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NueveMom Cometh!!

Mexican Woman Reportedly

Pregnant with NINE Kids

4/27/2012 8:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Karla Vanessa Perez
Adios OctoMom ... 'cause there's a lady in Mexico who's reportedly pregnant with NINE KIDS!!!!

According to reports, NueveMom has been identified as Karla Vanessa Perez ... who's one month away from giving birth to 6 girls and 3 boys.

Just like Nadya Suleman, NueveMom reportedly had fertility treatments leading up to the multiple pregnancy.

NueveMom told Mexico's Notimex news agency, "It's very early to think of names for the babies ... first I hope that everything goes well."

So far, it's unclear if Perez is married ... rich ... sane, etc.

11:35 AM PT -- FOOTAGE has just surfaced of the NueveMom on a local Mexican news station -- you gotta check it out!!!


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stays......South of the border.

888 days ago


OMG!! What was this idiot thinking. She does not work and her husband works as a mechanic/changing tires in Mexico. Mexico hardly helps their people. I can just see these people trying to cross the US to get the babies to be US citizens so we can support them.

What I don't understand is why the US has done nothing to change illegals from having babies here so they can become US citizens. What is stopping the US from abolishing this law????

888 days ago


What the hell is wrong with these psycho loser chicks?

888 days ago


Hopefully she does not have these babies behind the McDonalds near the border crossing because then they would be ours to take care of and the fact her husband changes tires will not make a bit of difference. Octomom is on welfare and this would just be another addition to our overburdened State of California.

888 days ago


I sincerely hope this woman actually does have an infertility problem! And she best keep her arse on her side of the border!

888 days ago


stupid is as stupid does. the fertility doc should be shot after paying for the childrens life expenses through age 18

888 days ago

buzz kill    

They should be able to clear a whole field of lettuce in an afternoon.

888 days ago

buzz kill    

It looks like Mrs. Ray Mysterio.

888 days ago


This is a photoshopped photo of Nadya when she was pregnant. So is this a stock photo for TMZ or is this supposed to be the woman. If the latter, then it is fake...

888 days ago


We should outlaw fertility treatments. It is easier to prevent multiple pregnancies then it is to cope with 9 hungry kids later on that the public needs to pay for. When there's triplets or more its too expensive even for a two parent family. Hollering and throwing tomatoes after the fact solves nothing. There is too high a risk of multiple births and we are over populated. Over populated means we should stop breeding children like puppy mills. Adopt a child if you cant have one....your inability to get pregnant is natures of way of saying you shouldn't. Your messing with evolution, threatening the gene pool....theres billions more people then the planet can handle NO MORE fertility drugs no more invitro, if you cant get pregnant TOUGH ****...the united nations should take this up and ban these unhealthy practices world wide! Adopt!!!! I never though I would say this but we should have limits on how many times a woman may give birth before we fix her. I don't believe in taking our anger out on children who are already born ....its too late for that....but we need to say enough and get some preventive measures in. No more fertility clinics!!!

888 days ago


Look close at her stomach. I'd swear that's a road map to the USA border.

888 days ago


Just because she is in Mexico, doesn't mean that she is poor, or that she's going to come to the United States. Wow you people are so judgmental and racist.

888 days ago


Someone's Jimmy is running deep........

888 days ago


I call bulls**t on this woman and her claim to be expecting nine babies due next month. She has a 4 year old child and just gave birth about 5 months ago to triplets yet she's now pregnant with 9 more babies??! No way is that possible. Even if she conceived the babies right after having the triplets that were born last November that only is 4 months difference between the triplets and the 9 she says she's expecting. And since it's multiples she'd have to deliver early but not as early as she is saying. Besides, where'd she ever get the money for fertility treatment if she is basically poor and her husband doesn't make much money? This story is bogus.

888 days ago

BB not bb    

This has to be outlawed. People can't even handle Octomom and now this? It is going to kill these women one day. Bodies are not designed to have that many kids, one or two or rarely three, but that is it. Nature doesn't allow for this in humans.

It is hard enough having one kid inside kicking and scratching and doing somersaults. Having this many in there I can't imagine. It is like a mimi mob scene. It is like a whole playground full of kids.

The mother must be eating nonstop all day. How can they allow this mistreatment of women to continue? These doctors are mad scientists. They must be stopped.

888 days ago
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