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Deion & Pilar ... Waging

Brutal "War of the Sanders"

4/24/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Deion Sanders' and his estranged wife are in a real life "War of the Roses" -- living together while they're divorcing -- and now that Pilar Sanders has been arrested ... it's escalating out of control .But the biggest mistake they're making ... involves their kids. 

Plus, Lindsay Lohan fires back at Rosie O'Donnell for that tirade over the Elizabeth Taylor movie -- and Brian McKnight's x-rated song! Fans are pissed, but Brian joined us to say he's not toning down the dirty tune.TMZLive-Download-Podcast-Graphic

(0:00) Breaking news -- The Kardashians just signed a $40 million deal to renew "Keeping Up."
(3:15) Rosie rips Lindsay a new one.
(9:45) Deion Sanders' wife arrested for allegedly beating him up -- and you won't believe what he Tweeted after the incident.
(15:01) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis -- keeping it in the "70s Show" family.
(17:00) Crazy turn in Lane Garrison's domestic case -- does the surveillance video actually prove his innocence?
(20:05) Rodney King spoke to us on the 20th anniversary of the L.A. riots -- he says the beating still haunts him.
(24:30) Brian McKnight -- who just penned one of the weirdest songs ever -- explains why he did it ... and how a broken foot put it all in motion.
(29:34) Chris Brown sells puppies now?
(39:43) New details on Don Cornelius' death.
(43:10) LiLo ex-bf says he got screwed over a pink taco.


No Avatar


Maybe Lane just wanted her to change to Verizon.

912 days ago


R.King deserved his beat down,black or white punks deserve it now and again!

912 days ago


Thats a great story Harv.

912 days ago


I love Harvey. He reminds me of my uncle Larry.

912 days ago


I miss when they'd have someone besides Charles. Charles is just a puppet, very little personality of his own. It's just like having Harvey there twice because Charles just performs like Harvey tells him to.

912 days ago


Didn't Too Short already right that song?

912 days ago


whoops! WRITE

912 days ago


I don't understand why you keep saying that Rosie was bashing or ripping on Lindsay. She didn't come off that way at all, nor did she sound bitter. She sounded more concerned for Lindsay than anything and all she did was voice her opinion. Everything she said was true. Michael, on the other hand, made a complete ass out of himself. He is definitely bitter and he was very nasty with his comments. He and Lindsay have both been arrested and in jail countless times, Rosie never has been. To me, being in jail/arrested that many times definitely makes someone a loser.

912 days ago


RE CHRIS BROWN: What a shocker an aggressive dog for an aggressive guy.

912 days ago


Have to agree with Michael Lohan...Rosie is in the wrong profession. She should be a drill sargeant in an amazon army

912 days ago


please keep the mikes up. that's why i watch you online.

912 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

Kims a young girl? WTF she is 31....however she acts like she is 12! LOSERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

912 days ago


It's not "Irony", Dingaling. Irony would be if the club were called, "Tranparent Tavern", not "Smoke and Mirrors". I can't believe Harvey didn't nail you on that.

912 days ago


kinda know this is old news but hey Harv... what are your thoughts on Axl Rose

912 days ago


Harvey Rosie was never in a tirade!! You have a lot of issues with Rosie. Did you even watch the whole segment. She was laughing and joking and having fun !! How in the world do you gewt she was tirade. Yes she gets excited when she wants to get her opinion in but tirade Come on!!! She said she felt sorry for her and still needs help and that is tirade. Mel Gibbsons videos are tirades not Rosie. Harvey you have issues with Rosie and just wanted to make something that was nothing out of something big. I think you need to look in the mirror and see why you have anger issues toward Rosie and always want to make her look like the bad guy when all she did was give her opinion. Tirade Really Harvey!! Not even close!!!

911 days ago
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