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Octomom Gets a Facelift ...

For Her House

4/26/2012 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Octomom called in to say she was double-crossed by her hairdresser -- and says she's overhauled her house. Are a new paint job AND working toilets enough to keep her kids?

Plus, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian's weekend plans with President Obama! How did it all come together ... and more importantly will LiLo and Kim meet the Prez?? We'll explain why there's still a slim chance it could happen.

(0:00) Octomom is on the offensive -- she calls in to set the record straight about the true living conditions in her house.
(7:43) Rosie backtracks on her harsh criticism of Lindsay Lohan ... but compare her to Whitney.
(10:30) Lindsay Lohan and Kim K. are going to have dinner together ... at THE WHITE HOUSE.
(15:10) Britney Spears has a new conservator watching over her -- her fiance Jason Trawick.
(19:34) A website that sets up traveling women with business dinners ... some think it's dirtier than it appears.
(23:10) Donald Trump's hair-raising moment.
(29:34) Ryan Seacrest -- the most infectious person on "Idol" last night.
(33:10) Lane Garrison is in deep you-know-what -- he was charged for allegedly hitting his ex. (37:45) More trouble for the pregnant man.
(42:55) Mila Kunis denies dating Kutcher.
(43:10) We take your calls!

No Avatar


TMZ.. you broke the story, you have the pics and you spoke to the source. If YOU don't hold her accountable, I'm done.

909 days ago


Harvey, you're a lawyer.... DEFEND THOSE HELPLESS KIDS!

909 days ago


I think it is highly possible,make that probable, that Octomess cooked up this whole drama/scam with her hairdresser. Just look at how many magazine interviews and TV appearances and freebies she has shilled out of companies/people in the last 2 days. Who would drop $500 bucks on hair when next week you wont have a home for the hair or your litter.

909 days ago


The kids aren't going anywhere. There is no law against graffiti on walls or dressing boys in pink or using a potty chair in your back yard. You think the state of California wants to raise those hellions?

909 days ago

Cirrus Unicus    

She does crap like this on purpose because she has no life skills, which is compounded by the fact that she's an attention whore. That way people sweep in and do everything for her. I'd give her a boot in the box if I didn't think I'd lose it up to my thigh.

909 days ago


Why aren't you talking about Rosie being on the Today show again and setting the record straight. Oh Yea Harvey can't have Rosie looking good He may go into a tirade!! You need to talk about why you have such animosity toward Rosie!! You can't have a good story about Rosie!!! Someone has issues!!!

909 days ago


How come on the news this morning they said it was a BS story that her hairdresser told the authorities? Just asking. you can get a pic of people like that coming to do regular cleaning in anybodys house.

909 days ago


I love how you treat Aston's every move as being even close to the real truth, you all are continually being PUNKED!

909 days ago

Twilight Sparkle    

I feel no empthany for Octomom. I feel sad for her yes, but really she already had a decent amount of kids, then she decides "I want MOARRRR! MOARRR I SAY!"

Hell, you shoulda let them GROW UP first before you decide things like that :/

909 days ago


Was this a set-up, a plea for sympathy to get a new house offer? Octo is a SCAM ARTIST. Ask her if she painted "Do Not Enter" on the door while hairdresser was at her home? Because that message is not on the door in all of the photos. SCAM ARTIST!

909 days ago

Fat Mike    

Why does the poll say "deserves to go to the White House? The dinner is held at the Hilton.

909 days ago

Fat Mike    

whats the invite for a bite? I want an invite!

909 days ago


Harvey can't keep her steady, she's bobbing and weaving like a SCAM ARTIST.

909 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This Octovag makes me tired just listening to her nonsense. It is like listening to Sarah Palin trying to answer a simple question.

909 days ago


This morning on GMA she said " I have money to spend on my hair" and this afternoon she denies it's even important to her. C'mon, give us an f****ing break Octocrazy

909 days ago
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