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Secret Service Hooker

I Could've Stolen Top Secret

Obama Information

5/4/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Dania Londono Suarez just appeared on wRadio in Colombia
The Colombian prostitute behind the massive Secret Service scandal claims she had access to top secret government info during her tryst with an SS agent -- because he was passed out drunk.

24-year-old Dania Londono Suarez just appeared on wRadio in Colombia, claiming she even had access to the agent's wallet -- because he had fallen into a deep alcohol-induced slumber ... and left all his possessions completely unattended. Dania did not say if she actually rifled through his stuff.

Dania also didn't say if she actually had sex with the agent in question -- but admitted she did enough to warrant payment ... whatever that means.

And big surprise -- Dania said a lot more went down that fateful night in Cartagena, but she'll only divulge those secrets ... for a hefty price. She's already lawyered up with one of Colombia's best attorneys.

Good thing she wasn't a spy -- OR WAS SHE?!?!



No Avatar


I'll bet her parents are proud!

871 days ago

Pudding Tang    

and these were the best ss agents the president has

871 days ago


I care nothing for people like her. She is a useless prostitute. Prostitutes, strippers, and the like are useless human beings in my opinion. And now she'll get paid to do interviews and what not. Bad behavior rewarded.

871 days ago

Tigers Wood    

If the Taliban new it was this simple, we would have been screwed.

871 days ago


They don't entrust those type of Secret Service agents with any top secret about info about Obama or the US beyond his travel plans for that exact trip.

871 days ago


Keep trying to convince yourself that you could have stolen Top Secret Obama information. The people of the US know better. Your 15 minutes of fame are about up.

871 days ago


I would need to be drunk to sleep with her.

871 days ago


well If she already is the biggest slut , she now is the biggest fake known, all the agents that have been found in connection to this inappropriate situation never had any top level security about the Presidents plans or agenda. So bashing the men in black that protect US, way to be an American and get the damn facts straight.

871 days ago


This is the oldest profession known to exists. Shame on the SS for doing what they did. I am sure that they have done more, just one dumb agent makes a fuss and all gets exposed.

871 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

What kind of ho gives free interviews? Doesn't she know American news outlets, gossip blogs and mags will pay her for that? She really needs to get her pimp game up.

871 days ago


I dont care about her or her parents and how proud they are. She is performing a service, its unfortunate that our SS agents cant keep it in their pants and make decisions that can jepordize the security of the US. Id fire em all, make them go stand in the unemployment line for 2.5 yrs like the rest of the country. Glad to see tax dollars being put to good use.

871 days ago


anything for a quick buck and fame... she has no self respect and definitely proves it by showing herself to the world as a prostitute.. she should be so proud...NOT
wow wrong has become right and right has become wrong.... what a shame

871 days ago


Yeah, Yeah, You could have but you weren't using your head because you were busy giving it Slut Puppy.

871 days ago


No way she is an $800/hr working girl.

But she is cute. Maybe 3, $400 tops.

871 days ago


women have been doing this for eons. Men turn in to stupid blobs when it comes to a pretty woman & they know it.

871 days ago
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