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Tareq Salahi

I'm Running for GOVERNOR

4/25/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just 7 months after his life completely fell apart, former "Real Housewives of DC" star Tareq Salahi has decided to take the only logical next step -- run for Governor of Virginia.

Salahi -- whose estranged wife left him back in September to bang the guitarist from Journey -- tells TMZ, he wants to formally announce his candidacy for VA Governor in the upcoming election.

Salahi says he wants to use his extensive life experience as a vineyard owner and reality TV famewhore to change how things are run in his home state.

Salahi tells us, "I am troubled to see how our current political figureheads continue to waste tax payer dollars! I’m a big believer in limited government, keeping taxes, regulation and litigation low, and if I do win, everyone is invited to crash the inauguration!”

If he does win ... everyone is also invited to watch pigs fly.


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This s***bag will do ANYTHING to stay in the spotlight! I grew up in Northern Virginia, and I KNOW Virginians would NEVER elect this idiot! They wouldn't even elect him to pick-up dog crap, let alone governor!!! Plus, once the Atty. Gen.'s done with him, he will a convicted felon!

875 days ago


This toilet bug belongs to some anti-Jewish, pro-Palestinian group. Disgusting pig!

875 days ago


TMZ your last line in the article said it best !

875 days ago


I live and vote in Virginia; trust me this guy couldn't get elected to any office anywhere in this state. There has to be some publicity angle he's trying to play. Another try at a reality show? Most likely. But who really cares.

875 days ago


Heck... Why not!! After all, Al Franken "won"

875 days ago


TMZ, Thank You and your team for being superb in reporting news events. I would like to SALUTE the ARMED FORCES and VETERANS. I thought your panel of experts were insightful and well informed on the topics discussed. Mitt (True North) Romney gets great marks for his well rehearsed speech to the Republican base, Ted (Off with their heads) Nugent, (R) Paul (Get rid of everything) Ryan and whoever believes his political nonsense. Will Rogers said, "Calvin Coolidge didn't say much and when he did, he didn't say much." In my opinion, Mitt says alot, but he talks about nothing which is politically eternal and realistically true for me. Someone said, "PRAISE AND CRITICISM ARE BOTH FRAUDS." Romney's speech was very critical about President Obama. I thought he should have a mirror to glimpse into because he fit perfectly within his own speech. It is about the "Economy" but "Not" for political fictional speeches like Romney's to CUT, GET RID OF, DEFUND, OVERTURN, CONSOLIDATE, MERGE, DOWNSIZE, TABLE THIS, DISSOLVE, REPEAL and TRASH whatever the American people has voted and worked very hard to establish within our liberal freedoms, hopes and dreams toward a prosperous future. The American people are not some characters in a story like "ALICE IN WONDERLAND or WILLY WONKA and the CHOCOLATE FACTORY." In my opinion, I'm not familiar with any American Citizens who stash money in Swiss Bank/ Off Shore accounts and wishes to be President but cannot be transparent about their IRS Tax-Returns. This reminds me of Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman (G.Z.) who possibly has lots of supporters who might contribute money for their causes. I think they're not IRS SAVVY. Additionally, Romney seems guarded and mostly evasive about his religious views/ beliefs and family Latino Heritage in Mexico. American Citizens and Illegal Immigrants are a melting pot of beautiful multi-culturalism with different viewpoints and varied levels of social and economical statuses. Their religious beliefs and political views vary across the spectrum. I was more impressed with Romney's true self when he generally caused a verbal scene with the, "COOKIE GATE FIASCO." The Cookie Monster on Sesame Street would not be happy with Mitt. The kids and everyone remembers the song, "C is for cookie that's good enough for me." This is a Universal song which joins the world together. Whenever "I Rock the Vote" it will be for someone who is real about the "Now" concerning the American Jobs, the Economy, Health Care, Education, International Issues, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Balancing the Deficit, Fair and Equal Gas Prices, Peaceful Resolutions, Not War Invasion Issues, Fair Illegal Immigration Policies, Future Positive Goals and Future Successes to Uplift the American Spirit. One can easily relate to Romney's "COOKIE GATE FIASCO" in reference to how he would represent issues as a potential President. When Mitt continues on his quest toward campaigning for the Oval Office he should think about "Various Cookies Everywhere." Alot of people eat them to include Vegans, their children and all people throughout the world. HE AUTHENTICALLY CHOSE TO TURN HIS NOSE UP TOWARD THE COOKIES FROM THE GROCERY STORE. From my perspective, the primary difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney is President Obama's ability to connect with people throughout the world. When he speaks everyone listens with an attentive ear and a clear conscious hoping to learn something new that's positive and futuristic. President Obama is the Nobel Peace Prize Winner for 2009. He is a phenomenal leader and whenever he sheds a tear or gets emotional the world reaches for a Kleenex. In my opinion, it's because most people can feel his emotions about strong political views on controversial issues. His professionalism is one of "TRUE GRIT." It takes a person with strong conviction and foresight to step into the masterful shoes of someone like the President. I believe, our President has braved the challenge and is "Winning" in his quest of cleaning up George W. Bush Republican economic deficit mess and war controversial issues. Michelle Obama is an elegant First Lady who will be essential to President Obama's intuitive wisdom and deepest instinct during his 2012 Presidential Re-election Campaign. Elof Nelson said, "Success in marriage is more than finding the right person, being the right person is even more important." GOD's SPEED TO THEM BOTH! TMZ THANK YOU. HAVE A WONDERFUL AND BLESSED DAY.

875 days ago



875 days ago

Cindy of keeping regulations low? like when they were "low" and Wall Street was able to bankrupt the world into Recession??? that kind of "low"....?

875 days ago


GREAT.................people from the Middle East taking over America!!!!!!!!! Talking about a decline in the American way of life......if Americans have any inkling of someone from the Middle East was trying to run for office (esp. Govenor), trust me, it would be another civil war. He could run for office of Iran, Bahgdad, Syria, Jordan, Egypt....but not way Jose. The day that happens is the day WE have lost the America that we love.

875 days ago


Is anyone really taking this seriously? His ex-wife is probably laughing her head off at this! Can he make himself look any more idiotic!

875 days ago


OMG We all just got PUNK'D!

875 days ago


If for no other reason, doesn't he at least realize Republicans would never vote for someone with a name like Tareq Salahi?

875 days ago


Someone should watch over any campaign contributions to make sure they are used as the law allows. If anyone is STUPID ENOUGH TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION. I assume that is what he is looking for - contributions- from whom, I have no f-ing clue. Hey, the clueless, that's who.

875 days ago


What a media whore!!! Of course, there is no accounting for taste; I'm sure some loon somewhere will support him.

874 days ago

Jose VARGAS    

what is going on "global warming" is heating VA!!!!!!!!!!!!

874 days ago
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