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Brazilian Blowout to Octomom

Stop Abusing Taxpayer Dollars

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4/26/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brazilian Blowout -- the company behind the hair procedure Octomom dropped hundreds of dollars on while on welfare -- is MORTIFIED by Octo's reckless spending ... and now, it's hatched a plan to make things right with taxpayers.

BB CEO Mike Brady tells TMZ, "We want to make sure that California taxpayers' money is not going to anything other than taking care of [Nadya Suleman's] children. We don't want to see those kids miss out on anything at the cost of a Brazilian Blowout."

So, a rep for the company tells us, BB is offering to reimburse Octomom the entire cost of her recent Brazilian Blowouts -- plus other hair treatments -- totaling $520.

But that's not it -- BB also wants to give Octomom free blowouts in the future at the company's salon in West Hollywood ... so she's not squandering her limited cash supply on luxury goods. BB will even cover the cost of a sitter while the mother of 14 is getting primped.

To top it all off, BB is offering to pay to fix Octo's toilet -- which might finally allow her kids to poop inside. One can only dream.


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Yep, just keep enabling her, so she can spend her money on plumping her lips instead of her hair next. You know the money won't go to help the kids, no matter what.

889 days ago


It seems like the entire world is willing to GIVE Octomom everything she needs, WHEN IT BENEFITS THE GIVER (free advertising). How about someone stepping up and giving her $500,000.00 to properly house her family of 14 kids, pay for the utilities, feed the children, school all of them, and pay for all the other things that "normal" families offer their kids. What? No one wants to do that?

889 days ago


SUPER CUTS!!!!!! Geez, $16.00 bucks including tip!!!!

889 days ago


Yeah, that should teach her a lesson. Pamper her for free. I'm sure now she will feel so sorry for spending all her money on herself while neglecting her children.

889 days ago


So...if I have more kids than I can afford, commit welfare fraud...I can get perks from companies? Where do I sign up - geez...this whole working and living within your means thing is overrated!

889 days ago


Really? Really? How absurd is this? She will never learn, by getting special treatment like this. It's irresponsible to reward bad behavior...She spent the cash now she should deal with the backlash of it. I know the kids are the one in the middle, and they shouldn't be paying for her stupid, stupid mistakes, but Jesus, now she's getting blowouts for free and what are her kids getting? Dirty messy unorganized house filled with graffiti? I just dont get it!

889 days ago


Oh for crying out loud, how could she be using taxpayers money to get her hair done and buying hair products when she didn't use foodstamps to pay for it?

Nadya is only receiving FOOD STAMPS and last time I checked, you can't pay hairstylist with food stamps, you can't buy anything but food with food stamps. I repeat: Nadya Suleman is not receiving CASH BENEFITS, she is ONLY receiving FOOD STAMPS ASSISTANCE. GEES! First you all complain that she's using her own money earned to pamper herself, so what! It's her money and nobody tells you how to spend yours. Now that she's got an offer to get her money back and get her hair done for free along with its products, money that's not coming out of anybody pockets but Brazilian, that angry you all too. Nadya just can't win with you guys... Is it envy or selfishness that keeping you from wanting to see Nadya and her kids happy? I have to ask, because the same people complaining on every uploads about Nadya are the same ones wanting Nadya and the kids thrown into the street HOMELESS! No offense, but I think some of you need to get your own greed, selfishness and priority under control instead of worrying about Nadya.

Some of you are complaining about the free nanny services yesterday...
Dr. Drew giving Nadya nanny services. Again, not a cent is coming out of you all pockets, the Dr. Drew show provided this for Nadya and her family and yet you all are unhappy about that too. Unbelievable, you selfish children!!!

You people do not pay attention to what you are watching and reading. FYI-Dr. Drew apologized to Nadya, he didn't know the Nanny service he had hired required moving into Nadya home and that nanny had to have her own private bathroom and bedroom.
hope that link works.
Stop being so damn judgemental and smile in happiness for Nadya and the kids. :D

889 days ago


This is the WRONG answer and is sending the WRONG message. Intead of offering her free services, they should be scolding her for her misuse of money and stating that she will no longer be allowed in their salons, and would highly reccommend others do the same. Fixing her house up is nice, but she doesn't deserve a free hair cut, unless it's from Great Clips or Walmart.

889 days ago


Once again, Nadya is rewarded for her irresponsibility and stupidity. Why don't we also send her free designer clothes, and expensive makeup so she can always look her best while she sits on her ass doing not getting a job or properly caring for her kids! There are women in this country who are GOOD mothers, who work their asses off to provide for their children. Where is their thanks? Where is their free brazillian blowout? In this country, you get rewarded for being a worthless f_ck up. It's a damn shame. Instead of giving her free handouts, why doesn't someone give her a f_cking job? Oh, that's right, she doesn't WANT a job. This delusional bitch is perfectly happy getting everything for free.

889 days ago


I was going to say oh here we go,this is not a smart woman, and now that she has gotten free hair treatments, she is going to do this for anything and everything that she wants...but then I thought Damn, maybe this is what octo wanted all along? Could she possibly be this manipulatively smart? Either way, it just seems that she is annoying in everything that she does!

889 days ago


What IDIOTS! All you are doing is rewarding her BAD behavior!

889 days ago


Bad business decision if you ask me. Having her in their salon would drive customers away.

889 days ago


Instead of giving this irresponsible women all this free stuff (which won't keep her from neglecting her children), how about someone gives her a JOB.

889 days ago

Saints fan    

Instead of giving her $520 back, they should pay that money to the electricity bill or something that will benefit the kids. That way they know the money is helping the kids and not being spent on her nails or new clothes.

889 days ago


Why are people enabling her? OMG she is a horrible mother!

889 days ago
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