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Rodney King on Trayvon Martin

Thank God My Attack

Was Caught on Tape

4/24/2012 7:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Rodney King tells TMZ ... he sincerely hopes Trayvon Martin's family will eventually get justice ... but says Trayvon's case makes him realize how lucky he was to have his beating captured on tape.

Just days before the 20 year anniversary of the L.A. riots, King was in NYC promoting his new book in which he describes his journey through the violence ... from the infamous beating at the hands of LAPD officers ... to his public plea for peace.

"It's not one day that goes by that I don't think about the incident ... I get these headaches ... when I [sniff], my sinuses start burning."

Now, with the Trayvon Martin case stirring up similar emotions as his legal saga  ... King says the judicial system is a "slow process" .... and adds, "I'm hoping he gets justice for his family ... 'cause he's no longer here, so for his family."

King went on to talk about how his own life is finally heading in a positive direction ... but noted, "Luckily I got [my attack] seen on tape."


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Americans are ignorant morons blinded by hate. In the case of Trayvon Martin: STOP blaming the victim and trying to rationalize. Zimmerman was wrong plain and simple!!!
Even if the kid attacked him first (don't believe it for a minute) he probably did because he was afraid for his life. America is full of perverts, racists and abductors. Just watch the Nancy Grace show.
This young man was being stalked. Don't care what colour he was. He's the one who had the right to stand his ground. How would you feel if it was your child, friend or relative?
As for the hoodie, I live in Canada and 90% of people wear them. Hell, even I do sometimes and my son is Trayvon's age. I hope the people trying to blame this kid get to experience what they dish out someday. Damn morons!!!

877 days ago


RabbyRadical: You are right. It should have nothing to do with race but the media & the public have altered the issue and have made it so. Reading these comments, these same people conduct themselves daily interacting with blacks and underneath it all is pure contempt and hatred. It is only thru these sites can their real hatred be expressed. It is sad. We have a long way to go.

877 days ago


Can i put my need for a big screen t.v. before the riots start?Because the summer is upon us and a riot is sure to happen.All over the U.S.A.Be ready people!!!!

877 days ago


I was lucky enough to see the entire tape (a paralegal in san bernardino ca at the time)and I wish everyone had seen it. He was told repeatedly to hit the ground. They did overdo the beating, and I left the area after Mr. Denny was beaten. Oh thats right a innocent white man was pulled out of his truck and severely beaten. There is prejudice on both sides of the fence. Rodney has a alcohol and drug problem that he needs to get a handle on.

877 days ago


Travyon was not Rosa Parks and this is not the Civil rights case Sharpton and Jackson hoped to find. Combine the economy with upcoming Presidential election, The media should tread lightly on stirring these racial issues.

877 days ago


Rodney King was completely out of control the night he got his ass whooped. He was wasted, on drugs & driving 100mph through residential neighborhoods. He was repeatedly told to get on the ground refused. He deserved to get his ass beat for being a moron & a criminal. He could have killed so many innocent people driving around drunk & high & at top speeds!

Any sympathy that people had for Rodney King was completely erased once those wild animals in L.A. started rioting & looting. Hurting innocent people, stealing TVs, smashing in the businesses of people just trying to make a small living. It was disgraceful. Black people are uncivilized & completely violent in nature. Now 20 years later, we have to listen to what Rodney King thinks of the Trayvon case? That man is still a drug addict, still a drunk, still getting arrested on a regular basis.

I hate black people.

877 days ago

Pudding Tang    

'oh and when i say we made progress i meant others are makin' progress unlike myself, you see i expect others attitudes to change while i remain in self pity and blame the white man for addictions... and no it doesn't matter that i get the drugs from my black homies...(progress)'

877 days ago


why is there no videotape? pictures i have seen of the gated community have a sign on the fence that states 24 hr surviellance. were the cameras not operating?

877 days ago


Oh great. Another s***bag....had forgotten all about this one....

877 days ago

Dean Plaza    

You broke the law man!!!!!! Jeez, it sucks he was beaten, but that wouldn't have happened had he not been high running from the cops!

877 days ago

your majesty    

Has anyone asked Reginald Denny's opinion yet?

877 days ago

d rash    

Yep, Rodney, I agree! Too bad Trayvon's incident wasn't taped. If it was, Zimmerman, would not be under charges, because "Z" was not following the kid anymore, He stopped when instructed to do so by the 911 operator, and it was Trayvon, who was the agressor. Unfortunately, there will be more riots, violence and killing when "Z" IS finally acquitted, and the city will burn, in a black tantrum. "Z" is being railroaded by the racist Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton, and Jesse "the *********** preacher" Jackson.

877 days ago


Remember Reginal Denny,you caused it you piece of TURD Dog CRAP Son OF A B#TCH ,GO AWAY LIKE THE OTHER THUG,,,

877 days ago


Curious to know what will happen if Zimmerman is acquitted. The reason I ask is because, when Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her innocent little baby, we didn't see the community rioting over the injustice for that baby. Is it only when the incident involves a black person being assaulted or killed by a white person that a riot will happen? And how does destroying someones business, during a riot, and looting and starting fires ever help anything? Is the bringing up of potential riot, from the AA"s supposed to be some sort of warning to the whites? I really hope that the media that created this story of a racist murder understands their part of responsibility in this. But, it just seems soooooo easy to get people to believe the nonsense, instead of waiting for the truth to come out at trial. But, after the OJ trial it became abundantly clear, it's not about being guilty, it's about standing up for your race, no matter what crimes they committed.

877 days ago


What a Tool. The other guy is dead, because he was banging another mans head into the side walk. "Can't we all get along?"

877 days ago
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