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Octomom's House

4-Person Clean-Up Army

4/25/2012 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after TMZ posted pictures of the horrifying living conditions in Octomom's house -- a 4-person clean-up crew showed up in full force ... with enough cleaning supplies to shine the entire neighborhood.

As we previously reported, Dr. Drew bought Octo a year's worth of cleaning services last November -- as part of a life-improvement package that also includes a year of child care services.

Shockingly, the cleaning crew visits Octo's house pretty regularly -- though you wouldn't think it looking at the current state of her house.


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Somebody step up and help this woman and her kids already. This is beyond blaming her and calling her an idiot. That really even isn't relevant anymore. It was stupid for her to have all those kids, but now that they are there, she obviously needs some major help. And stop making a public spectacle of it. This isn't fit for public consumption and entertainment. This is a real family.

909 days ago


What is the deal with all the graffiti ? There is no excuse for that. I do not want her life, poor choices or not, I pity her.

909 days ago


octo's a scam artist, plain and simple...

909 days ago


a parent is supposed to make sure t4eir kids 4ave w4at t4ey need, kids come first octoMOM....

909 days ago


does octomonster know t4at its gonna take millions to make it, i mean octo look good...

909 days ago


It is soooo hard for me to believe this is really happening to these poor children. When is this insanity going to stop?????

909 days ago

buzz kill    

I see a new episode of Hoarders in the making. This woman hoards kids.

909 days ago


To everyone who keeps saying 'stop bashing her and just help her', she has had numerous offers for help including weekly housecleaning, daycare for all the kids, job offers, beds so they dont have to sleep on the floor, clothes, diapers, furniture, and now she also gets disability for several of the kids and $2000 in foodstamps. With the exception of the disability and foodstamps, and occasional housecleaning, SHE HAS TURNED DOWN ALL OFFERS TO MAKE HER HOME SAFE AND SANITARY. If she has all the little ones in daycare (paid by Dr. Drew) she can get a job during those hours and bring in a paycheck. Dr. Drew offered her a course to get her fitness trainer credentials. She has a lot of upper division university credits. She can certainly get a job for 40 hours a week, and start bringing in a paycheck, but that's not the help she wants. She will ONLY ACCEPT MONEY or her own reality show, where she doesn't have to do anything more than she's doing now.
People bash her because we can all see this is not going to end well for those kids unless they are removed. WE didnt cause this problem, she did. She continues to claim she wants to do it on her own, but will gladly accept cash donations. What does she do with the cash? She has her hair done. She is always wearing name brand clothing. She has plastic surgery. She claims this is to protect her 'brand', but it's to protect her ego.
The woman is crazy. I understand her desire to do what she can for herself, but that's her excuse to hold out for dollars. Any reasonably sane person would see the big picture and realize they're going down a rat hole and take all services they can, and not just the cash. The more she garners sympathy, the more she feels a network will be guilted into giving her a reality show.
I'm betting within 5 years one or more of those kids will be dead. I hate to say that, but take a look at other women in the news who have gone off the deep end, and when their family/friends/peers are interviewed after the death(s) they all say the same thing 'oh but she loved her kids, she would have never hurt them. she was just a little depressed/frustrated/unhappy/whatever.

909 days ago


those Welfare Checks should be going to the Welfare of those Children And she's Using that Money to Have her Hair Done WTF she's Got 14 Kids the house is a Disaster and she Spent 520.00 On her hair She's a Piece of work, i wish I could go on Welfare and Spend 520.00 to have my Hair Done must be Nice.... She's Unbelievable Seriously She's So Greedy Self Centered And all about herself

909 days ago


How embarassing for those poor kids to have to poopin those stupid plastic pottys outside innthe yard so that all neighbors can see...she probably doesnt even clean those pottys out regularly....the stench of doody must r5rek in that backyard...

909 days ago


My God this Woman is sickening.

909 days ago


WHAT?????? Didn't this woman just make $500,000 off those sad pictures she posed for? Why is her plumbing bad? And getting welfare? Disgraceful!!!!

909 days ago


I felt like crying after I saw those photos. Those poor, poor children. They should all be taken away from her. She's obviously too stupid, lazy and shiftless to be entrusted with their care and upbringing. There's hardly any furniture in the house, the kids live in squalor, and that fool spends $520 on her hair????? And the fire department should investigate her locking the kids in a room - what if there had been a fire and she couldn't get to the door to let them out? Please, take those kids away from her!!!!!

909 days ago


WTF do you people think this place is supposed to look like with 14 crazy kids running wild?? A pristine mansion? This woman is so overwhelmed that she is proly a nut case. And why not give her welfare?? Ever other minority gets it in this country, why not a woman who has 14 kids?? She needs it. even if she got a job it would never be one that could take care of daycare & 14 kids! She proly wishes she could work to get a damn break. I feel for the woman... I can't even imagine what she goes through every day. I know I'm gonna hear all kinds of bs about she ask for it and blah, blah, blah, but if there was ever a person who needed welfare and help, it's her! Also, this bitch hair stylist charged her for 14 kids haircuts & her own. That's why it was so expensive. If she give a **** other than to get her mug on TMZ, she would not of charged her that much... what evs...

909 days ago


That house hasn't been done in a while, they need a crew in there daily. If those kids are old enough to be coloring and tagging the house, they are old enough to clean it up, paint over the mess they have made. Those kids need discipline, and so does their mom...get super nanny in there Stat!

909 days ago
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