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Usher & Ex-Wife in Court

Child Custody Showdown

5/1/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond have gotten an ultimatum in their custody war -- they're at the Atlanta courthouse trying to settle it, and if they can't the judge is going to lay down the law.

The singer and his ex-wife showed up to Fulton County Court this morning -- where a judge ordered the couple to try and hash out a temporary custody agreement in private mediation.

They've had all morning to work something out -- but if they don't come to terms soon ... they'll face the judge again this afternoon ... when he'll impose a temporary order, deciding how Usher and Tameka will split their time with their kids.

The order will also address child support.

As we've reported, Usher and Tameka have been fighting over their kids for years -- Tameka wants full custody, claiming he secretly uses drugs. Usher has denied the allegations, asking for an increase in daddy time. The couple currently shares custody.


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She does not care about the kids,all she cares about is the child support payments every month she keeps getting,and she wants more and more,Best way to get rich,sleep with a celeb or a sports star and dont use a condom.

904 days ago

juggalo 6    

Tameka is like every other gold digger. She wants the kids to get as much money as possible out of Usher. Who wants to work if all you have to do is sleep with a rich guy and get paid for it? It's not like she has the interest of the kids in mind or she would not thrash their dad like that.

904 days ago


Tsk Tsk, he should have listened to his mommie about that girl.

904 days ago


That picture of her is hilarious. Looks like she's saying "Yes!!" or "Score!!" You'd think that would be the best gesture in court.

904 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

Just another worthless female

904 days ago


She looks more "wheel of fortune, just solved the puzzle" than concerned mother in court for her kids safety...

904 days ago


Look at her. That girl is just looking for the big payoff. Sad and pathetic.

904 days ago



the judges in family court know what this is all about. she could jump on the table and yell, "show me the money!!" and the judge would just smile. this is what the divorce industry is all about - separating money from men and giving it to women.

904 days ago


she's not going to let her little insurance policies get away. golddiggers gonna dig.

904 days ago


Of course she wants full custody - that's more money for her! I hate greedy bitches like that who use their kids to get money. I hope the judge finally just grants joint custody...he's going to have to because she won't give up all that money without a fight.

904 days ago


This is why you don't get married.

Men: Control your seed...Control your power!!!

904 days ago


A Gold-Digger Gonna Dig. That picture of her says it all. She is disgusting. Stay strong Usher, ya you screwed up marrying this gold digging ho but you got two beautiful kids out of it. She had 3 kids when you got with her, so you know she never wanted your kids, only the money you would have to pay in child support, so she got pg twice quickly. You were only supposed to be an ATM machine and a sperm donor then walk away while she leaves your kids (aka money machines) with nannies while she spends your money. All gold diggers back up the first kid with a second kid ASAP so there will be double the money. Your mama told you this didn't listen. But, what's done is done, your a good dad, hopefully the judge will see that she just used you to get your money. Sorry this happened to you bro! Hang in there!

904 days ago


haha what a world, i love you today, you can't see your kids tomorrow and i hate you, plus i want as much money as i can get from you. relationships always ends messy. but yet we can't live without them.

904 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Stupid parents turn out making stupid kids that end up being stupid parents all over again. Get the message?

904 days ago


There's a woman I know.

She has two kids by this dude she's getting divorced from.

- two - six year old Twins -

...the dude works, has money, etc.

Her - she's stoned 24/7.

-everytime I run into her she either smells like reefer
or her eyes are shot.

-the only hold she has on her ex are these two kids.

So she's been holding the divorce up almost five years.

"Contesting" the divorce and around custody issues.

She "desperately" wants her children, etc.

She's real cute - literally and figuratively.

Clever as hell.

Manipulative as hell.

Everyone knows the hold-up is about cash.

Once he signs off on a-sweet-cash-deal, she'll give up any custody claims - hey, he can have 'em.

Not saying this is the case here - it's probably not.

But it's definitely the case in this other example.

Our-girl is very good at blinking innocently -

So grateful I never got into one-of-these (kids in middle).

A few tried to pull me in - one was even trying to get pregnant on purpose - but I was lucky -

For women like this - getting pregnant is like hitting a long home run with men on base - $ $ $ - ka-ching, etc.

904 days ago
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