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Kim Kardashian

Spends a Bootyful Day in NYC

4/27/2012 7:05 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian an her world famous gigantic badonkadonkWith Kanye West nowhere in sight, Kim Kardashian spent some quality time with her world famous gigantic badonkadonk while out spending her share of her $40 million reality TV deal in NYC on Thursday.

A derriere can be a girl's best friend too.



No Avatar


She looks deformed

911 days ago


White Men Like Big Breast And We Like Big Booties.

Why is that so ****ing Hard To understand on here?

It's a Cultural Thing.

911 days ago


It looks like the Honda guy who stuffs his big blue shirt into his pants. How many shirts does she have stuffed down there?

911 days ago


What an incredibly fat, HUGE, and ugly ass!

911 days ago


We call it "waffle butt syndrome."

911 days ago


Since she is only attracted to BLack Men....perhaps her big booty is an asset. Boy, she sure does love those BLACK MEN!!! She can't get enuf of them. Have you noticed that in today's day..........most of the white girls have abandoned white men and are totally head over heels...i mean like gaga over black men?

911 days ago


That ass is attractive? It's grotesquely HUGE and looks like a giant bubble. So sick of this whore.....and getting real sick of TMZ putting her on this webpage....aren't their more celebrity misshaps to talk about other than this hoe!!!!

911 days ago


That freak ass looks LITERALLY like a horses ass. Imagine a tail on it.

911 days ago

Gsharon 710    

96. Kim: 3 hours ago

There are some really jealous miserable b*tches on this site. I mean your life cannot be that bad that you feel the need to be so hateful and disgusting towards someone that you dont know. I think your comments says so much more about you than it does about Kim. Whatever you feel about Kim, whatever level of jealousy, hate, disdain, whatever is YOUR problem not hers, they are your feelings and your problem. I hope that you seek help for them, because hatred like that can kill you, and at the end of the day. Kim is being Kim and living Kim's life. You are hiding behind a computer trying to make your self feel good about your misery by bashing her for doing her. Get your Life!!!! Get it together fools, its a little 5'2" woman that is LIVING and you continue to hate, its so so sad and so very pathetic. I wonder how your kids would feel if they see the type of comments that you are typing? and we wonder why kids are such bullies these days? because they are being raised by cyber bullies like you all. So pathetic.
How will HER children feel to find mama KK let men potty on her, and she actually grabbed attention by letting the world see her mouth working and her ass in the air. Someone who plays with marriage, screws around before she opened her wedding presents.......shall I go on? We won't revisit credit card misuse. So Miss 96 Kim, we also do not spend time hunting KK news, it is brought to US. You can defend Porta-Potty until her butt explode and she turn down a black d***, but I warn you, you will get depressed out on you lonely limb.

911 days ago

Captain of Nothing    

The only thing I remember from The Smithsonian is the African Tribe, the Hottentots....Their booty was so big you could put your dinner and drinks on her ass, and follow along..Kim' ass is totally incredibly disgusting...Only a black guy could appreciate, or tolerate, it...It is a biggy.

911 days ago


who really give a f888 what this big booty hoe does. i bang 5 women a month and i ain't inthe news . let the hump fade away like "ratface" hilton . no i'm not a hater ! i just can't see , with all the despair and real needy in the world, why we need to hear about this trick.

911 days ago


She's getting hugher by the minute...that fat ass of hers is totally disgusting....she's also looking old...but the blacks love big disgusting asses, so her dude K.West should be lovin it....ewwwwwwwwwwww

911 days ago


Her rear looks like it has more air in it than all 4 of my tires put together.

Is she wearing make my azz bigger pants or what?

Maybe that is where she hides her money. LOL

911 days ago


Kim is fat...that is fat...not attractive...FAT!

911 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Yum, Yum, Yum

Still a fame whore

911 days ago
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