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Kim K, Lindsay Lohan

Share Table at White House

Correspondents' Dinner

4/26/2012 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan will be seated at the same table Saturday night at the White House Correspondents' Dinner ... TMZ has learned.

Kim and Lindsay were both invited by Fox News Channel and they will be face-to-face at the table ... sources planning the event tell TMZ.

As for whether there are any grudges between the two -- we're told there are none. In fact, Kim has been supportive of Lindsay during her troubles and Lindsay attended Kim's wedding. We're told they are pretty close.

The big question -- Will Kim and Lindsay meet Prez Obama? One source directly involved with the event tells us, "No way. The President almost never mingles with the guests."

Then again ... if Sasha and Malia demand a meet and greet ...


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What in the world Kim k. has to do going to this event ??? let alone Lindsay lohan !!! WTF ???!!!!

908 days ago


I totally agree - there were certainly two better deserving people somewhere that could have been invited instead of these two. A drug addict that can't seem to stay out of trouble & not sure what to call Kim Kardashian and this is what was invited. Who ever invited them should be ashamed of themselves for that invitation. (don't they look glamous!!!!!)NOT!

908 days ago


White House dinner? Taxpayers dollars going to entertain these two? Do you know how many Americans deserve this honor more than these two? It's disgusting.

908 days ago


OMG!!! Fox news your more disgusting then I ever thought really where will sarah Palin be seatead ahahahahahahahhhahahahhahahahahah ROTFLMBAO........!!

908 days ago

Bob the Dart Thrower    

So a very prestigious event like this dinner, Fox decides to invite not one whore, but one crack head as well? You gotta love the Good Ole USA. This is absurd.

908 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Fox should have also taken Octomom with the other two.

908 days ago


TACKY... Only Fox News would invite them to a dinner... I hope they are the butts of ALL the jokes...

908 days ago


I don't know how true it is, but I heard that Lindsay may not even be able to get in because of her record and because she is currently under investigation for two more crimes. If at the last minute she comes up with some BS story about not being able to attend, I guess we'll know it was true.

908 days ago


Your sources are lying. They are not close at all and don't really even know one another. Kim has in no way been supportive of her, I'm sure she doesn't even want to be associated with her. Apparently, she also wasn't too happy with the fact that Lindsay was at her wedding. Lindsay was only there because her mother was able to get an invitation, which was not a hard thing to do. So what if they'll be at the same table? It's the Fox News table and is it really that surprising that Fox News, who constantly bashes the president, would have these two as their guests? The President doesn't even socialize with A listers at these events, he definitely won't be meeting either of them. And your comment about his daughters is completely moronic, they won't even be there. If they were, I seriously doubt they would want to meet them or be allowed to. Would any parent in their right mind allow their young daughters to meet a known drug addict/thief/liar?

908 days ago


This is just a reflection of the inhabitants - we have really reached the bottom of the barrel in politics and "entertainment"(if you can call it that). They all deserve each other

908 days ago


At first I thought WHAT? Then I realized that these two have as much integrity as the all rest of the "media/news correspondents" that will be at the dinner so really what's the difference......

908 days ago


Why are the 2 most disgusting public figures invited to a white house dinner??????

908 days ago


If this is best America has to offer as guests, we are in deep trouble. If President Obama wastes any time with these two useless wonders, he has lost my vote.

908 days ago


Probably a desperate White House PR move to invite two of the most polarizing and controversial so called (celebs but not celebs) so it draws more attention to the President and so that Lindsay and Kim go back to twitter gushing about attending the party and seeing the President, blah blah, PR bull.

Just like how the Kardashian's play the PR crap, now the White House/President is.

I personally think it puts the President in a bad light, looking desperate, and also immature, to even invite such trash, to even associate with such immoral gutter s***, reflects on to him.

You are what you associate with.

908 days ago


At least Lindsay has done real entertainment work Kim's claim to fame was being friends with Paris Hilton

908 days ago
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