAP to properly care for all of them in a much more "SANITARY" fashion. Her "PIE IN THE SKY DREAMS", set sail "MANY MOONS AGO"!!! It's time for Nadya Suleman to "COME DOWN TO EARTH" and MAKE MUCH BETTER CHOICES EVEN IF THEY INCLUDE PLACING SOME OF HER CHILDREN IN THE CARE OF OTHER BETTER EQUIPPED HOMES. Sometimes "SEPARATING" families is the ONLY OPTION AVAILABLE.

881 days ago


This lady needs to stop being in the lime light and take care of her kids. She is nothing but self center. Grow up.

881 days ago


She can afford a hair stylist but the taxpayers of California are footing the bill for the rats she spawned?

881 days ago
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