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Lane Garrison

Charged with Domestic Violence

4/26/2012 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lane Garrison has been charged with misdemeanor domestic violence ... TMZ has learned.

The L.A. County District Attorney filed the charges, based on surveillance video which appears to show Lane slapping former girlfriend Ashley Mattingly in the face last Saturday at her Beverly Hills apartment.

Lane's lawyer tells TMZ he was merely reaching for his phone and it was not a slap, but apparently the D.A. begs to differ.

Garrison is being held without bail because he's on a parole hold. You'll recall Garrison was convicted of vehicular manslaughter back in 2007 and went to prison.

If convicted of domestic violence, he faces a year in jail, and he could do even more time if his parole is violated.


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My sister could probably get him off.

Invent some spectacular story that somehow has the-ring-of-truth to it.

Inter-planetary invasion, large insects, invisible people from Saturn.

721 days ago

Logan R    


721 days ago


I'm amazed with the absolute inconsistency in Hollywood crime fighting. You catch one celeb OBVIOUSLY doing something wrong, and you let them go. You get a case like THIS, with terrible camera angles, enough reasonable doubt to get Charlie Manson off, and a victim who admits to starting the fight and luring him there that night with the intention of getting him in trouble so that he would "get help", and you jump all over it like an open and closed case. Good lord, it's like Bizzarro world down there.

721 days ago


Bad Boy Bad Boy.. what u gonna do when they come for u?

721 days ago


this guy has douche of the year written all over his(soon to be Bubbas) ass.

721 days ago


Dear Lane, thank you for not killing anyone else !!! Your truly anyone else

721 days ago


@Giadas_Boobs for great commentary

721 days ago


There is no evidence of domestic violence on video.
It's not clear if he was trying to slap, in fact it doesn't look like his intention at all.
But either way, doesn't matter. Even if he did intend to slap, it failed.
His hand never contacted her face, or contacted any part of her body. Therefore there was no domestic violence committed.
Additionally, the only evidence the video shows is that of a *mutual* struggle between two people; involving both to the point of legal accountability if charges come.
But the DA will get a TON of publicity out of this, and please a relatively small group of man-hating feminists to gain their votes when it comes to election time.
Mission accomplished, use men as tools to gain popularity and power regardless of the repercussions to those men's lives.

721 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

He's a celebrity. Money talks to the DA's.

721 days ago


Wow.Cue the music please!Circus song or Benny Hill chase song?

721 days ago



This guy is pure trouble.

See you in prison, dipsh*t.

Next time, don't hit a chick . . . even if she provoked you. No Bueno!

721 days ago


Misdemeanor domestic violence, that was a felony. The Californian Celebrity Courts are still up to their shena****ns, cutting deals to save his ass. I frankly don't care that he smacked that crazy chick, it's obvious that she's a famewhore and exhibitionist and had that not been video she was going to use the incident to blackmail that POS and watch him grovel. That's their dance. I'm just sick and tired of that bastard being given preferential treatments. That son of a bitch even got away with MURDER. I guess the celebrity judge FELT SORRY FOR HIM. Get off the bench bitch if you're that week and pathetic. Just picture him as being Black, Latino or a tat-up, trashy, poor white boy.

721 days ago


Misdemeanor will probably a slap on wrist, some domestic violence courses and probably some counselling.

Probation Violation no doubt though.

721 days ago


Dude, you can wait and try your case in the courtroom. That con conned you the first time with that bogus story and you did more harm than good to your client by taking it to the public with your preemptive attack. It might have flown - but then there was THE VIDEO. I love technology.

721 days ago


TMZ writers SUCK.

721 days ago
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